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  1. xD Well u need some love. OFC u are a Simple User and Celestine is a global moderator. :D HUGE difference.- <3
  2. :O thanks for that. I never read rules :) OK. But i can post new reply every day with videos from my creations???
  3. and you have any problem with that?
  4. Random PvP System: (XML Config for Maps, reward, and others)
  5. Buff Store System: Search Buff System:
  6. Update Dressme System with Full Exclusive Features:
  7. Youtube Channel -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTEbLYLWSRy9gHmeg90kcTw News Features: Borrow Account System: Subclass Cumulative: Invisible system for Supervise the Server Members Staff: Olympiad System:
  8. According to Team: L2jMobius €120.- ( Reason: I need to test it thoroughly, that's why the lowest price to help me check everything. ) L2JServer - L2JSunrise (Trunk & Branches) €160.- If you have doubts, you want to see it or talk about the price, send me an email or talk to me on Skype.- Email: adm.jabberwock@gmail.com Skype: vicentesotosalinas