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  1. Can you show me a screenshot from an Interlude CB Design to see what are you trying to do?
  2. I think, the best way to use something like color as a background, is this: <table width=780 height=500 border=0 bgcolor=480F15> Try this
  3. Ok, after testing some files, the only way you can add textures to the CB is using : <img src="texture"> Using "background" it wont work on GF protocol 87 Patch. Here is an example adding texture on CB: I hope this Help, cheers!
  4. I thought it will work, but after testing some different patch i have for GF, non of them works if I use "Background" (I didn't know btw) So, it is a client issue and you might need someone to make it work backgrounds textures for CB some how. I will post tomorrow or sometime soon if I can figure out how to make it work. Good Luck!
  5. Try this html test: <html noscrollbar> <title>Community Background Test</title> <body><br> <table width=755> <tr> <center> <td align=center valign=top> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=769 height=492 background="l2ui_ct1.Windows_DF_TooltipBG"></table> </td> </center> </tr> </table> </body> </html>
  6. Try to use: background="texture"
  7. Well, I know 2 guys in this forum have L2Classic leak files, but those OFF files are Classic 1.0. So is that pack do you have? and you are using an extender to "3.0",? Correct me if I am wrong.
  8. I like your respectful, sweet, kind of answer buddy. So, do you have the L2OFF leak Classic files? If so, which Classic did you get? Sorry asking you about this but, I have seen a lot people asking help like this and they didn't know what kind of files they have. Some people have Java files and they believe those files are L2Off... just to make sure.
  9. If you translate in English, for sure you will get an answer!!
  10. WTB Account Panel for l2 off Advext

    Advext is selling an ACP with PayPal included. Ask Xeonc.
  11. Do you mean L2J? Because no one in this forum have "L2Off Sources" of what you are looking for. If they do, they wont sell it cheap, so prepare you wallet to spend over 100K USD or Bitcoin at least! Good luck !!