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  1. ⚔️ Lineage 2 Arcan High five x10 ⚔️ 🎆 Grand Opening 5-2-21 Time: 18:00 GMT -3 🎆 ✅ GMSHOP till Low-S Grade ✅ NPC Buffer ✅ Global GK ✅ Mammon and Blacksmith in Giran ✅ NPC Buffer with Cov & Magnus ✅ Sell Buff System ✅ Vote Shop ✅ Medal Shop For accessories ✅ Offline Stores ✅ No Subclass quest needed ✅ Free full vitality till Lvl 52 ✅ You can't loose buffs til Lvl 40 ✅ Free first and second class, third class require Adena and Ancient Adena ✅ Autolearn skills til lvl 80 ✅ Safe Enchant +3 - Max Enchant +16 ✅ H5 Treasure Chests, Lucky Pigs Working ✅ All instances working ✅ Mana Potions 600mp 10
  2. Did u try to add this DISABLE_EXP_GAIN(16, "Overrides EXP Gain conditions"); below DROP_ALL_ITEMS(15, "Overrides item drop conditions"), in the package: package com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.PcCondOverride
  3. Hello community, i never write anything here, i just wonder, how can i set some code to check if the members of a clan are dualboxing, because i adapted reborn12 Clan reward from acis, and the rewards are working good, this is the code i can manage to make it work: (Also i don't know how to make a list to add all clan lvl 6 skills.) Once is finished i want to share it with the htmls. Dont know why do not add the skills to the clan package com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.actor.instance; import java.util.Map; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import com.l2jserver.g
  4. Hey, what's up, applying this patch works better, but raidboss drops shows it rare, like this: https://prnt.sc/weftxv NVM fixed: https://prnt.sc/weg22g
  5. package handlers.voicedcommandhandlers; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.handler.IVoicedCommandHandler; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2PcInstance; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.quest.QuestState; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMessage; public class SevenRB implements IVoicedCommandHandler { private static final String QUEST_NAME = "Q00254_LegendaryTales"; private static final String SERVER_NAME = "(NAME)"; private static final String[] commands = { "7rb", }; @Override public boolean useVoicedCommand(St
  6. Didn't found any backdoor, but without source could be hard to use.
  7. if i vote from, it will say that i didnt vote yet right? cuz my ip is haha.
  8. Hello ppl of mxc, i never post anything or ask for anything,but this last few days i almost melt my brain trying to get to work Clan quest for acis, i dont care about the rev in this case 370 i've got the code without errors, quest started all ok, but mobs don't drop the items, or when killed Grave Guards, grave keymaster isnt spawning,the same happen with the box when imperal gravekeeper is killed. this is the code im trying to get to work. alsoi i had to add some lines to Quest but those are not improtant, just a few typos i had form the code below. package net.sf.l2j.
  9. Sorry about that, didn't know, i found another without password based on aCis 315. the same Trance's project LINK
  10. This is what i found, using google. L2Gold Project L2Gold L2Gold TheOne L2Gold Trance's Project L2Gold Patch L2Gold Another Patch Web L2Gold.cc Web L2Gold.biz maybe?
  11. Did anyone saw the HENTAI Folder? xD https://prnt.sc/t35ncz
  12. Really good @Elfocrash i wouldn't use it, but maybe someone will, keep on working ! Sorry for my english.
  13. Sorry for revive this old post, but i got these files maybe someone needs them: Dragon Eye 1.2