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  1. Rates are a global problem for all servers. I just found the optimal solution😃
  2. Seriously? Do you think that a year after l2jserver released an update and Sunrise adapted this piece of code has become better? I completely changed all formulas for calculating chances of items, taking into account all sorts of third-party bonuses from the server. But at the same time, I derived my formula so that when the rates change, all the chances and amounts are linked and increase smoothly. Because everything that is implemented in other servers did not suit me. I made an announcement with a clear example of calculating the drop in this topic. F
  3. only his idea in terms of reading shotcuts was taken.
  4. I have nothing to do with your sunrise)
  5. The prices are all different l2jeternity l2jsunrise l2open l2jmaster
  6. I have nothing against your development, but! I've studied your server inside out. You have closed very important points from your clients and this is a big minus. You have a lot of problems and not the correct operation of the game moments, but for this you have to add on geo. You have just started changes to the geodata and believe me geoengine is not ready to work correctly even at 50%
  7. Price update from February this year! Auto Farm Mode [beta version] LINK
  8. NEW YEAR'S SALE from December 25, 2020 to January 5, 2021 inclusive we give a discount when buying an emulator - 30% on all tariffs Ready to buy? Then contact us ICQ: 397086629 • Skype - Write
  9. From 12.06.2020 To 14.06.2020 Inclusively we give you a 15% discount on the purchase of server for any tarifs.