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  1. how??? I start trough .jar or .bat, nothing changes
  2. thanks, but how about .dat files? this doesnt seem to work with them?
  3. is it other program or what? couldnt find any l2encdec im using v413_encdec as decrypt and encrypt
  4. Open file: L2.ini File L2.ini encrypted. Lineage2Ver413 decrypt ... Error decrypt file. Empty buffer. how to fix this? 166 protocol fafurion client.
  5. Hello, I tried setting up a server on my windows PC, following their guide in forum, but as a result I had GameServer.exe and LoginServer.exe not starting properly (Task manager - 0% cpu, 2 MB ram in use). Looking for a guy who could help me. (Tried from Interlude to Secrets of Empire Classic...). Doing this for java learning purposes. Can pay symbolically. Guide I followed: https://l2jmobius.org/forum/index.php?topic=3231.0 Skype: live:sphingael
  6. L2PANDORA.NET ADENA / ITEMS SKYPE: live:sphingael
  7. WTS ADENA L2ARION.COM SKYPE: live:sphingael