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Found 20 results

  1. MMO-Coins.com offer cheap game currency, in most popular online games. If you looking for fair games currency market - mmo-coins.com is that what you need. We accept paypal, paysafe, skrill, and other popular payment systems. If you looking for cheap adena on NCSoft official servers, L2 Classic, or freeshards, you can find it: Lineage 2 EU servers Lineage 2 Classic servers Lineage 2 free servers On site you can find all our socials. Follow us to keep abreast of new discounts and shares! If you want to became our supplie
  2. Why You Should Buy From Us ? 1. Best Prices Available 2. Selling On Many Games 3. Many Stocks On Many Servers 4. Fast Delivery / Instant 5. Online Most Of Time For Taking Demands Payment Methods: PayPal & Skrill & WMZ & Crypto Supported Games For Now (TERA,Aion,Lineage2,ArcheAge,WoW,GW2,Blade&Soul,Albion,Revelation,FFXIV,FFXI, ElderScroll,PathOfExile,MapleStory2, &?) Talk Me On Skype & Discord To Ask About Prices & Stocks Available & What Payment Methods We Accept At The Moment ADD MY SKYPE BY CLICKING HERE Skype: Live
  3. WTS Feoh Storm Screamer w/ Arcane Power on Core server. lvl 96 32%, female Dark Elf, subs: 85 Iss Doom Cryer / 71 Bishop There are several nice items on account: Istina Necklace Wizard +4 Istina Ring Wizard Earring & Ring from CoC (+5% M. Crit. Dmg) +3 Seraph Set, elements lvl.4 ++ +5 Blessed Apocalypse Retributer 300 + Acumen Immortal Set for Iss sub 20 Blessed Resurrection Scrolls 80kk Adena Basically, you are able to play casually straight after buying. There is 86 Yul Moonlight Sentinel on account aswell. I want to sell it fairly cheap & possibly fast so all offers are welcom
  4. hello want to sell adena on l2warland.ru x20 1kkk - 1 eur paypal/qiwi skype - qwerty39rus2
  5. Selling Gold at ArcheAge new European Rangora Server GOLD: 100 Gold = 4$ or 3,6€ (2k in stock) With purchases of 1k + Gold price can go as low as 3,5$ / 100g. Skype: SickNurse90 Use Skype or PM to make offers (I will answer much faster if you use Skype) Payments via PayPal only. For recomendations check my previous topics. I sold tons of items from every major L2 server, also bought a lot and got only positive comments in my topics.
  6. www.L2GoldWorld.eu SERVER Official STARTED - 03/July/2015 ! If you want a Gold stye with easy farm This is the server. Main Town: Giran XP Rate: x500 SP Rate: x500 Adena Rate: Custom Drop: Custom Buff Slots: 32 Debuff Slots: 6 All Flood Protections Active and Experience Development Team Flawless Geodata&Pathnode No lag issues No Corruption Dualbox Allowned Sieges Every 2 Weeks Enchant Safe 3 Max 25 Rate Normal:60%; Bless:70% C4 server played via Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications. Buffs 2h,Offline Shop,Tattoos, Rebirth System,Increased movem
  7. I am selling gold on melisara eu, 1000G/10€. Msg me if you're insterested.
  8. SERVER IS LIKE OLD L2 GOLD PLEASE DO NOT SPAM..IF YOU DONT WANT TO CHECK/PLAY THIS SERVER JUST DONT ENTER THIS TOPIC!!!! http://l2lethal.weebly.com/ :INFORMATIONS: Rates: -XP 45x / SP 45x / Adena 50x./ Spoil x5 Server -C4 server played via Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications. Extra info -Buffs 1h,Offline Shop,Tattoos, Rebirth System,Increased movement speed on all classes,ANTI-Buff added on all Classes. Getting Noblesse L2Gold has it's own noblesse system. Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid
  9. Hello guys! I`am sell GOLD in the game Blade and Soul on server: playbns.com. 1 gold = 0.06$. Please contact with me on: ICQ - 674902111 Skype - primera.espada.stark
  10. Hello Fellow, We got finally our Forums up and wish you all a warm welcome . We're a team of 2 people who love to make custom servers and alot of PVP. SERVER OPEN DAY 15.12.14 at 18:00 GMT+2. Me and Fusion are being in the server scene since almost 3 years now and we can guarantee you 100% professionality.Enough said, if you want you can just Join us to have the full pvp! Share us to your friends and stay tunned to the forum events! Have a good stay, enjoy it. - Xp 1200x. - Sp 1200x. - Aden 1200x. - Drop 1200x. - PartyXp 2x. - PartySp 2x. - Karma Rate Drop 100x. - Starting character le
  11. We are glad to announce you that our Grand Opening. Grand Opening Will be at: 18/11/2014 18:00 GMT+2! Any change will be posted in our community. Stay tuned till then for more news. We will be expecting you in our opening. Startup system Starting level: 80 Starting adena: 320.000.000 Basit Features Experience: 800x Skill Points: 800x Party Rates: (EXP/SP) 800x Adena Drop Rate: 120x Augmentation About augments, We will have an augment shop.You will have to buy your augment. Peple are available to use 1+1 augment for more balance. You can buy Augument from AUGMENT
  12. WTS 12 Apex's or 1700 gold on Nui (eu). All qestions ICQ 442533643 Skype kreemzek
  13. Hello members of s we are happy to tell you that L2 Gold will open soon. With the following features. Rates: xp 45x sp 45x adena 45x Partyxp 1,5x Partysp 1,5x DropItems 1x DropRaidItems 1x DropSpoil 1x Server: C4 server played via Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications. Gameplay: No weight limit buffs 1h subclasses & dyes are disabled rebirth system , no class change quests increased movement speed on all classes. Rebirth System When a character becomes level 78, he can go to the rebirth manager located in Aden and Giran. If you click on the rebirth manager
  14. We are glad to announce that L2Galion PvP Custom is ready to launch. We worked on this platform alot of months and we have to say that he have did an awesome job, the platform is based on L2jFrozen interlude. We are glad to announce that the server will open the day 21.02.14 at 18:00 GMT+2. For any question that is not answered on the forum or website pm us on Forum. L2Galion Staff wish you Good stay. WebSite : http://l2galion.com/ Forum: http://l2galion.com/forum/index.php RATES: Rates: Xp x1200 / Sp x1200 / Adena x1200. Gameplay: No weight limit, Buff
  15. L2Gold-Oldtimes Topzone: http://l2topzone.com/lineage2/server-info/10227/L2GOldTimeS.html Site: http://l2g-oldtimes.com/index-3.html The server just opened and is waiting for you, It has 100% uptime, Zero Lag and Online GM's everyday to help you with any problem you need. New Farm Zones Open soon and we Advertise our server in here so you can join and have fun! The server is x95 and It is like the Old GOLD server that used to be C4, It's like a copy of that server with some modifications. Custom Weapon Drops, Rings and lots of Bossed to In order to get the drops, 10%
  16. Lineaege][Grudge PVP Server OPEN! L2Grudge 25.11.13 11:00 GMT+2. Rates xp 1000x | Sp 1000x | Adena 1x | Drop 1x | Spoil 3x | Party Rate 3x Adena/Drop/Spoil amount rates are customary moded, so that server could have a great economy. Farm difficulty: Easy. INFO FARM You have 3 Farm Zones and 1 RaidZone! Safe Area : Part of Giran Castle Town. Normal Farm Area: Imperial Toomb [ 2 spots ]. Party Farm Area: Cave of Trial. Raid Boss : Custom Grudge RaidBoss [Drop Special Mask]. _______________________________________________ Enchant Rates SafeEnchant +3 MaxEnchant +20 Enchant Norm
  17. 10 Placement games = 45€/62$ Want to be prepared for season 4? Order coaching today at 20€/hour, with experienced and professional coaches Sorry my img is so slim, click on it so it becomes larger! Will fix ^.^ My boosters accounts: Contact: Skype: divisiondreamers To add me securely follow instructions: Vouches: Y never go first mate. So, he did 2 vouchgames dont need to say anything more. Just watch and be :o He did a good job : ) Nice guy and a very good player :) I truly recommend this service. This guy is really really good. He's friendly a
  18. ATM in stock we have : - 2x Gold Team (Invite 23.09.2013 and 24.09.2013) - 1x Plat Team (Invite 26.09.2013) IMPORTANT : I am trusted seller of 3 other forums. Here i am new - one of my services is being reselled on this forum but now i want also advertise my Teams service since there are a lot of EU NE players. I can contact you via any of my other accounts on other forums where i am very trusted seller with Verifiec accounts, Premium, a lot of positive trades etc. Skype : Dark.Service
  19. Lineage 2 Interlude Fractal Server will be online 22-09-13 at 18:00 GMT+2. Server will have so many changes. New Customs. Better Balance,etc.. Enjoy it And Share The Server for more bigest comunnity. NO WIPES Server Information ___________________________________ * Rates * xp 1000x | Sp 1000x | Adena 1x | Drop 1x | Spoil 1x | Party Rate 3x Adena/Drop/Spoil amount rates are customary moded, so that server could have a great economy. Farm difficulty: Easy. _______________________________________________ * Enchant Rates * Max For Weapons +20 Max For Armors +20 Max For Jewels +20 Enchant C