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  1. Hello, I saw few weeks ago someone was selling a NPC with outfits for interlude but I can't find this topic anymore. Was something similar to this, anyone still selling it ?
  2. if you are still interested in buying a hosting server let me know , i can also help you with server installation .
  3. Selling lameguard with dns pm for info
  4. what you don't understand from "much costly plans" lol you just sell overpriced ovh servers at last start use your brain and lower prices http://www.ovh.ie/dedicated_servers/game/
  5. sell vorpal light set enchanted 6/6/5/4/4 and full atribute , Frintezza Necklace , vesper dual dagger , Vesper Shaper critical dmg for more info pm
  6. if you need better protection take a look here or here
  7. l2magic files ,they are already shared and you are not the owner.
  8. Don't take it like a flame but players have to know , this is not a l2off server and is not the real lineage 2 azure , w/e good luck with your project
  9. you are still here still not left the mxc ?
  10. this give me a 0 found psc he was connecte on my pc when i tryed his psc and now i am the scammer who tryed to scam who ?
  11. you was in my pc when i tryed to use your fucking psc and not working ofc i closed the teamviwer after i seen it
  12. you fucking moron you give me a psc that is not working and call me scammer you want connected remote on my pc and you seen it by yourself