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  1. Mods Engine and Event Engine update! And more!
  2. New Features: Code rewritten in Java, eliminated Kotlin code. Implemented new configuration system. New mods administration panel. Cleaning and reorganization. Java 14 support. Images of admin panel:
  3. In my case, the item you provide is a quest item, and it cannot be traded. (Everything has a solution) The idea is "more votes, better". The system currently works with: login-account, IP and Time vote. Link updated, I already added public permissions. It is a relatively new project, to begin with it is not bad at all (and it is free). The idea is to improve it together. In the future the idea would be an API to check if you have really voted or not.
  4. We present our own voting system via web. Fully configurable and synchronized with your server! --> Available test online, try now! <-- User: l2jdevs1, l2jdevs2, l2jdevs3, ... | Password: l2jdevs1, l2jdevs2, l2jdevs3, ... Images of vote panel web system List and development status in which it is currently. • Green ------- Feature that has already been tested and added. • Orange ----- Feature in development or partially done. • Red --------- Feature is not yet available. FEATURE LIST: Login Panel Check by name, ip and date. If you meet the requirements you can advance. Shows the number of votes taken. Possibility of changing language Vote System Protection time between vote and vote. Button lock to prevent cheating. Show indicated votes in the xml list. Selection of Character Show characters from that account who are offline. Select the character to send the reward to. Rewards System Send reward to the player indicated above. Possibility of sending reward to the player's inventory or to his warehouse. LIST OF IMPLEMENTATIONS: Connection to the server, gameserver and independent loginserver. Voting list using XML. IP address and time protection system. Multilanguage system. Personal configuration file. Programmed in PHP, JS, XML and MSQLI. AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English Spanish MORE INFORMATION: Go to the development/support section, external link!
  5. Sorry, but no... only work in this event engine ^^
  6. Thix ^^ This video is beta event, now is updated (add more fetures).
  7. Add new event engine! https://imgur.com/a/2EFor7O
  8. Updates, download, info.... in web/forum ;)
  9. #l2jdevs L2JDevs - Open Source - Compiled - 05/11/2018 https://mega.nz/#!OgIhzADb!opttoHw4mFpFvMZYL1lqZNfair3fRv5wB5ZD5D8VVk0
  10. Yeah, the suscription costs €150,00 per year, and includes the following: 3 paid mods of your choice (with a price below 20€). Bugs priorization. Private group chat with the L2JDevs team members. Compiled server pack with, at least, one update per month. Compiled geodata pack with, at least, one update per month. Access to the VIP area and support.