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  1. Hello, I am looking for someone who is experienced with modding the Interface of Classic. Among the things I want: Improved Target Window, Skill Bar Window, Status Window, Summon window, Chat box visuals, Anchored (impossible to grab and move) Party window, Status window, Summon Window, Abnormal Status Window, Possibility to add keyboard bindings to the 4th Skill Bar, or have those in extra flying Skill Bars, also anchored if so, Move the Soulshots and Pet Soulshots icons to another location, Maybe more... Contact me first by pm
  2. Hello, I am a League of Legends player, and there we have a free tool that was developed and is available on github. After playing a game of LoL, we can download the game we want as replay. We get a replay file that is very small just like the l2r files from L2. When we open those files, it launches the replay on the LoL client. The tool allows us many things, including: to move the camera freely create a pathing slow or fast move around characters, actions even affect the playback speed to create slow motion for example and many other thi
  3. Oh it's so much easier! It took me 5min (including the photoshop part) Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have trouble finishing the edit of Nobless icon (which is in Icon.utx, ID 1323) I followed a guide from here, but I cannot figure out how to include my newly made .utx into the Icon.utx file. I used L2ViewUTX to find my icon, then saved it as DDS I opened it with Photoshop, changed the color, saved it as TGA I opened UnrealED, imported my TGA, compressed as DXT1, saved as uxt I encrypted the utx file I opened skillgrp.dat with L2 File Edit and changed the name of .utx used for the ID 1323 to the name of my newly made .utx No
  5. Hello How can I do this ? Which program and how Thank you. https://gyazo.com/ef289986c95b3a2e92490b0fa6a372a4
  6. Hello, I am looking for a developer to make my interface in High Five. I can provide him screenshots (paint) of how I see it so it is easy for him. PM me
  7. Hello, I saw 1 thing that caught my attention in the video There is a Nobless Icon in each of the Party Members windows. It is visible if the person has Nobless It is not visible if the person does not have Nobless How can I add this in High Five ? Someone can explain me ? Or I can buy the explaination, I want to be able to do it myself. Also the classic mini map I am interested in it for High Five. Thank you.
  8. Yes I have the "Window" tab, I can open it and have a whole lot of other items to edit. But there is no guide existing to learn what does what, so here I am. I hope some experienced people here will be able to help me out. Thanks ^.^
  9. Thank you for your reply! I see the actual names of the items under xdat editor (not called as unk100 unk101...) , what is unk104 ? Example of how I see it: https://gyazo.com/b72a7f37e34f5e3a606167a1a552214c Oh also I have Unreal Editor, if I ever have to use it to remove the grabable texture.
  10. Hello, I hope I will be clear with my question.. I have my party window in the middle of my screen and during pvp I often grab it and move it by mistake. So, I would like to make my party window impossible to grab, make it stuck in place. Here is a little picture of what I want to remove: As in the picture, how can I do that ? Explain me how to do it please, I have xdat editor, I have the partywnd opened in it. After removing this part, will I still be able to grab and even if I click on "invisible" texture ? In the end,
  11. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to get the buttons, animations when hovering the cursor over buttons and HUD from Classic to High Five ? The HUD as you know it and the textures for the windows (Skill Panel etc). How can I do it ? Is it available somewhere already ? Thank you !
  12. Thank you for such answer! I will just need a little help with figuring what is what, I am learning... If you can please understand ^^ I will go point by point. I selected the AbnormalStatusWnd[Window], the buffs window for simplicity. Remove handles What are they, how to delete them? If I delete StatusIcon[StatusIconCtrl], it will delete the whole information inside it, I am afraid of doing it. draggable - false I imagine the only option here is: AbnormalStatusWnd[Window], then on the right panel, Window, then, Draggable -