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  1. Hello everyone.. Yes.. my test is with a "Homunkulu's Sword" (ID. 84); when I go to a Blacksmith (have tried Giran and Aden's), the "bestow a special ability" option comes up empty. Any ideas? p.s. I already have a soul crystal @ lv.7 Ok; I've figured it out. You cannot have equiped the sword if you wish to use the "bestow a special ability" with the Blacksmiths: such a dumb (but not so obvious), thing. I hope this could be a matter of use for other people comming with this same issue.
  2. Hello everyone: I'm trying to bestow an special ability on a weapon C (and in a close future, for B), but the Town Blacksmiths does not show the list of possible items to be affected. Do I need to add such feature in a sort of "shop list"? If so, could anyone give some hints of to implement it? Thanks a lot for anyone which would like to help in this matter.
  3. Hello everyone 🙂 I've been looking for a while on the web, and the forums, and I just cannot get an specific thread related to how can I, as the DB owner, update the password for any account. My interest is either if me or any of my friends, looses the account password, as from the raw account table @ l2jLogin DB, it seems to have a sort of encription; can I just update it directly from the table field? or is it any sort or known procedure for this? Thanks a lot for anyone that comes to give a hand 🙂
  4. Greetings: I've downloaded the High 5 system and it gave me a dsetup.dll error; yet, I've replaced it with a file from other system, and it works now for me. I hope it will help others looking for it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3qsnkt8fmwt613v/systemHigh5.rar/file
  5. Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for your honest and detailed replies. This is the best community of L2 server developing I've found on the net... I know that this sentence is "cliché", yet, on most places you find either: a dead community (years without posting), members are too jealous (or lazy?), to reply or help, or they "keep the knowledge for themselves". Thanks again to everyone that let their time to read and comment 🙂
  6. Hello! It's been so many years since I've tried install and create a L2 server.. for what I've tried to catch up, there are a couple of platforms with which one can create a L2 server. As far as I've learned, we have L2J, L2 Off and others (?). Can you guys help me with some cons and pro's about the options available for taking this first step in creating my server? Thanks a lot in advanced for your concern in this subject. p.s. I've tried to look out at the forum search and did not found such a subject (or just didn't know how to make the proper search)
  7. Hello! Any idea im how to make this one work on the lastest update of Freya? It works quite badly for me (practically not working). Thanks a lot for the help; regards :)
  8. Hello again: I know this is a noob question and i'm pretty ashamed to do it, but I just can't find the answer :S. I've patched a clean system and updated system until today and everything goes right; my issue is that I just can make the client start! I mean, I've renamed L2.dat to L2.exe but the Client refuses to start. I sued your L2FileEdit for including my server host in the L2.ini ... what else is needed to do for the client to properly start? ... help :S. Thanks again for all.. you really rock! Cheers
  9. Thanks A LOT dude! I was looking for the way to rate +1 your post, but I just couldn't find any way to do so:S; yet, I give you my sincere appreciation :D Cheers
  10. Greetings: I want to try your patch; the problem is that Rapidshare has no free slots for download (it's been like that for more than 2 hours now :S ). Could you please upload it at other server (like 4hsared)? or could you send it by e-mail? Thanks a lot for the opportunity: your patch its quite motivating :) Cheers