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  1. Hello. I decided to add my server logo and plate it on lobby. I painted Logo, created alpha chanel for it. saved as tga. DXT3, All Mi pmaps. Then opened Unreal Engine, created new project, imported with dxt3. on properties enabled alpha. saved etc. finally. i go to lobby and my logo is perfect. Just problem is, when I set lower details on game, the logo becomes pixels. What did I wrong?
  2. what is the link to include it on interface.u?
  3. I want to buy .farm command as it is on this server -> https://www.l2warland.com/farm-assistant/
  4. I don't need the new menu. I just need to remove the old one. I still need xdat?
  5. I created new class, wrote there your code and compiled. But no change.
  6. Ty for response. in which .uc file I must add that lines?
  7. Yea I mean buttons i want remove several.
  8. Where can i edit thismenu? can find it in interface.u https://postimg.cc/FfkrGFx0
  9. Hello. I Decrypted L2Font-e.utx. then opened it with l2tool and Lin2->Unreal. Then I opened it with unreal editor and opened new file. Click Import and added TownMap ddsfiles. I save it and made l2encdec.exe -h 121 L2Font-e.utx command. Changed nime to L2Font-e.utx and added to systextures. but still, I get error in launching game. What can I do?