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  1. Hi everyone, i just want to make my first share a little part of my edit in CB hope you guys like the design! ( Based on Essence Community Board) Download
  2. trusted, fasted and skilled! i rlly appreciate your work. Thank you so much!
  3. hi guys, this week i try to make one server with my friend ( we use l2AvA Files ) but i have some problems with class master NPC ( dont work). The npc comes with this code i take the code for another npc ( gm shop) and i make this button .. the problem is what action can i use here? i try with bypass "-h scripts_services_community_CareerManager"(but dont work) throws this error btw this is the file package services.community; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import l2ro.gameserver.Config; import l2ro.gameserver.data.htm.HtmCache; import l2ro.g
  4. Adena 1.5 EUR x Donation Coins GCM Pm me ( Discord #Litteck7832 / PM MC )