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  1. HI Someone have the .findparty or .sellbuff command for h5?
  2. some ppl say smartguard cause that problem. but i dont know... i have the same problem
  3. mmmm sometimes players dont revice damage from MOBs or Players :(... and players dont get karma (NO PK)
  4. omg can u tell us how fix it? same problem here
  5. ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P L2_WolfPack diff --git dist/game/data/scripts/handlers/MasterHandler.java dist/game/data/scripts/handlers/MasterHandler.java index c0e6a40..3bca7af 100644 --- dist/game/data/scripts/handlers/MasterHandler.java +++ dist/game/data/scripts/handlers/MasterHandler.java @@ -268,20 +268,21 @@ import handlers.usercommandhandlers.MyBirthday; import handlers.usercommandhandlers.OlympiadStat; import handlers.usercommandhandlers.PartyInfo; import handlers.usercommandhandlers.SiegeStatus; import handlers.usercommandhandlers.Time; import handl