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  1. Hello dear users and future customers. So as composition our team slightly changed, I decided to personally create topic. Many know our team, someone heard, someone else does not know :) We would like to present our updated emulator High Five part 5! And also to offer favorable conditions for purchase of our emulator and further cooperation! Development has resumed and is already quite a long time. A huge number of global changes have been made to core itself, geoengine, AI, scripts, packages and much more. You can see changes [ timeline ] on our forums. ---> For all questions you can contact: ICQ - 397086629 / Skype <--- Main advantages of our emulator and team: -> Stable core, no lags and freezes with minimal resource requirements. -> Availability to configure server for any rates due to the large number of configs. [ Download configs ] -> Easy to adapt add-ons. -> Informative community board with a large number of services. -> Emulator is adapted for Strix-Guard; -> Emulator is adapted for CMS. -> Prompt technical support, problem solving up to 24 hours*! -> Adequacy, integrity and friendliness. A broader description can be found on our forum [RU] and [ENG] Prices / Conditions: -> [ View options ] Writing scripts / mods / add-ons for any source and any chronicles (according to your technical task): -> Writing scripts [ from 10 Euro/hour ] -> Mods and add-ons: [ negotiated personally ] -> Adaptation of protection mods: Free for [ Expanded ] and [ All Inclusive ] options Bonuses / Promotions / Loyalty: If you have already become our customer -> Provide [ 10% discount ] on interfaces from EMU-DEV command -> Provide [ 10% discount ] for services to scripting -> Provide [ 50% discount ] when global update on "Standart" option All information, prices and conditions are current at the time of publication. Detailed information can be found on our forum https://l2jeternity.com *Additional time may be required to test/validate/recreate error.
  2. looking under what sources you are interested in. I adapted under my sources
  3. Last update (revision 1637) : - Fix checks target mobs when applying clan buffs - Fix for buy premium account in the community is not properly charged the cost - fix problem with add items for campion mobs - Fix L2Topzone for correct parse from vote site - Few adjustments in positioning to reduce coordinate divergence - Fix reccomendation error if count > 255 - Typo fix errors in gm panel for siege halls - Clen up unused htmls - Fix color service - correct buy color - Add roboto fake players engine - Rework calc objects position in world (now more correct) - Fixed autoloot and autolootherbs commands in menu and in configs - Start update gm menu to new design - Remove all events from server - Remove custom npcbuffer (not used) - Implementation of new engine for events (Fight Events Engine) * Now all events work from one engine * Add support in gm panel for enable/disable events * Add support for registration in community * Add support for registration from npc * Add statistic support for every event * xml support for individual customization every event * Add support for event maps from xml * Manager Spawnlist in xml support - List of all now support new events engine * Last Hero * Team vs Team * Lucky Creatures * Capture The Flag * Treasure Hunt * Korean Style * Team vs Team Round * Capture The Base * Death Match * Monster Attack
  4. A lot of work was done. Server stable! Also launched the team's website. will gradually fill information =) List of recent changes as well as the information of the emulator can now be found on - https://l2jeternity.com/ There are no unsolvable problems for us ! We undertake any modifications that you will need )
  5. All the latest information you can get by writing to me in ICQ. Work is not abandoned)
  6. 1447 revision: - Remove not used configs and clean up some methods - Fix problems with fishing - Add distance configs on which run mobs and raid bosses before telepot on spawn point - Add support of distance parameter individually for each npcs from datapack - Fix double spawns for raid bosses - Fix height collision for Rudolph Agathion - Fix appeal event Rudolph Agathion - Delete configs on chance chaotic target for raid bosses transfer this parameter in datapack individually for the necessary raid bosses. - Fix passing of skills: * Madness * Seal of Mirage * Discord - Simplification system of server logging, expansion debug logs. - Blood altars (full processing): * Status of altar pays off individually * Maintaining status altars at reset of the server * Possibility change of altars status with the admin panel * Correct distance of destruction bosses on which they can run off before teleportation on spawn point * Restore hpand mp if teleported on spawn point
  7. Last updates: - Passed augmentationId for ShortCuts - Duplicate community packet //dell - Support packages: * ExBlockUpSetList * ExBlockUpSetState - ExCubeGame packets remove! as passed everything into a normal look - Study of packages item-mall - Review parsing of items from item-mall - To-realization of all parameters for item-mall - Added parameters of reading from items (with packet support): * daysOfWeek * stock * maxStock - Support package ExColosseumFenceInfo - Possibility of parsing of fences from a datapack and spawn from admin panel - Support package RequestSurrenderPersonally - Updating system messages during removal of friends - Editing of work of a lottery under russian html + localization - ItemIcons delete support (not used) - Expanded petitions manager in the course of development: * Support packages: * ExResponseShowStepOne * ExResponseShowStepTwo * RequestShowNewUserPetition * RequestExShowStepTwo * RequestExShowStepThree * Parsing petition sections - Clean up dp - Expanded settings of .menu command: * Add block buffs function * Add hide traders function * Add block buffs animation function * Add refusal traders function * Add refusal party invites function * Add refusal ffriend invites function
  8. Last updates: - Added support packages: * SetOustPartyMember * SetDismissParty * FriendAddRequestResult * RequestBrLectureMark * RequestSkillCoolTime - Fix bug walk through doors in clan halls in the cities by target - Realization energy agations: (support of energy consume) * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Iken * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Lana * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Gnosian * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Orodriel * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Lakinos * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Mortia * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Heintz * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Meruril * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Taman Zu Rapatui * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Kaurin * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Ahertbein * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Naonin - Realization of all accompanying skills to agathions taking into account energy consume - Realization items for restoration agathions energy: * Thirst of Victory Quenching Drink * Small Placid * Medium Placid - Updating of libraries: * c3p0-0.9.5-pre8 * mail-1.5.2 * mchange-commons-java-0.2.7 * mysql-connector-java-5.1.31-bin - Removed jython support, all the same we do not use - Updating server under Java 8
  9. Last updates: - Add support of an ExGMViewQuestItemList package - Add support of MiniGame Scores +package - Rework mechanics of Party Matching Room - Add support of Command Channel Matching Room - Add voice command of .ping - Fix to creation new character(add NewCharacterFail package support) - Add passed package AcquireSkillDone - Added support of a PledgeReceiveUpdatePower package - Fix of inventory updating at a trade (add TradeUpdate package) - Fix problem with some npcs in cities (spawned on roofs of buildings)
  10. Dear friend. Concentrate on the development of your emulator, I do not want to inflate spam. You have not seen my emulator and can not judge its mechanics and functionality ) I returned to the development of my source code on which I finished work in 2015. Work has been going on since September 2018 I conducted a global restructuring. From the source code l2j only the name remains. Many mechanisms were rewritten, some of which were taken as a basis from l2p sources. Now you can call the core l2e! In your free version of the emulator, I saw absolutely nothing new. And I have not worked on l2 more 2 years. In defense of my development, I can firmly say that at the moment it is the only emulator where there is a full implementation of the zone Aerial Cleft! As a developer, I’m primarily concerned with the quality of the emulator’s work and not with the extra money selling a dummy. At the moment, work is underway to verify the unrealized client and server packages. I will try to bring the mechanics to 99.9% by l2off
  11. due to the lack of website, updating will be announced in this topic :)