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  1. Hello AVE, I am still waiting for my order. Almost 5 months ago. You don't answer skype and now you don't answer discord either. When are you going to deliver it?
  2. Hello AVE, why do you deliver new order without delivering my order? What happens? If you are not going to deliver the work, give me back the money. The least you could do is answer me on skype. I'm still waiting.
  3. Hello AVE. You still haven't answered my Skype messages. I have been waiting for my order for almost 4 months. Please contact me. Thank you.
  4. I already send you five messages last week, without any answer. Today I sent two more messages. live:ma.medina
  5. Hi Ave, Please, answer my messages on skype I've been waiting for my order for three months. If you are not going to deliver anything, give me back the money. Thank you