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  1. sorry about that, just read the rules now, thanks.
  2. ⚔️ Open 30/08/2019 20:00Hs GMT-3 ⚔️ ☢ http://d2infinitum.com/lineage2 WEB ☢ ⚠https://www.fb.com/InfinitumGames FanPage ⚠ INFO StuckSub Main+2 Third profession in only one subclass or main class EXP: x5 SP: x5 PARTY: x1.5 DROP: X6 SPOIL: X4 RAID CHANCE: X3 SEAL STONES: X4 Quest drops where modified to adjust to this server type :) No Spellbooks Drops EVENTS Battlefield Bomb Fight Capture the Flag Death Match Domination Double Domination Last Man Standing Lucky Chests Mutant Russian Roulette Simon Says Team vs Team VIP TvT Zombies vs Humans Hunting Grounds Raid in the Middle Korean TvT Treasure Hunt CUSTOMS Offline Shops Custom Shop till C-Grade Gatekeeper Semi-Global NO NPC Buffer Cancellation System (Buffs returns after 7 seconds) Individual Vote System and Global Rewards after reachin a desired amount of votes. Sellbuff System (Only buffers classes can use this feature .sellbuff & .cancelsellbuff) Harder bosses Shift + Click for view drops of monsters. Auction Shop With 4 differents type of currency PvP Pk Color name or title. (Changes every 100 PvP or pks) Killing Spree System VIP System (Not only for donators, you can get your vip by participating on events or voting!) Nobless Retail Like (Or buy Nobless Coin with Event Apiga - Vote Coin - Donate Ticket) Our donations will not unbalance the server RAIDBOSS INFO Valakas Respawn: 168Hs + 3Hs Random Antharas Respawn: 168Hs + 3Hs Random Frintezza Respawn: 32Hs + 2Hs Random Sailren Respawn: 24Hs + 2Hs Random Baium Respawn: 32Hs + 2Hs Random Zaken Respawn: 32Hs + 1Hs Random Core Respawn: 12Hs + 2Hs Random Orfen Respawn: 12Hs + 2Hs Random Queen Ant Respawn: 24Hs + 2Hs Random More info can be found ingame! we are waiting for you!
  3. isn't unknown packet the interface request SkillList before enterworld packets. just that..
  4. Also i get Discconnected from server, sometimes with this interface, unknown packets issue in gameserver.
  5. i wonder if there is anyway to save my interface data, i mean where i put every skillbar etc, because everytime i exit the game and login, i have to place everything here i left it before.
  6. Amazing work Elfo, i didn't know you wree working on another engine until i read all the comments, i was adapting l2jroboto to work with low server rates, just for testing and was working great on acis 370.
  7. That guy says it's free but i can't find it haha i have acis 370 also.
  8. It looks great but i think still missing some features.
  9. Hello, im using l2jfrozen rev 1118, and i'd like to edit the amount of buff that the skill Cancellation Removes, i've tried to change in xml files but nothing, i also have tried changing this lines on Eclipse but nothing.. L2Effect[] effects = getEffected().getAllEffects(); int maxdisp = (int) getSkill().getNegatePower(); if (maxdisp == 0) { maxdisp = 3; } I cant find where to change amount of buff that Cancellation, removes :( Please help me!
  10. Yes! I want to add that to my DM ! i've already sent you my teamviewer on a pm :) Im waiting for you!