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  1. Thanks, there will always be that Childish part of me, love playing L2JServer.
  2. Hello people of the internet. If anyone ever wondered, I would like share additional input on why this patch is present on these forums. First of, to do so, I'm required to give you some personal background history on Lineage 2 and L2JServer. Hang there, it's gonna be long. private class ICherishDropStrategy extends BackgroundHistory { Lineage 2 and L2JServer took important part in my childhood, I play Lineage 2 since its has ever been released and by young age I have been inspired to host my first ever server, powered by L2JServer. Please take in consideration
  3. If you wish to learn, the official L2JServer is the right choice. It focuses on retail behavior, has best structure and will soon update to Java 16. Mobius is a hybrid L2JServer/Unity ripoff with some custom content already present around this forums. I wouldn't say is bad, but community isn't very helpful and they focus on paid source which also isn't a lot better either, except for the fact it "supports" more branches. As previously said neither of them is suitable for live. If you are planning to invest the time needed to make it worth, I suggest you go with L2JServer.
  4. Thousand die by day, but not from coronavirus. Death is part of our nature.
  5. he is aware, i was first that reported it. the issue arises from the fact his vote site uses very complex vote solution. that is very different from the rest of the vote sites. indeed that vote system is very handy and he also spent the time to set it up for me. i also like the ease of vote on his site, that is why i keep his link up.
  6. that is because l2.topgameserver.net has DiffTime set by the votesite API. You can reconstruct code urself or disable it.
  7. that's just dark cloud mansion walktrough.
  8. Great share, it reminds me of when I was 13, but there was no videos available.
  9. is anyone in possession of the complete version up to High Five?
  10. L2JSERVER MOST PRECISE DROP STRATEGY Patch applies for DeathDropChanceMultiplier > 1 Provides more precise formula for amountMultiply when used with PreciseDropCalculation = True. Additional information regarding default critical issue can be found below. https://bitbucket.org/l2jserver/l2j-server-game/issues/337/major-issue-for-rates-above-x1 Drop Precision Strategy Source: IGroupedItemDropCalculationStrategy.java https://bitbucket.org/l2jserver/l2j-server-game/pull-requests/35
  11. This guy is shady, he insist on FULL PAYMENT UPFRONT and then pray he move his boorish. Very unprofessional behavior and require additional registrations for payment solutions. He wasted two days of my life. I definitely don't recommend. BE AWARE!