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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, wts a cheap account here is some info for more information plz pm me ;) dont lose it its very cheap , PAYMENT method paypal (verified) PS .no skins nothing this account is clean we just bought some champions for boost ;)
  2. Hello i want to trade my account it's Diamond V atm with an average MMR it has about 60+ champions and it has Season 3(gold),4(plat) rewards that means it has Victorius Elise and Victorius Morgana The account have some rly cool skins Skins:Defender Leona,Hextech Singed,Mad Scientist Singed,Dread knight Garen,Guqin Sona,Traditional Lee Sin,Riot Blitzcrank,Executioner Mundo,Resistance Caitlyn,Officer Caitlyn,Bloodmoon Shen,Bandito Fiddlesticks,Tribal Ryze,Divine Soraka,Blackthorn Morgana,Pharaoh Nidalee. IGN:Daskalalakos Server:EUNE I Trade This account With any account on **EUNE** that has al
  3. Unranked, Diamond s4 Plat s3 Skins : - Triumphant Ryze -Gangster Twitch -Deep one Kassadin -Victourious Elise -Soul Reaver Draven/Gladiator Draven/Primte Time Draven -Agent Caitlyn -Almost Prom king amumu -Bucanneer Tristana / Rocketgirl Tristana Rune pages :7 I will give the orignial email used for the account's creation and every information required. The account has never been banned, it has been chat restricted for 20 games though. Champions will be found on the screen below. Important : I will not go first, unless you have a super big rep on this
  4. Hello community, Selling Diamond Boardered eune account, this seaon not played the provisionals yet (whoever buys it i can help him with provisionals) Past season Diamond 2-3 (up and down) with top peak at Diamond 1. Account is missing few champions and has 16 skins (including pulsire ez). Also account has all the runes ( that are played missing bad runes like energy regeneration .... which is unusable and such stuff). Finally i want to clerify that the trade is gonna be 100% safe and i have absolutely no intention to scamm or get scammed !!! I swear that. Anyone who has an offer can
  5. Hi i am selling my lol account on eune diamond 1. Account name is FiuDeCarry Account including 8 page runes Skins 37 : Ashe-Sherwood forest Caitlyn-Sheriff Corki-Hot rod Mundo-Executioner Draven-Gladiator Elise-Victorious Ezreal-Frosted Gankplank-Minuteman Garen-Dreadkhight Graves-Mafia,Hired gun Janna-Victorious Kassadin-Prevoid Kayle-Judgment Kog,Maw-Monarch Lee sin-Traditional Lucian-Hired gun Maokai-Totemic Master y-Samurai Yi Miss fortune-Road Warrior Morgana-Victorious Nassus-Galactic Olaf-Glacial Oriana-Sewn Phanteon-Glaive Warrior Renekton-Bloodfury Rengar-Night hunter Riven-Redee
  6. Hello there.. i am interested on buying an EUNE account platinum III or more with ALOT skins and valuable also alot characters and at affordable price.. i am out of account and i dont want to get to much behind by starting a new one.. i would appreciate if you skype me at: Legi0n96 or send me some accunt stats here in posts.. Payment methods: Paysafe/Skrill/Bank Transfer/Western Union/MoneyGram! i might buy more than one accounts (just in case) waiting for offers!
  7. League of Legends Rank: Diamond Hi, I'm selling my League of Legends account Champions : 57 mostly 6300ip champs (got all ADCs) Skins : 13 Rune Pages : 5 Full list of champions : Ahri,Akali,Alistar,Amumu,Annie,Ashe,Blitzcrank,Bra um,Caitlyn,Cho'Gath,Corki,Draven,Elise,Evelynn,Ezr eal,Fiddlesticks,Fizz,Gragas,Graves,Jax,Jinx,Kassa din,Katarina,Kayle,Kennen,Kha'Zix,Kog'Maw,Leblanc, Leesin,Leona,lissandra,Lucian,Lulu,Malphite,Master Yi,Morgana,Nasus,Nidalee,Nocturne,Nunu,Renekton,Ry ze,Sivir,Soraka,Swain,Talon,Teemo,Thresh,Tristana, Tryndamere,Twisted Fate,Twitch,Udyr,Vayne,Varus,Zed,Ziggs Ful
  8. Hello Guys, I want to sell my main Account!!! Win ratio: 51% MMR: 2,220 Five Rune Pages: Seals: Glyphs: Marks: Quintessences: Icons: All Champions Except..: Skins: Mafia Jinx Vandal Brand Artic Warfair Caitlyn Resistance Caitlyn Mythic Cassiopeia Dragonwing Corki Lord Darius Soul Reaver Draven Pulsfire Ezreal Frosted Ezreal Mafia Graves Full Metal Jace Mercenary Katarina Dragon Fist LeeSin Muay Thai LeeSin Hired Gun Lucian Chosen Master Yi Frozen Terror Nocturn Battle Bunny Riven Warmonger Sion Deep Terror Thresh Blight C
  9. Hello this is MrWilson the owner of Lineage Diamond server and i would everyone to have a look about our server in www.l2diamond.eu/forum and leave us some comments about it. Our goal is to create a community different, UNIQUE that everyone will like it. Thanks for your time, MrWilson * Here is a sneaky Preview Building And of course , since Giran Harbor will be our trade zone , we ought to put something protective around it Looks like the Diamond Rain did damage Giran Harbor and everything around it too ! Just look at that ship .. It makes you wonder what happened to th
  10. Πωλούνται τα 2 αυτά accounts Platinum στον West και Diamond V στον East. East diamond V account : ( http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=11i37t4&s=8#.UyGiEoXy3SZ ) ( http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=25i9kpt&s=8#.UyGizIXy3SY ) 30 champions, 3 rune pages. West platinum II account : ( http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2i8jhtz&s=8#.UyGjzYXy3SY ) ( http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=3539nuw&s=8#.UyGj-YXy3SY ) 77 champions, 7 rune pages, definetly not blitzcrank, piltover customs blitzcrank, victorious elise, nottingham ezreal, spectral fiddlesticks, frost queen janna, prestigious leblanc,
  11. 10 Placement games = 45€/62$ Want to be prepared for season 4? Order coaching today at 20€/hour, with experienced and professional coaches Sorry my img is so slim, click on it so it becomes larger! Will fix ^.^ My boosters accounts: Contact: Skype: divisiondreamers To add me securely follow instructions: Vouches: Y never go first mate. So, he did 2 vouchgames dont need to say anything more. Just watch and be :o He did a good job : ) Nice guy and a very good player :) I truly recommend this service. This guy is really really good. He's friendly a
  12. ATM in stock we have : - 2x Gold Team (Invite 23.09.2013 and 24.09.2013) - 1x Plat Team (Invite 26.09.2013) IMPORTANT : I am trusted seller of 3 other forums. Here i am new - one of my services is being reselled on this forum but now i want also advertise my Teams service since there are a lot of EU NE players. I can contact you via any of my other accounts on other forums where i am very trusted seller with Verifiec accounts, Premium, a lot of positive trades etc. Skype : Dark.Service