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  1. 1447 revision: - Remove not used configs and clean up some methods - Fix problems with fishing - Add distance configs on which run mobs and raid bosses before telepot on spawn point - Add support of distance parameter individually for each npcs from datapack - Fix double spawns for raid bosses - Fix height collision for Rudolph Agathion - Fix appeal event Rudolph Agathion - Delete configs on chance chaotic target for raid bosses transfer this parameter in datapack individually for the necessary raid bosses. - Fix passing of skills: * Madness * Seal of Mirage * Discord - Simplification system of server logging, expansion debug logs. - Blood altars (full processing): * Status of altar pays off individually * Maintaining status altars at reset of the server * Possibility change of altars status with the admin panel * Correct distance of destruction bosses on which they can run off before teleportation on spawn point * Restore hpand mp if teleported on spawn point
  2. Last updates: - Passed augmentationId for ShortCuts - Duplicate community packet //dell - Support packages: * ExBlockUpSetList * ExBlockUpSetState - ExCubeGame packets remove! as passed everything into a normal look - Study of packages item-mall - Review parsing of items from item-mall - To-realization of all parameters for item-mall - Added parameters of reading from items (with packet support): * daysOfWeek * stock * maxStock - Support package ExColosseumFenceInfo - Possibility of parsing of fences from a datapack and spawn from admin panel - Support package RequestSurrenderPersonally - Updating system messages during removal of friends - Editing of work of a lottery under russian html + localization - ItemIcons delete support (not used) - Expanded petitions manager in the course of development: * Support packages: * ExResponseShowStepOne * ExResponseShowStepTwo * RequestShowNewUserPetition * RequestExShowStepTwo * RequestExShowStepThree * Parsing petition sections - Clean up dp - Expanded settings of .menu command: * Add block buffs function * Add hide traders function * Add block buffs animation function * Add refusal traders function * Add refusal party invites function * Add refusal ffriend invites function