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  1. Last update (revision 1637) : - Fix checks target mobs when applying clan buffs - Fix for buy premium account in the community is not properly charged the cost - fix problem with add items for campion mobs - Fix L2Topzone for correct parse from vote site - Few adjustments in positioning to reduce coordinate divergence - Fix reccomendation error if count > 255 - Typo fix errors in gm panel for siege halls - Clen up unused htmls - Fix color service - correct buy color - Add roboto fake players engine - Rework calc objects position in world (now more correct) - Fixed autoloot and autolootherbs commands in menu and in configs - Start update gm menu to new design - Remove all events from server - Remove custom npcbuffer (not used) - Implementation of new engine for events (Fight Events Engine) * Now all events work from one engine * Add support in gm panel for enable/disable events * Add support for registration in community * Add support for registration from npc * Add statistic support for every event * xml support for individual customization every event * Add support for event maps from xml * Manager Spawnlist in xml support - List of all now support new events engine * Last Hero * Team vs Team * Lucky Creatures * Capture The Flag * Treasure Hunt * Korean Style * Team vs Team Round * Capture The Base * Death Match * Monster Attack
  2. A lot of work was done. Server stable! Also launched the team's website. will gradually fill information =) List of recent changes as well as the information of the emulator can now be found on - https://l2jeternity.com/ There are no unsolvable problems for us ! We undertake any modifications that you will need )