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  1. I believe lastest client don't have editing tools available, or may be only paid one. What's the current sweet spot for client editing, the most modern one with the ability to edit it easily ? I heard that Fafurion client isn't too bad, is there any more modern ? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the share, very interesting to have that around Are the script differences noticeable ? Could it be something akin to High five part 1 against usual scripts for high five part 5 ?
  3. Hey, thanks for the share. One question after reading the decompiled code, wouldn't WeaponEnchantTable better called FullBodyEnchantTable ? Since SlotType == 32768 for one piece armor, ( 32768 >> 15 & 1) evals to 1, which makes use of this table. It would also makes sense with the align 20h which makes the first value of this table be at the location used for the enchant level at 4 Other findings / value are otherwise in line with what was guessed regarding retail OE behavior, which seems fair Now I am wondering if the function changed in Gracia
  4. http://l2.laby.fr/files/repo-l2nostalgia-eu/ As said in the URL, this is a mirror of the repository of L2 Nostalgia. There is a very decent collection of files, extenders, and tools Mirrors being good, here you go :) Content is also available in this file, with direct links : http://l2.laby.fr/files/repo-l2nostalgia-eu/filelist.html ./ ├── C0 │ └── Client │ └── Prelude_Beta.zip ├── C1 │ ├── Client │ │ ├── C1_418 - Harbingers of War.zip │ │ ├── Patched │ │ │ ├── C1_for_server_v4.zip │ │ │ ├── L2c1x1Com.rar │ │ │
  5. Looking for clean system folder for Classic 2.7 : Antharas (Protocol 140) Thank you in advance :)
  6. So @Rayduxz just pointed me to this topic, and we found together quite unexpectedly that sending the wrong packet size ... works. My website is sending 06 00 0E FF FF FF FD and it seems to be working
  7. Thanks to UgliBiBagli and SSnakEE help, I was able to achieve what I was looking for. Small comparaison pic :
  8. Thank you for the details ! I am not sure I have all ChatType values, I can probably try to do something with CHAT_TELL I will prolly try to edit the hexadecimal values directly such as explained in this guide. Is there any other way to do it ?
  9. I saw this function : function HandleChatmessage (string param) { local int nTmp; local EChatType Type; local ESystemMsgType systemType; local string Text; local Color Color; ParseInt(param,"Type",nTmp); Type = nTmp; ParseString(param,"Msg",Text); ParseInt(param,"ColorR",nTmp); Color.R = nTmp; ParseInt(param,"ColorG",nTmp); Color.G = nTmp; ParseInt(param,"ColorB",nTmp); Color.B = nTmp; Color.A = 255; if ( Type == 5 ) { ParseInt(param,"SysType",nTmp); systemType = nTmp; } else { systemType = 0; } if ( CheckFilter(Type,0,systemType) ) {
  10. Hello there, I want to change the default chat color for an interlude client, especially the one for private message. Current pink is just too ugly and hard to read. I believe I'll have to edit the file Interface.u. I found an example in the scripts from High Five interface.u, especially in UICommonApi.ScriptText.uc // Chat Color /* function Color GetChatColorByType( EChatType a_Type ) { local Color ResultColor; ResultColor.A = 255; switch( a_Type ) { case CHAT_NORMAL: case CHAT_PARTY_ROOM_CHAT : case CHAT_USER_PET : // '^' ResultColor.R = 220; ResultColor.G = 220; ResultColor.B
  11. Since few weeks I am having some troubles with the last Skillgrp.dat file from Valiance update : Here is the file I am using : http://l2.laby.fr/files/Skillgrp.dat . Does any of you found a solution ? Since It is not occuring on first row, I am not really sure on how this changed
  12. Env.int is not the file responsible for enchantment glow on last versions of the client. WeaponEnchantEffectData.dat seems to do the job
  13. Thank you very much for this little guide, there are far more information that what I ever find on the internet. I will try my best so, if I post anything that will be because I mastered it :D
  14. Thank you very much :) If you are interested to teach / explain how to make those DDF files I am interested ! I listed there the files missing / not updated yet :) AbilityPoint.dat ActionName-e.dat (got a strange output, but working) AdditionalJewelEquipEffect AdditionalNpcGrpParts AdditionalSoulshotEffect