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  1. Sent you a PM with the file. I used L2Tool to export but removed * from the name before saving. The result is a .tga file. Hope that is what you were after.
  2. Did you open Icon.utx with L2Editor or plain UnrealED? I would use L2Editor https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gCaekPSY6svyeczAYPzhV6JAU9ZlebSz/view?usp=sharing Encode with this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bnfx7PGAIGVRhMQIfhhytt5OnAhxH5LD/view?usp=sharing Remove the original icon, import the new one, name it properly, save... encode... it should work.
  3. Basically, L2Editor has been re-worked to work with L2. Unreal Editor is just that, stock Unreal Editor. What's the .utx file you're trying to open. Can you upload it?
  4. You can open, view and export .utx files using, either: L2Editor https://forum.zone-game.info/attachment.php?attachmentid=879&d=1505904250 L2Tool https://github.com/acmi/l2tool UE Viewer https://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel I would use L2Editor and change the name but it may cause some issues. Remember to encode your .utx after you're done with manipulating it. Use mxencdec Does that help?
  5. It would be good to have but I'm not yet ready to pay. Although, thank you for the offer.
  6. I would dare to suggest that the icons are the same, they are just scaled down to be smaller. Skill icons are mostly in Icon.utx file in SysTextures folder.
  7. When you unpack textures, they may not always look exactly the same, this is because they may be reshaped or scaled inside the game. in XDAT Editor navigate here: http://prntscr.com/qiezn7 Hoover with your mouse cursor over the texture name, as shown on the screenshot above, to see the texture. Change it in XDAT Editor for something else to confirm that you're looking at the right one. You can reload textures in game using the command ///reloadui Hope this helps
  8. Hmmm... In game type ///show windowname That will allow you to identify UI elements that you want to work on. Then open XDAT Editor and search for that specific element. In this case its ShortcutWnd[Window] --- > ShortcutWndHorizontal_1 etc. And the texture name is l2ui_ct1.ItemWindow_DF_SlotBox_2x2 http://prntscr.com/qh3oy6
  9. Thank you for your reply. I'm sure that there's a hidden way of doing it, probably only known to the original game devs. I could potentially, debug the server, make changes in client, then without closing the game, logout and change key packet to classic, force reload of dats, then logout again, change packets to GC etc... which de facto would be more complicated than just closing the client and opening it again.
  10. I'm doing a lot of work with Grand Crusade client lately and was wondering if it possible to reload .dat files while in game. Otherwise I have to restart the client to see changes. Cheers
  11. ui4.ugx from the last chronicle (which has Kamael in Classic) is compatible with Protocol 152 but simple swap of file don't work. I guess a modification to some .dll is required to initiate. Just my best guess.
  12. Great, hoping youll find some time to upload it, if thats ok. Thank you! :)
  13. I'm having the same issue and was wondering if there's a way to encode with v413_original. I had no issues with editing Russian GC .dat files which were decoded and encoded using v413_encdec. It leads me to believe that not being able to decode and encode using the same version is the problem, not l2gamename.
  14. Very usefull, thank you. Does anyone have a Salvation client by any chance? Cheers
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. At least I know where to look. Cheers :)