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Login Screen - How to change the logo location ?

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One picture is worth a thousands word:




How do I change the location of the logo ?


I know how to change it (in L2Font-e), but I would like to put it in an other corner for example


I am trying to do it on Interlude client, but it seems similar up to High Five so I am not surprised it would work on any client



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I don't think you can, if i don't remember wrong that logo's position is hardcoded. What you can do though is just remove the texture so it's invisible, then add a new window without background inside Interface.xdat (you can copy the window where the 'New Account, Lost Account' and other buttons are)
Then simply, inside that window, add a new texture.

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3 hours ago, ptitlaby said:

:How do I change the location of the logo ?


some things from the lobby are encoded in nwindow.dll - so you need to make modifications to this file + make sure that this file is without a temid protector ( the original ones are protected ) but you can also find clean ones on our forum.


will accept the link below 





in the screenshot you can see an example of a search in this dll file

( yes , there is a kr version of the texture - but just an example )  

so about the coordinates, the usual ones are in xdat,

but for some windows you need to look in the dll of the nwindow.dll



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