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  1. Great, hoping youll find some time to upload it, if thats ok. Thank you! :)
  2. I'm having the same issue and was wondering if there's a way to encode with v413_original. I had no issues with editing Russian GC .dat files which were decoded and encoded using v413_encdec. It leads me to believe that not being able to decode and encode using the same version is the problem, not l2gamename.
  3. Very usefull, thank you. Does anyone have a Salvation client by any chance? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. At least I know where to look. Cheers :)
  5. Has anyone got any idea how to edit elements of the character creation screen in Grand Crusade? Need to edit/remove elements in red boxes as shown on the screenshot For example: Classpath (need to remove 4th class) Awakened Characteristics (need to remove) Ertheia race button (need to remove) I've tried XDAT Editor, but I cannot find the corresponding window. Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm trying to adopt a few weapons from Fafurion, the only thing I struggle with is finding the name of an effect a weapon is using. I can't open weaponsgrp.dat to check manually. How else could I go about it? Cheers
  7. I tried converting Grand Crusade Icon.utx so it can be used with H5 but I keep getting crashes. Original Grand Crusade Icon.utx:!qcUxnT7A!jAcGmhuk6Yt325rm4k4DABBdTWx3uIfr9i00Sxkll7Q I get Icon.utx from Grand Crusade Use l2tool to convert it L2 -> UnrealED Then I use ElfocrashTool to encrypt Icon.utx into Icons.utx (after changed name) Unfortunately after copying it to SysTextures folder of my High Five client and using one of the icons the game crashes I've also tried other encdec's with the following codes but the crashes keep happening l2encdec -e 111 Icon.utx l2encdec -e 121 Icon.utx Could anyone help me out here please? Thanks
  8. Hi Folks, Just a small update. A new Drop Strategy has been enabled. It will allow for a group to be 'rolled' as many times as our (x8) drop rate multiplies it. This will allow players to get items locked behind groups a bit quicker. New Museum categories have been added and winners will get their statues spawned in New Dwarven Palace (our main town). In addition, each winner will receive HERO Coins which can be used to but items such Enchant Backup Stones etc. Enchant backup Stones have been removed from PrimeStore. Now will only be available for the in-game currency. Added 3 new Skills which will require 1H Sword / 1H Blunt or 2H Blunt to activate. All three will provide Mystics with more powers. In MultiSkills those are the guys who usually need some love so that's what I'm doing. Summon Kills will now count towards 'kill X amount of monsters' type of achievements... daaaa! Increased drop chance of the Forgotten Scroll - Create lvl.10 All of the above is just a portion of the last night's update, follow the below link to learn more. I add and improve things every week. Dwarven Manufacture may be small but we, as a community, do like to get things done the right way... our way that is! Cheers
  9. How I wish I was standing on the shore watching you struggle... and all you had to do was to download a patch with custom maps from the same section you got the system folder from. From getting yourself all wet and ignored by the NPCs to having some fun in 3 easy steps... oh well. Here's an extract from the 'How to connect' page: