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  1. Hello. Which Source/Pack is best to start working nowadays? or is there a project selling one?
  2. So i tried the first way and as I see I can't use it without a good guide cause can't complete it. for second way I guess i need hex editor or there is a .u file editor?
  3. Thanks for replay. I will try today and post the result.
  4. How is it possible to change size of monster, increase and make it bigger? for example Gremlin size of Baium?
  5. I tried to PM you but I can't send messages to you. I have PC which can build it. Can you tell me what requirements does it need to run? Does it need VPS server?(as i see it has .jar files. Right know i have Dedicated server and Web hosting with cpanel.
  6. Want to Install L2ACP by Elcorash on my site. Pack: Lucera2. Please PM price.
  7. Hello. Trying to find some script which shows server load by players online. example :https://l2mad.ws/ Can anyone share at least example to change it?
  8. can elfocrashs acp run on cpanel web hosting? or it needs VPS?
  9. I googled. but can't solve the problem. can youhelp? Notice: Undefined index: page in E:\Downloads\OSPanel\domains\localhost\index.php on line 22 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at E:\Downloads\OSPanel\domains\localhost\index.php:22) in E:\Downloads\OSPanel\domains\localhost\index.php on line 25