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Found 16 results

  1. Vote reward API for MMOTOP.eu | source + extention DOWNLOAD
  2. I think everything is clear from the title description DOWNLOAD Updated - 23.08.2019 19:10 Added - plug for phantoms (fake players) and offline shops
  3. Hallo guys i want to share files Grand Crusade, i can't give information about it, but you can try this file or you can use it to your server for fix something No Backdoor , is a CLEAN FILE !! enjoyed Download : https://mega.nz/#!6dYWUKjZ System Grand Crusade Protocol EU Clean : https://mega.nz/#!OcJQUYzL!8u1aMIpJL7uv5fEb225_yJgiXfSN_FJg3yOX2B3BrLs Password Mega Keys : [Hidden Content]
  4. Webpage: www.l2jmaster.com Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team Chronicle: High Five Part 5. Base: High Five 100%. Java: 8.1. Gradle: 3.5 Rev: V-011 Stable. Pack: Source + Geodata Premium + Pathnodes Premium. + Textures + System Access: FREE SUPPORT FOR LIFETIME & UPDATES. PERFECT TO ALL RATE SERVERS. Custom: Premium Account System. Subclass Between Elves Castle Manager Cloak. Champions / Super Champions with Aura. Community Board (Auction, Rebirth System, GM Shop, Gk, Services, Rules, Rankings, RB/GB, Online, etc). Announce Hero Login. Announce Castle Lord Login. Announce Boss Kill & Boss Spawn. Blue Spoil Class Switcher. Class Cloak With Stats. Cancel Return. Clan Leader Name & Title Color. MultiFunctionZone / Custom PvP. PvP / PK Nick & Title Color. System PvP / PK Reward. Support PvP / Pk System. Stack Subclass. Quake System. Auto Restart Game Server. Chat Limit per Level. Master Transformation. Newbie Guide. Dead Player Chat Disabled. Custom Start Title on Newbie Characters. LeaderBoards (Arena, Craft, Fisherman, TvT). Custom Clan Halls. Recipe Elegia System. Vote Reward. Wedding System. Welcome Message. Fantasy Isle Parade. Auto CP Pots Shift + Click. Commands: DressMe Command + Races, Online / Offline. (New design, Armors & Configs) Epic. Online. Go To CL. Go To Mob. Teleport (.Giran. .Aden, etc). SellBuff Online/Offline + Enchant Skills. Repair. Combine Talisman. Hellbound. Change Password. Divorce. Engage. Bank. Premium. Events: Achievement System. Casino. The Avatar Element. Questions Event. Event Engine (TvT, CtF, DM, SV). Pc Bang Points. Squash Event. Monsters. Legion Squad. Traesure. Classic Events: Gift of Vitality. Character Birthday. Heavy Medal. Christmas Is Here. Hallowed You. The Valentine Event. Freya Celebration. Love Your Gatekeeper. Master of Enchanting. Elpies. Rabits. Race. April Fool's Catch A Tiger Npc's: Augment Manager Bug Report. Deluxe Gatekeeper. Scheme Buffer. Premium Scheme Buffer. Delevel. Uplevel. Vote shop. Donate Merchant. Forgotten Scrolls. Medal Shop. Services. Top PvP / PK. Safe Enchant. Protections: Antibot. Npc AntiBot Over Enchant. Enchant Near Warehouse. Class Item Protection. Instances & Quests: Crystal Caverns (Baylor). Seed of Infinity: Attack and Defence (Sufferng, Erosion, Infinity Ekimus). Zaken (Easy, Hard, Night). Freya (Easy & Hard). Tower of Naia (Epidos & Beleth). Pailaka Injured Dragon. Seven Signs (All 12 Quest). Seer Ugoros. Fixed / IMP: Lucky Pig. Blood Altars. Nevit's Blessing System All Working (Hunting Bonus, Nevit's Voice, Bonus Time, Nevit Hourglass). Nevit Herald. Treasure Chest (Retail Location and Drop). Valakas Family. Missing Html's. Skills. Custom Items: Premium Item for Status. Donate Coins. Vote Coins. Rune Spoil / Adena Cowboy Outfit + Hat. Archer Red Armor + Hat. White Royal Suit + Hat. Green Wizard + Hat. Dark Assassin + Hat. White Assassin + Hat. School Uniform. Santa's Outfit Class Cloaks. Castle Cloaks. and More... Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team
  5. Hello Guys!! As the title said, here are the screenshot of this server (who failed twice this year) and links: So basically this pack is almost the same as L2Ava, but this server have some other stuff added like Auto cp, hp... etc. Here are the links: Enjoy it!! Updated: Added .sh files for gameserver on Compiled pack and sources pack.
  6. As the title said! Download Here Enjoy it!!
  7. L2j Roboto So as I've already said i would share the fake player engine that i started working on. It is WIP so DO NOT use it on any production environment. I only share it cuz someone might be interested in giving a hand. Features Features implemented: Only attack logic for bots to bots (plan to make it configurable even ingame) Task auto scaling logic in order to have less iterations in more tasks Buff bots with auto rebuff Soulshots/Spiritshots with auto refill Arrows/Bones with auto refill One AI per class (Only a few implemented for now) Random attack picked with probability Commands //fakes - opens the fake player dashboard (will probably change to //roboto) //spawnrandom - spawns a random bot with default AI How to install L2jRoboto has minimal dependencies Find the patch.diff folder under the dist folder Github repo: https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jRoboto Please star the project is you can. The project is licensed under MIT so take it and do whatever you want with it. Have fun
  8. The new Professional Game-Launcher Few words about this new updater I give you is that you will not wait for the design... you just get it INSTANTLY! Free Register No deadlines Instant use No Wait You Buy it and it works You select a skin from my Web Gallery Change Skin ANYTIME with 1 click Virus Friendly (See virustotal link below) New Skins to select almost every week New Game Options on demand Statistics for your players Settings change on updater from Web Panel Connect your server and check from your phone statistics Online Players, PvP, PK, and more.. Links: Plans https://updater.denart-designs.com/plans Total Players use our updater https://updater.denart-designs.com/stats Information https://updater.denart-designs.com/info FAQ https://updater.denart-designs.com/faq Prices https://updater.denart-designs.com/plans VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/00699cc29c00180dc171ad2366076e04c60cdf8d39bd0880492cfc4aafe54e55/detection Contact Links Join My Club in MaxCheaters Visit My New Webpage Like me On Facebook Follow Me in Twitter Pin My work In Pinterest Wach Random Events Of DenArts In Instagram Click to send me E-mail: info@denart-designs.com Click to add me on Skype: denart_grafistiki Demo Download SKINS RETIRED WORKS BELOW (READ/VIEW ONLY)
  9. So I was bored again... L2jRest is a RESTful API for L2j It is created for latest aCis but you should be able to adapt it is you wanna use it for other projects. L2jRest is an open source project licensed under MIT. You can find the source here: https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jRest Why use it? You can use the data of your server in your website You can create an account control panel with it You can expose data to your community to allow them to make third party apps Technical stuff It is written in Kotlin. It is using the Ktor framework. Ktor is using coroutines to achieve asynchronous request handling. It is very efficient and very fast. It is using Netty as the underlying server. It is written in a CQRS manner with query handlers for get endpoints and command handlers for post, put, patch, delete etc. It is using Koin as the IoC framework. How to setup Download and install Intellij IDEA Git clone the project and open it with Intellij Run the build Gradle task. It is configured to create a fat jar with all the dependencies included Paste the jar in your project, add it in your classpath and add the following line at the bottom of your Gameserver.java: L2jRestApi.INSTANCE.start(); Running the gameserver will also run the api. It is running under port 6969 How to extend it All you need to do if you wanna add more endpoints is to add a new handler and then add the Get, Post etc annotation depending on what endpoint you want this to be. Current endpoints: http://localhost:6969/api/players http://localhost:6969/api/players/{id} A couple of endpoint examples Endpoints: http://localhost:6969/api/players Response: { players: [ { "id": 268480927, "name": "Test", "level": 1, "isOnline": false, "pvpKills": 0, "pkKills": 0, "isNobless": false }, { "id": 268480924, "name": "Test2", "level": 1, "isOnline": true, "pvpKills": 0, "pkKills": 0, "isNobless": false } ] } Endpoint: http://localhost:6969/api/players/268480927 Response: { "id": 268480927, "name": "Test", "level": 1, "isOnline": false, "pvpKills": 0, "pkKills": 0, "isNobless": false } Currently it just supports two endpoints and no authentication. I am planning to add more endpoints and ApiKey based auth tomorrow. If you can't be arsed to build the project yourself but you wanna take a look anyway you can download the jar here
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Requirements: JDK8, MYSQL Admin acc - login: admin pass: adminID Coin of Luck - 9213ID Bloody Paagrio - 4358ID FA - 6673 Running: 1. In the server-side \ sql folder in the .bat files, specify the path to your database, the name of the bd and run it. 2. Copy the client-side content to the lineage 2 interlude client folder. 3. In the configs of login \ config, gameserver \ config, specify the name, login and password of the database. 4. Start the server and L2.exe. 5. To enable all the quests, copy the contents of server-side \ gameserver \ data \ xml \ scripts (original) .xml to server-side \ gameserver \ data \ xml \ scripts.xml Features: Event manager with two unique events Menu (Premium account, ACP, events, stop the experience, bind the account to ip or HWID). Auction. Full buff with sets of buffs. Class master, Noblesse. Full shop with weapons, armor from D to S grade, accessories, jewelry and so on. Added a set of armor and weapons, jewelry and accessories. Donate Shop. Global Gatekeeper. NPC to change the name of the character. NPC to change the color of the nickname and title. Raid boss informer. Farm area. Premium account. Offline trading. Champions. Choose the period of the Olympiad is a week or a month. Phantoms and chat bots that allow you to visually increase online. Protection of the game server: Encryption of traffic allows to avoid violation of the integrity of packets (for each client I can offer a unique key and algorithm for encryption of traffic). Hardware ID of the player will allow you to track and ban violators. Administrator alerts and disconnect when trying to log in from the Adrenalin pop-up bot. Chat commands: .menu - player menu. .help .join - event join .leave - leave event .info - event info. .expoff .expon .acp - auto combat points CP/HP/MP. .offline - offline trade. .ghost - put a ghost.


  11. I share something of great value and I know that many will be bad intentions and will want to sell it. So, I leave here the REAL SOURCE (not decompiled) of L2-Scripts, Classic-L2s [26360]. To log in, you will need the Grand Crusade customer. Hope this helps. SOURCE LINK Rev. 26360 * Produced global sync with main branch Classic 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and Helios. (Refer from Classic 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and Helios is more than 50% of technological fixes Classic 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and Helios moved to Classic 2.5, as they are identical.) * Fix itema 21716, * Fix skill 1363,39085,39273 + Dialogs for NPCs on the Island of the Devil; * Work on the implementation of the Devil's Island; + Initial implementation of the Devil's Island; * GK in Giran updated on Zaken; * Work on the implementation of the Devil's Island; + Implemented Quest Missing. + Added NPC for quest a Missing person. - Removed some RB * Optimization; * Fix bait for fishing event + Implemented quest, a Punitive operation on the Island of the Devil * Fix exchange Earring of Zaken + Spawn NPC for the quest of the Punitive operation on the Island of the Devil * Table of experience by Saviors:Zaken; * fix quest 11003 * Fix Itema 29517 * Fix Skil 1299 * Fix scroll ringtones + Implemented Quest Beneficial cooperation + Implemented Quest the decoration of the Church + Implemented the Quest the Priest is a loser (1/3) + Implemented the Quest the Priest is a loser (2/3) + Implemented a Priest Quest-loser (3/3) + Implemented A Quest Future: Dwarves * Fix display of quests; * Fix scrolling baffa 2 profession + Implemented a Quest Hunt in honor of Shilen + Implemented the Quest an Unexpected gift + Implemented the Quest Preparation for trade (1/3) + Implemented the Quest Preparation for trade (2/3) + Implemented the Quest Preparation for trade (3/3) + Implemented A Quest Future: Dark Elf + Implemented a Quest for the benefit of the tribe + Implemented the Quest the blacksmith's Request + Implemented Quest Necklace with a Red Stone (1/3) + Implemented Quest Necklace with a Red Stone (2/3) + Implemented Quest Necklace with a Red Stone (3/3) + Implemented A Quest Future: Orcs + Implemented Biga Zaken * Fix quest 127 * Updated dialogs Guide for Beginners offs; * Fix itema 49489 + Implemented Quest Noise in the woods + Implemented the Quest preparation for the trip to the cave + Implemented Quest the Invention of new drugs (1/3) + Implemented Quest the Invention of a new drug (2/3) + Implemented Quest the Invention of a new drug (3/3) + Implemented A Quest Future: Elves * Object (2245) Recipe: Tallum Helmet in fact is not a recipe; * Updated recipes for Classic: Zeken; + Implemented a system of premium items which are sent and received via the dimensional merchant; * Fix paketi; * Fixed prices on Crystal A. g + Implemented the transformation into a pirate + Implemented the transformation in the dark assassin + Implemented quest Gorgeous leather armour (2/3) + Implemented quest Gorgeous leather armour (3/3) + Implemented a quest Future: People + Implemented quests 11002, 11003 * Daily mission Grinding equipment weekly; + Sparsely blanks new quests; * Formatting of the quests; - Removed quests neaktulno; + Implemented daily mission: Modifying the subject!; + Implemented daily mission: Participate in the siege!; + Implemented daily missions: Daily hunting; + Implemented daily missions: Weekly hunting; * Fix Itema 49488 * Fix Hackathon Prime + Implemented a quest Request of the Specialist in Fishing + Added spawn, Pierre, lake Baikal, Farm * Fixed chest with the rod 10 d. * Fix RB spawn + Added spawn RB * Fix RB * Prison quests, items under way in pati * Fix item 70574,70575,70576 + Implemented recipes for the Best Warrior nipples; Extra; * Table of experience by Saviors; * Fix the English translation of the dialogue Assistant Beginners; * Fixed work (30182) Cliff; + Implemented object (70280) Clan Reputation Score - 10; + Implemented object (70281) Clan Reputation Score - 50; + Implemented object (70282) Clan Reputation Score - 150; + Implemented daily mission: Winner of the Olympiad; + Implemented daily mission: fisherman; + Implemented daily mission: Warrior Olympics (1); + Implemented daily mission: Warrior of the Olympics (10); + Implemented daily mission: Warrior Olympics (30); * Fix Nubl Of Bless; * Fix spawn prof managers; * Fix obtaining the 85th level; + Full support for 85 levels; + Added the possibility of leveling up to level 85; Extra; * Fixed synchronization; + Implemented items for the event beeches; + Implemented afflic event: In pursuit of letters;
  12. DEVELOPER / DESARROLLADOR / DESENVOLVEDOR : ReynalDev TECHNICAL INFORMATION / INFORMACION TECNICA / INFORMAÇÃO TÉCNICA (#) JAVA 8 (#) MySQL / MariaDB (#) WINDOWS / LINUX (#) HikariCP ( Database Pool ) [EN]- This project is based on revision 1132 , the revision counter has been "restarted" because I do not have the authority to manipulate the repository of the original project ( L2jFrozen 1.0), therefore, I found myself in need of using revision 1132 as a base, I made a copy and returned it to the internet (SVN repository). [ES]- Este proyecto esta basado en la revisión 1132 , el contador de revisiones se ha "reiniciado" debido que no tengo la autoridad para manipular el repositorio del proyecto original (L2jFrozen 1.0), por tanto, me vi en la necesidad de utilizar como base la revisión 1132, hice una copia y lo volví a subir a Internet (repositorio SVN). [PT]- eu projeto é baseado na revisão 1132 , o contador de revisão foi "reiniciado" porque eu não tenho a autoridade para manipular o repositório do projeto original ( L2jFrozen 1.0), portanto, encontrei-me na necessidade de usar a revisão 1132 como base, fiz uma cópia e retornei para a internet (repositório SVN). TIMELINE / SVN CONTRIBUTIONS / CONTRIBUCIONES / CONTRIBUICOES CONTACT / CONTACTO / CONTATO ( FORUM ) https://l2devsadmins.net/reynaldev
  13. Hey, Im buying working website acc panel for High five client, i mean with premium, donate and inventory check features. pm me here or in discord Pallis #1088
  14. Hello and welcome to L2ACP L2ACP is both an Account control panel but also an Admin control panel. Every action in the system is INSTANT. No more "you have to logout first" messages and such non-sense. How does it work? The gameserver will now also run a lightweight restful API which will handle the site requests. The website which is hosted on my end handles and processes the user's actions and if they are valid it sends them to the server for further processing. This enables use of the native l2j method calls and the use of the existing infrastructure. This also enhances security as there are no database exposure anymore. Reasons for sharing To get a solid acp out there which is free for everyone To see if people are interested in contributing Nobody would buy this if i just hosted it myself To show the competition that opensource projects can offer value Feature list For Players Register l2 account Change ingame password Check player stats/info/inventory Buy ingame items with donate points Buy services with donate points (Change name, set nobless, reset pks, change sex) Statistics (Top PVP, Top Pk, Top Online) Donate with Paypal for Donate points For Admins Set the items sold in the store Give items to players Punish players (acc ban, char ban, jail, chat ban, kick) Announce test Live map of the players The ability to spawn monsters anywhere in the map The ACP is in active development and way more features are coming. The site is fully responsive giving the user a great tablet or mobile experience. L2ACP Preview Lucky Wheel addition Private stores Server with private stores showcase a server set up with a great economy system However it can be really hectic when a server is populated. Players tend to look forever to find the item whey want. Well the new L2ACP feature solves all that. The user is able to buy and sell items from the ACP no matter if he is online or not. You can also use the search functionality to search for the item that you want. Here is a video preview: Security L2ACP uses symmetric encryption for the payloads and an api key validation. As long as they are changed you will have no problem with security. If you want to be 100% secure, make the server accept requests only from the ip that the site is hosted. If you want to be 101% secure, then host them together and don't expose the api port. License Both L2ACP projects are licensed under GPLv2. Here is a tldr of what that means. Github repositories - (Please star the projects if you like them, it means a lot) Gameserver Api written for aCis - https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2ACP-api Website - https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2ACP-Web Test erver - http://test.l2acp.com Contributions I don't claim to be an expert java developer, not even close. The api side of things has definitely many things to be improved. Pull requests are always welcome. I will update this with more info soon. Thanks Guides How to build L2ACP API: Already published 1677ad687d5ad5f6eb7ef421213d5276cf5f18e1 version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gahbhk5o7b84hzd/L2ACPPublished.rar How to host .NET Core project on IIS: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/publishing/iis How to host .NET Core project on Linux with Nginix: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/publishing/linuxproduction How to host .NET Core project on Linux with Apache: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/publishing/apache-proxy
  15. Version 05/11/2018


    Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. http://www.l2jdevs.org Telegram channel: https://t.me/l2jdevs


  16. Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. http://www.l2jdevs.org Telegram channel: https://t.me/l2jdevs We are waiting you, regards!