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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, We have started with a new project. We are looking for a talented l2jaCis developer. Requirements: - free time - good l2jaCis knowledge. We offer: - dedicated server - all need payments - 40% from donation system ( server start date 1.03.2018 ) - website is ready ( forum included ) - ready files to work with on the server Anyone who wants to particiapte just pm me. Mike
  2. L2J aCis Custom Pack Hello to everyone, The main goal of this project is to provide the most important, useful and necessary custom features in L2J aCis project that every pvp server rely on, I've chosen L2J aCis because it’s a very clean and maintainable pack and of course I am going to keep it in that way. Every second week I release 15 new custom features from GitHub and of course you are welcome to join in our team. I want to mention here that I am using only the latest free revision of aCis which the current is 360. The members who gives reputation on the first post will get full access for every release, and they don't need to wait for every 15 updates, I will make a private repository for them as well, I will give them my full support for any adoption, if for example they have acisVersion>acisFreeVersion exclusively, there is no problem at all ! GitHub Link => NPCs Scheme Buffer =============================================================================================== Gatekeeper =============================================================================================== Warehouse Augmenter =============================================================================================== Skill Enchanter Ranking =============================================================================================== Class Manager PasswordManager designed and developed by me =============================================================================================== Custom Properties CustomStartingLvl = True CharLvl = 80 CharTitle = True CharAddTitle = EnablePvPColorSystem = True PvpAmount1 = 500 ColorForAmount1 = 293546 PvpAmount2 = 1000 ColorForAmount2 = 00ff00 PvpAmount3 = 1500 ColorForAmount3 = 0000ff PvpAmount4 = 2500 ColorForAmount4 = ffff00 PvpAmount5 = 5000 ColorForAmount5 = ff0000 CustomSpawn = True SpawnX = 149999 SpawnY = 46728 SpawnZ = -3414 OnlineOnLogin = True WelcomeHtm = True PMWelcomeShow = True PMServerName = L2-Sample PMText1 = Have Fun and Nice Stay on PMText2 = Vote for us every 24h NewPlayerEffect = True EnableNobleCustomItem = True AnnouncePkKill = True AnnouncePvPKill = True EnableHeroCustomItem = True HeroCustomHours = 1 EnableCustomSubClass= True =============================================================================================== Balance Balance System Added + (Anarchy balance system http://www.maxcheate...ancer-for-acis/) =============================================================================================== Events TVT Event Added =============================================================================================== User Commands .tvt_join (joins the user in tvt) .tvt_leave (leave the user from tvt) .tvtstatus =============================================================================================== Admin Commands //balance //reload balance //tvt_start (not waiting for the TVT_EVENT_INTERVAL and immediately starting the event, if and only if the state == EventState.INACTIVE) //tvt_cancel (immediately cancel the event, if and only if the state == EventState.PARTICIPATING) //tvt_add (adding a simple user in the tvt) //tvt_remove (removing a simple user from the tvt)
  3. Hello everyone, we want to present you serveroffer hosting services. Dedicated servers Custom dedicated servers for wide variety of purposes. Optional ddos protection Optional Graphics processor - GPU Windows and Linux operating systems (SSH / Remote desktop access) For custom dedicated server configuration - ask support Prices from 20 Eur/monthly XEN VPS VPS servers for game servers, browsing, backup services, mssql databases, .net websites, automation software and more VPS Processor clock speed - 3.0 -3.4 GHz Windows and Linux operating systems Optional ddos protection Linux Xen VPS prices from 8.49 Eur/monthly Windows Xen VPS prices from 9.99 Eur/monthly OpenVZ Linux VPS Linux VPS servers for game servers, backups, testing, browsing and many more OpenvZ Linux VPS from 1.59 Eur/monthly Own Data center in Northern Europe VAT invoices are available for all our services Payments: Bank wire transfer, Paypal/credit card, Bitcoins Support Live support on serveroffer page skype: serveroffer Maxchearters limited dedicated server offer (ask support): dedicated server Maxcheater1 32 GB RAM CPU 8x3.4 GHz CPU (intel i7/ Xeon E3) 250 GB SSD/ 1TB HDD ddos protection 1 ipv4 address Only 55 Eur/month dedicated server Maxcheater2 16 GB RAM CPU 4x3.4 GHz CPU (intel i3/i5) 250 GB SSD/ 1TB HDD ddos protection 1 ipv4 address Only 45 Eur/month
  4. Mini Mod H5 TvT, Champion Mob: download:
  5. Hello guys, here I am sharing all the basic interlude UIs, Standard, Kamael, Red, Black (with augment fixed and some graphical issues fixeds too) and C1 (with augment fixed and system menu fixed) Use, share and enjoy them! Credits: Standard: Author: NC Soft Kamael: Author: NC Soft Port: Unknown Red: Author: Unknown Black: Author: Unknown Fixes:Me C1: Author: NC Soft Port: Me Red Screenshot Kamael Screenshot C1 Screenshot Black Screenshot Download Link
  6. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    Hello people, i'm here to present to you our new custom PvP Server, L2 Crabbed. My name is Growa. General Information To start with, our server is l2j based, fully customized and most of our features are fresh and new, that means that most of the things you'll see in L2 Crabbed, surely you haven't seen them in any other Gracia Final Custom PvP server. L2 Crabbed is a Custom PvP server. **~Our topic will be updated at times since we are still under developing~** *#*#*#*#Server is estimated to open mid/end of September. *#*#*#*#*# Website: Forum: (still under construction) Facebook: Skype: Features 1. New Advanced Community Board L2 Crabbed's Community Board is made from scratch. A fully unique pack of features only our server has. A quick Preview of our community board can be reviewed by watching our Video below. In a few lines what our Community Board provides. 1,a Home Tab Friendly player interface, includes all the basic functions a player will need during the game. No more commands starting with " . ". Engage, Divorce, Accessory Visibility and more are there. More details on the video provided. 1,b Raids Board Crabbed's Raids Board is here to provide players the ease to know any kind of information they need to know about any raid that is spawned in our server. Raids are special in our server since the boost a lot players' gear development. More details on the video provided. 1,c Clans Board Getting a clan plus managing a clan get easier for both players/members and their leaders. Clan recruiting mode, Check clans' active wars, check clan skills of a clan, Character Gear Viewer (only for clan leaders) who get a clan invitation request through the the recruiting function and more. Details on the video provided. 1,d Forum Crabbed's Forum is in game. Yes it is in game. We want all our players to join all kind all kind of discussions when it comes for server's greater good. More details on the video provided. 1,e Party Matching System Are you starting today alone? Did you leave your clan and you cant find anyone to make a party for PvP or Farm? This is your best friend. Register your character on the party match system and wait a party invitation from someone else, or start on your own a party and get in server's action. More details on the video provided. 1,f Friends Board New functional way of friend inviting, friend deleting, and player blocking through the Community Board. You can also check the list of the players you've blocked/friend aswell. More details on the video provided. --------------------- 2. Farming Zones L2Crabbed has 3 Farming Zones. 2 of them are safe and 1 is Chaotic Zone which will be enabled every weekend. Monastery of Silence - Party Farming(upstairs)/Solo Hard Zone(Ground Floors) Blazing Swamp - Easy Solo Pagan's Temple - All kind of difficulty - Chaotic Zone (AVAILABLE ONLY WEEKENDS) -------------------- Entertaining Functions 1. Events We are using update Nexus Engine version 4.2. Enabled Events are: Team vs Team Capture The Flag Domination Mass Domination Deathmatch Zombies Last Man Standing 2. Mini Events a. 1v1 b. 2v2 c. 3v3 d. 5v5 e. 10v10 All those mods come either as Korean Style or Party Fights #all events/mini events have custom new maps# 3. Poker You can now challenge friends and foes on the Poker table. 4. Siege Events 2 Teams sieging a either a fortress or a Castle (Aden, Rune, Giran, Oren) 5. Achievements System Achievement System is there to give you one more reason to achieve or repeat some achievements. Every achievement you get, you are rewarded with Fame. ------------------- Castle Sieges Sieges will happen every 7 days. Only registered clans and their allies are allowed to be in the Siege Zone. 2 Sieges will be available at the beginning Rune and Giran. #All sieges will NOT have item restrictions(only s or s80 etc. ALL ITEMS ARE ALLOWED) #Castle Sieges registration can happen either from each Castle's Messenger or in one Custom NPC in Main Towns. ------------------- Fortress Sieges Fortress Sieges are available once per 72 hours except from Western Fortress which can be attacked every 2 hours. ------------------ Clan Halls All Clan Halls are buyable on our Custom NPC located in Crabbed Village. Special currency needed to buy a Clan Hall. Combat Zones We are using 1 PvP Zone (perma flag), and 1 Chaotic Zone available in weekends(Pagan's Temple). Hunter's Village (Perma Flag Zone) Pagan's Temple (Chaotic Zone) ------------------- Armors,Weapons, Jewels and more custom items. L2Crabbed has 3 Tiers of Gear Tier 1/1.5 Cossmo Weapons/Armors/Jewels Tattoos Tier1 Claoks Tier1 Agathions Tier1 Accessories Tier1 Tier 2 Sterbio Armors/Weapons/Jewels Tattoos Tier2 Claoks Tier2 Agathions Tier2 Accessories Tier2 Tier 3 Zoxian Armors/Weapons/Jewels Relic Jewels Tattoos Tier3 Claoks Tier3 Agathions Tier3 Accessories Tier3 ----------------------- Dress Me System Every player has the right choose how his appearance will be among a big amount of choices on Armor/Weapons/Accessories. (No extra stats provided with Dress Me system) [video explaining the dress me system] ------------------ War Manager Arrange a clan war with another clan for 5 hours. A clan leader sends the war request through the Clan War Manager, the receiver clan accepts or declines the request. ----------------------- War Scroll An expensive item forcing a clan to be in war with another. The war will last 7 days. There will be a reuse time on each clan using this scroll,(They cannot spam this item.) -------------------- Instances L2Crabbed is running instances. Each one is designed for each player/[group of players] ability to deal with easy/medium/hard/[ultra hard] monsters. 1. Dark Cloud Mansion - Easy Solo Instance (Daily) 2. Kamaloka - Hard Party Instance (Daily) 3. Hall of Murder - [All kind of difficulty] Party Instance[5-7 members] (Every 3 Days) 4. Raid Chamber - [Random Difficulty] Party Instance[5-10 members] A random raidboss will spawn in your room. It could be a random lv.85 raid or even lv.95 Antharas :o(Every 3 Days) 5. Ultimum - [ultra Hard] Party Instance[10 members] A gorgeous, ultra hard raid will spawn in your room which has 2 more raids as minions. I suggest to avoid this one if you are not top geared. (every 7 days) -------------------- Core Client Modifications 4th Skill Bar has been added for easier gameplay. All skill reuse delays are now displayed on the icon of your skill. -------------------- The Grand Olympiad Grand Olympiad is some equal geared matchups between players on same/different class. Hero election happens every 2 weeks. Grand Olympiad Manager has been edited and became more functionable. Now Olympiad Rankings will give you a hint on how many points ahead is the first player in the list with the 2nd/3rd/4th etc. [screenshot olympiad manager] Anti feed system has been applied. We have put a new logger which will count damages done/received, players who disconnected during fight or players who removed their armors/jewels. Dont try to feed, you'll be caught 101%. -------------------- AIO Item L2 Crabbed gives on characters' creation an All In One item which most core functions are used from there. (Most of you are familiarized with it and know it as Wondrous Cubic, but its not the same any more) -------------------- Custom Buffer L2 Crabbed's Buffer is in main towns giving buffs to players. Buff sets are there for fast buffing. Buff schemes are available aswell. -------------------- PC Bang System Are you playing much in L2Crabbed? L2Crabbed rewards you with PC Bang Points. Those points are usefull on getting special Costumes from the shop for the dress me engine. ------------------- Vote System L2Crabbed loves both new and old players. Are you new and you want to make an easy start? Then go use our voting system and you'll be rewarded with a Vote Coin. You can vote times per day, that means 2 Vote Coins per day. Use Murphy NPC to get Limited time items. Most of the in game available items are there at a locked attribute level/enchant level.(You cant enchant/add attribute on these items, cannot trade/freight/sell aswell.) All the Vote Coins are wiped at 03:00 GMT every day. Server gives 1 Vote Coin to all online players on some number set as Voting Goal. So items in Murphy NPC which cost more than 2 Vote Coins can be aquirred only if players vote for the server. Some extra items can be purchased ONLY from the Murphy NPC so old players will always get some little benefit from voting. ------------------- Rebirth System L2Crabbed is using a Custom Rebirth system awarding players with a random extra stat each time. Every Rebirth level has different level of requirement. Requirements: Player 0 Rebirths: Requires 500 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 200 PvP Kills + 1 Rebirther Player Earns: 200 Fame + +1 Random Stat [Mages --> INT/WIT/MEN] [Fighters --> DEX/CON/STR] Player 1 Rebirths: Requires 3000 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 1200 PvP Kills + 2 Rebirthers Player Earns: 900 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth Player 2 Rebirths: Requires 5500 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 1200 PvP Kills +3 Rebirthers Player Earns: 900 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth Player 3 Rebirths: Requires 8000 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 2200 PvP Kills + 4 Rebirthers Player Earns: 1600 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth Player 4 Rebirths: Requires 10500 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 3200 PvP Kills + 5 Rebirthers Player Earns: 2300 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth ------------------ Custom PvP Skills earned on PvP Point Goals *** To be updated ***** ------------------ Top Weekly Players are contesting every 7 days (most likely every friday) on many titles. Top Farmer/PvPer/Event Killer/Deaths/Pks will get an APC of them in Town of Crabbed. This is an automated unique engine you never saw before in any other server. ------------------ Antibot Protection L2Crabbed is botting safe. All the well known botting programs have been turned down, so no matter how much you try, you cant bypass it. ------------------ Main Towns Kamael Village Town of Crabbed (Custom Town, non retail one) ------------------ Enchants L2Crabbed is using a custom enchant rate system, different for each item Tier. All failure penalties are given to player's system chat. 3 Types of scrolls 1. Normal Scrolls 2. Crystal Scrolls 3. Blessed Scrolls ----------------- Grandbosses Our server has 12 Grandbosses. Those bosses have a random respawn time which is from 7-12 days. They require the right gear to be raidable, if you dont have it dont try them. Our Grandbosses are: Valakas Antharas Baium Tiat Beleth Baylor Queen Ant Benom Orfen Core Zaken Frintezza(2 Forms) -------------------- Raidbosses More than 150 Raidbosses are up in L2Crabbed ready to be killed. ------------------- Level System Xp Rate is easy high till 90 lv. After 90 lv xp becomes harder to get but more valueable than ever. Every character who is on main class and it has more than 90 level they rewarded with new custom skills amking their pvp easier.(Those skills are not adding any stats, but give the player great mobility and more) ------------------ Custom Name/Title color due to PvP //could add more colors based on pvps, prolly will do 1000 - Player name color changed to blue 2000 - Player name color changed to pink 3000 - Player name color changed to green 4000 - Player name color changed to yellow 5000 - Player title color changed to pink, player name color changed to light blue 6500 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name changed to purple 8500 - Player name color changed to orange 12000 - Player title color changed to red, player name changed to dark grey 25000 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name color changed to red ----------------- Custom Name/Title color due to PvP 1000 - Player name color changed to blue 2000 - Player name color changed to pink 3000 - Player name color changed to green 4000 - Player name color changed to yellow 5000 - Player title color changed to pink, player name color changed to light blue 6500 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name changed to purple 8500 - Player name color changed to orange 12000 - Player title color changed to red, player name changed to dark grey 25000 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name color changed to red ----------------- Transformations Gained due to pvp 200 - Transformation Rabbit 300 - Transformation Onyx Beast 400 - Transformation Cutie Pig 700 - Transformation Doll Blader 1100 - Transformation Frog 1400 - Transformation Heretic 1800 - Scroll of Battlefield Transformation Pixy 2500 - Scroll of Transformation - Red 2700 - Transformation Buffalo 3200 - Transformation Vale Master 3700 - Trasnformation Yeti 4300 - Transformation Oel Mahum 4900 - Transformation Saber Tooth Tiger 5500 - Transformation Gatekeeper 6100 - Transformation Unicorn 7900 - Transformation Young Child 8800 - Transformation Pumpkin Ghost 9800 - Transformation Golem Guardian 10800 - Transformation Inferno Drake ------------------- Global Shouts 100 - Trade Chat; 1500 seconds reuse (+) 600 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1250 seconds 1001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1070 seconds 2001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 935 seconds 3001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 830 seconds 6001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 750 seconds 7001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 680 seconds 8001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 625 seconds 9001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 575 seconds 10001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 535 seconds 15000 - Shout Chat available (!) 35000 - Hero Shout 1 minute reuse ------------------ Pincode System We achieved to import the best kind of security for players who either played another server using the same account or they shared their account with someone else. Players now are forced to put a 4 numbers PINcode on their character creation. Every time they try to log the character they will be asked weather to put the pincode or not. If they choose to put it, they will gain full access of the character, if they do not put the pincode they will be logged under limited session. Thats means that they will not be able to force a fight(pk), they will not be able to trade/delete/enchant items, they will not be able to leave clan and much more game changing functions. ---------------- TOPIC WILL BE CONTINUESLY UPDATED*****
  7. proudly presents probably first custom npc, that has been designed and developed together with my good friend. custom npc shows ranking of top players with the best score in three basic categories (TOP PVP, TOP PK, TOP ONLINE). lists refreshes automaticaly every x minutes and generates y players in the ranking table. variables are fully customizable and configurable, but never tested with none-default values. to successfully implement npc just follow three simple steps. preview: first you have to create new file in proper package (gameserver/model/actor/instance/), name: /* * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) * any later version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA * 02111-1307, USA. * * */ package; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import java.util.logging.Level; import net.sf.l2j.L2DatabaseFactory; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.ThreadPoolManager; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.cache.HtmCache; import; import; public class L2StatusInstance extends L2NpcInstance { private class PlayerInfo { public PlayerInfo(int pos,String n, int pvps, int pks ,int ontime, Boolean iso) { position = pos; Nick = n; pvpCount = pvps; pkCount = pks; onlineTime = ontime; isOnline = iso; } public int position; public String Nick; public int pvpCount; public int pkCount; public int onlineTime; public Boolean isOnline; } //delay interval (in minutes): private final int delayForCheck = 5; //number of players to be listed private int pvpListCount = 10; private int pkListCount = 10; private int onlineListCount = 10; private PlayerInfo [] topPvPList = new PlayerInfo [pvpListCount]; private PlayerInfo [] topPkList = new PlayerInfo [pkListCount]; private PlayerInfo [] topOnlineList = new PlayerInfo [onlineListCount]; public L2StatusInstance(int objectId, NpcTemplate template) { super(objectId, template); ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleGeneralAtFixedRate(new RefreshAllLists(), 10000, delayForCheck * 60000); } private class RefreshAllLists implements Runnable { public void run() { ReloadData(); } } private void ReloadData() { try (Connection con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection()) { PreparedStatement statement = con.prepareStatement("SELECT char_name, pvpkills, online FROM characters ORDER BY pvpkills DESC, char_name ASC LIMIT 10"); ResultSet result = statement.executeQuery(); //refreshing top pvp list int i = 0; //index of array while ( { topPvPList[i] = new PlayerInfo(i+1,result.getString("char_name"),result.getInt("pvpkills"),0,0,result.getBoolean("online")); i++; } //refreshing top pk list statement = con.prepareStatement("SELECT char_name, pkkills, online FROM characters ORDER BY pkkills DESC, char_name ASC LIMIT 10"); result = statement.executeQuery(); i = 0; //index of array while ( { topPkList[i] = new PlayerInfo(i+1,result.getString("char_name"),0,result.getInt("pkkills"),0,result.getBoolean("online")); i++; } //refreshing top online list statement = con.prepareStatement("SELECT char_name, onlinetime, online FROM characters ORDER BY onlinetime DESC, char_name ASC LIMIT 10"); result = statement.executeQuery(); i = 0; //index of array while ( { topOnlineList[i] = new PlayerInfo(i+1,result.getString("char_name"),0,0,result.getInt("onlinetime"),result.getBoolean("online")); i++; } result.close(); statement.close(); } catch (SQLException e) { _log.log(Level.WARNING, "ranking (status): could not load statistics informations" + e.getMessage(), e); } } @Override public void onSpawn() { ReloadData(); } @Override public void showChatWindow(L2PcInstance player) { GeneratePvPList(player); } @Override public void onBypassFeedback(L2PcInstance player, String command) { StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(command, " "); String currentCommand = st.nextToken(); if (currentCommand.startsWith("pvplist")) { GeneratePvPList(player); } else if (currentCommand.startsWith("pklist")) { GeneratePKList(player); } else if (currentCommand.startsWith("onlinelist")) { GenerateOnlineList(player); } super.onBypassFeedback(player, command); } private void GeneratePvPList(L2PcInstance p) { StringBuilder _PVPranking = new StringBuilder(); for (PlayerInfo player : topPvPList) { if (player == null) break; _PVPranking.append("<table width=\"290\"><tr>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"2\" align=\"center\"></td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"17\" align=\"center\">"+player.position+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"158\" align=\"center\">"+player.Nick+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"90\" align=\"center\">"+player.pvpCount+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"50\" align=\"center\">"+((player.isOnline) ? "<font color=\"00FF00\">ON</font>" : "<font color=\"CC0000\">OFF</font>")+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"2\" align=\"center\"></td>"); _PVPranking.append("</tr></table>"); _PVPranking.append("<img src=\"L2UI.Squaregray\" width=\"300\" height=\"1\">"); } NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(1); html.setFile(getHtmlPath(getNpcId(), 0)); html.replace("%objectId%", getObjectId()); html.replace("%pvplist%", _PVPranking.toString()); p.sendPacket(html); } private void GeneratePKList(L2PcInstance p) { StringBuilder _PVPranking = new StringBuilder(); for (PlayerInfo player : topPkList) { if (player == null) break; _PVPranking.append("<table width=\"290\"><tr>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"2\" align=\"center\"></td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"17\" align=\"center\">"+player.position+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"158\" align=\"center\">"+player.Nick+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"90\" align=\"center\">"+player.pkCount+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"50\" align=\"center\">"+((player.isOnline) ? "<font color=\"00FF00\">ON</font>" : "<font color=\"CC0000\">OFF</font>")+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"2\" align=\"center\"></td>"); _PVPranking.append("</tr></table>"); _PVPranking.append("<img src=\"L2UI.Squaregray\" width=\"300\" height=\"1\">"); } NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(1); html.setFile(getHtmlPath(getNpcId(), 2)); html.replace("%objectId%", getObjectId()); html.replace("%pklist%", _PVPranking.toString()); p.sendPacket(html); } private void GenerateOnlineList(L2PcInstance p) { StringBuilder _PVPranking = new StringBuilder(); for (PlayerInfo player : topOnlineList) { if (player == null) break; _PVPranking.append("<table width=\"290\"><tr>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"2\" align=\"center\"></td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"17\" align=\"center\">"+player.position+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"158\" align=\"center\">"+player.Nick+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"90\" align=\"center\">"+ConverTime(player.onlineTime)+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"50\" align=\"center\">"+((player.isOnline) ? "<font color=\"00FF00\">ON</font>" : "<font color=\"CC0000\">OFF</font>")+"</td>"); _PVPranking.append("<td FIXWIDTH=\"2\" align=\"center\"></td>"); _PVPranking.append("</tr></table>"); _PVPranking.append("<img src=\"L2UI.Squaregray\" width=\"300\" height=\"1\">"); } NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(1); html.setFile(getHtmlPath(getNpcId(), 3)); html.replace("%objectId%", getObjectId()); html.replace("%onlinelist%", _PVPranking.toString()); p.sendPacket(html); } private String ConverTime(long seconds) { long remainder = seconds; int days = (int) remainder / (24*3600); remainder = remainder -(days * 3600 * 24); int hours = (int) (remainder / 3600); remainder = remainder -(hours * 3600); int minutes = (int) (remainder / 60); remainder = remainder -(hours * 60); seconds = remainder; String timeInText = ""; if (days > 0) timeInText = days+"<font color=\"LEVEL\">D</font> "; if (hours > 0) timeInText = timeInText+ hours+"<font color=\"LEVEL\">H</font> "; if (minutes >0) timeInText = timeInText+ minutes+"<font color=\"LEVEL\">M</font>"; if (timeInText=="") { if(seconds>0) { timeInText = seconds+"<font color=\"LEVEL\">S</font>"; } else { timeInText = "N/A"; } } return timeInText; } @Override public String getHtmlPath(int npcId, int val) { String filename; if (val == 0) filename = "data/html/Status/" + npcId + ".htm"; else filename = "data/html/Status/" + npcId + "-" + val + ".htm"; if (HtmCache.getInstance().isLoadable(filename)) return filename; return "data/html/Status/" + npcId + ".htm"; } }create new npc with our dedicated type or use the one below: <npc id="50012" idTemplate="31549" name="STATISTICS WALL" title="L2EUPHORIA.COM"> <set name="level" val="70"/> <set name="radius" val="32"/> <set name="height" val="46.5"/> <set name="rHand" val="0"/> <set name="lHand" val="0"/> <set name="type" val="L2Status"/> <set name="exp" val="0"/> <set name="sp" val="0"/> <set name="hp" val="2444.46819"/> <set name="mp" val="1345.8"/> <set name="hpRegen" val="7.5"/> <set name="mpRegen" val="2.7"/> <set name="pAtk" val="688.86373"/> <set name="pDef" val="295.91597"/> <set name="mAtk" val="470.40463"/> <set name="mDef" val="216.53847"/> <set name="crit" val="4"/> <set name="atkSpd" val="253"/> <set name="str" val="40"/> <set name="int" val="21"/> <set name="dex" val="30"/> <set name="wit" val="20"/> <set name="con" val="43"/> <set name="men" val="20"/> <set name="corpseTime" val="7"/> <set name="walkSpd" val="50"/> <set name="runSpd" val="120"/> <set name="dropHerbGroup" val="0"/> <set name="attackRange" val="40"/> <ai type="default" ssCount="0" ssRate="0" spsCount="0" spsRate="0" aggro="0" canMove="true" seedable="false"/> </npc>dowload this archive(contains necessary .htmls) and extract to: gameserver/data/html/.remember to keep these files in proper folder (Status) and use correct npc type (L2Status).
  8. [L2J] L2H5Com

    ♞ ★ ★ ✓ Free DRAGON Weapons for all new Players! ✓ ♞ Players start with free equipped Top Lindvior, Valakas, Antharas DRAGONS Weapons and Raid Jewels! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) GM Shop full with everything for Adena. This special Server does NOT accept donations ! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) Finally you can stop being the "sitting duck" for the "donators". + The appearance of ALL skills has been reworked to look like the new from the latest chronicle ! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) Flying Wyvern for all the new Players FREE! Cloak with Helpful NEW Skills for all new Players FREE! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) Automatic use of Mana, Healing and CP elixirs (like shots) when bar goes below 50% ! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) 4000 €€€ Reward to the clan which will dominate on the Aden Castle !! Farmable Weapon & Armor Enchant Scrolls with 97% Success Rate and Max Enchant Limit +50! Buyable Clan Skills for Adena! Free TeamSpeak3 to everyone, Server is connected on premium fast path lvl 1 network with strong ddos protection and is Always Stable and Online 100% , 24h/day, 7days/week. Noblesse and Subclass Quests FREE! 1st, 2nd and 3rd Professions Quests FREE! System Buffer with ALL buffs & music. 2 hours Buff's & Music Duration. ALL L2 High Five Skills and Instances 100% working! Dualbox is allowed. _- Events -_ (with alternating maps) 1v1 Duel with bet!, (Unique&Exclusive Feature) Last Hero, Team vs Team, Team vs Raid and many more events.
  9. My DeviantART profile Hello, Are You bored with all the same Lineage 2 experiences? - Same stuff, same designs? Maybe You are looking for something special for Your project? Are You seeking for a Graphic Designer? Take a look then: *Logo for a metal band. * Legends of Lineage template is similar to previous theme (L2Country) on customer request. CONTACT: Skype: mrave20 Private Message PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal Skrill International bank transfer Take care, AVE
  10. Hello Are You bored with old Lineage 2 Updater / L2Updater? Nothing new - same look, same design? If You want to make "good first impression" then maybe You should try my version of Lineage 2 Updater with fully reworked custom skin and perfectly working transparent windows. VirusTotal Scan - 100% CLEAN CONTACT: Skype: mrave20 Private Message PRICE: Updater: 35€ (EUR) / $38 (USD): You can pick one custom design, Individual skin design: +15€ (EUR) / $17 (USD) Individual icon design: +5€ (EUR) / $6 (USD): *.ico file for Your L2.exe and L2Updater.exe. PAYMENT: PayPal Skrill International bank transfer Take care, Ave
  11. [L2J] L2 Equanimity Rates -We are a High Five Server! (aka High Five CT2.6) -XP Rate: x120 -SP Rate: x120 -Party XP Rate: x2 -Adena Rate: x250 -Enchant Rate: 70% -Blessed Rate: 75% -Safe Enchant: +7 -Max Enchant: +20 -Buffs: 3 hours Information - Even though our server is highly modified, our server is based off L2J, so we thank them for their hard work! - Unique! Stuff you may have never seen before. Custom Cloaks, Custom Boss Jewels, Custom Talismans, PvP Assists (Healers and support classes get prizes in PvP too). Give us 30 minutes of your time, and your likely to say we have one of the best servers you have ever seen, if not the best. We have also been told we have the most organized server they have ever seen as well. - PvP Assists! PvP on our server is better! Its fair to all classes. All classes can get recognition in PvP, even Healers. Anytime a player contributes to PvP they can qualify for a PvP Assist. This means healing/buffing allies can get you Assists, or debuffing or damaging targets can give you assists too. Other servers only care about DDs (Damage Dealers), we care about everyone. PvP rewards are split between the person who gets the PvP , and the person who gets the PvP Assist. - Dimensional Portals! We have developed a fun Portal system for players. Various regular activites such as killing monsters, fishing, and spoiling can help gain access to these randomized portals that give cool prizes including access to R Grade Armors for the Goddess Of Destruction Client for .dressme - PvP Streaks We have PvP Streaks on our server, but again, this is not just for DDs (Damage Dealers). An Assist counts the same as a PvP. This means support classes, even healers can get in on PvP Streaks as well. PvP Streaks grant prizes such as Custom PvP Cloaks you have never seen on any other server, non tradable versions of GCM, Top 84 LS, and more! - New Player Benefits! -- New players receive bonuses at these levels, 20, 40, 52, 61, 76, 80, 81, 82, 84, and 85. -- You have special benefits for 30 Days! -- You get additional prizes stacked on normal ones for activities such as events, voting, and instances. Normal players do not get these extra prizes that you do! -- Newbie Scrolls grant you instant access to to S84 Gear and much more! -- Gear that Newbies get are easier to ++ and easier to add elements to as well! -- Newbie Character start out with special items like Bound GCM, Bound GC, Bound Top 84 LS. These are just like the normal versions of these items, simply they can not be traded - You will always have enough Adena to get the next grade of gear, as long as your not blowing stuff up wasting it. - Achievement System Thats right, we have an Achievement system, players can complete special tasks such as completing a quest in a certain amount of time, doing exceptionally well in our custom instances, and more. They will be rewarded with items, and achievement points for completing those tasks, to see the full achievement list come check it out in game! Achievements also unlock new weapon glows, new title/name colors, fun weapons, and cloaks! We have 36 Acheivements and we continue to add more. -Custom Event Engine, that we made! - Team Vs Team (TvT) - Capture the Flag (CTF) - King of the Hill (KOTH) - Capture the Point (CTP) - Raid Battle (RB) - Death Match (DM) - Death Match Survival (DMS) - All our events have alternating maps to vary the scenary and strategy! - Set-up time for events (kinda like in olympaid) where you get to prepare yourself. - You choose your location on the battlefield (From a preslected assortement of course) - Party building features, we make it easy to know who needs a party, whos the party leaders and whos a support class - Team Chat - Assists (Not just damage dealers get recognition for killing people, support classes do too!) - Statistics, your event stats such as kills, deaths, assists, captures, damage done, and damage taken are recorded, and everyone can view the results at the end of the match. - Anti afk features. - Even if you lose you still get a prize! - Plenty more! - Lots of settings in .options. Our .options command lets you modify a lot of your personal settings such as On Screen Damage displayer, Your choosable weapon glow settings, .dressme, Exp Mode, Buff mode, PvP Messages, All Block, Soul Shot Color, WH Sorting patterns, Pop Up Critical Hit messages, Pop Up debuff messages telling you when your skills landed and your Anonymouse PvP settings (For PvP Zones). All of which will be saved to your character, you will not have to adjust them next time you log in. - Anonymous PvP Mode Our .options command gives you access to our Anonymous PvP Mode. Which is only usable in special PvP Zones. It allows you to be completely anonymouse, other players wont know your clan, your name, pretty much everything that tells you who you are is changed, even heros no longer have a hero glow in this mode. What is this good for? Well lots of thing, practicing PvP and/or new set ups knowing you wont be humiliated, because no one will now it was you. It can also be used for fun, you can even attack and kill your own clan members in this mode, they won't know its you. Its simply another way to have a good time or expirement. - Dress Me for Armors, Weapon Glows and for Cloaks! We have a .dressme command that enables you to change your armors texture to look like a different armor set, and cloak. also we allow players to choose their weapon glows, these features and more are saved to your character and restored when you log back in. - Vote Reward System You will be rewarded everyday that you vote. 10% more adena per drop for 24 hours when you vote, you also get full Vitality. 10 Gold Einhasad to use in the Voting Area of the GM Shop, and you get a randomized reward stacked on top of that. - Rebirth System At Level 85 players may rebirth, to obtain new skills or to get special items. You can rebirth as many times as you want, and you keep all your skills, and subs! - Development Our server is always getting updates, we strive to make our server the best so you will see a constant flow of updates that can be viewed in the server news window in-game, or on our websites homepage that shows our complete list of updates for each month. - Crystal Scrolls Support Crystal Scrolls are 100% enchant rate, but only drop from Valakas and Antharas so they are extremely RARE! - Custom Instance Zones Our Solo Instance Zone, is a solo mini adventure that you wont see anywhere else except right here on L2 Equanimity! Expect fun and prizes and wanting to come back to do it all over again. Our Group Instance Zone Event, is for 3 to 9 people in a party,, which is also a unique L2 Equanimity feature you wont see anywhere else, and you can bring you friends along for the ride! - Modified Classes Some people may be skeptical of this idea, but aren't you tired of seeing all the same classes being played, for example TH, HE, SH, Tanks, and Bishop? Well here there is a reason to play just about every class. Commonly not played classes such as Summoners, Dwarfs, BD, SwS, EE, SE have been modified with extra skills and even servitors have added stat bonuses to make them better! A complete list of modified classes and exactly what was changed for them is available in game when typing our custom command (.info). Do not worry though, but normal and modified classes are subject to nerfing if they become too strong. - Custom Spoil System Why not utilize a great game mechanic! All of our custom Farmzones monsters have special spoils that are used as a new currency for unique items not available anyway else other then spoiling. - Custom Talismans Talismans DO NOT disappear on our server, also we have custom made Talismans that give effects like extra HP, CP, or M def. - Offline Shops are enabled If you create a shop in a peace zone, then log out, your shop will stay online. - A special command (.info) that lets you perform actions from anywhere Players may augment from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may Add/Remove Dyes from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may see if Epic Raids & Custom Raids are Alive from anywhere with (.info) command. You may see top PvP/PK of everyone on the server from anywhere with (.info) command. You may also check many other things with this command in game like, rules, rates, server news, Farming area info, Staff info, Donations, and Modified Class Information! - Completely Custom and unique Farmzones All Custom Farmzones contain Custom Raid Bosses. Custom Mobs have Custom skills and even player skills (mobs can even do things like lethal you or disarm you). We have a total of 5 Custom Farmzones, one for level 50-70, one for 70-80, two for 80-85 and one group Farmzone for multiple people over 80. Each of our 5 Farmzons have a Variety of completely different mobs! For more in depth info about our Farmzones check them out in game! -NPC Information All our custom NPCs layouts are very organized unlike most servers! Our NPC Buffer can buff you and also buff your pets! You may create custom buff schemes! We have a extremely organized GM Shop with a wide variety of contents. Our Gm Shop is also influenced by castle owners tax rates, so that players can make money by owning an castle, and have some power over the prices. We have a Global Gatekeeper with a clean organized layout that allows you to go almost anywhere easily. Also NPC functions that allow you to De-Level, change your name and title color, give reputation points for farmed items, and even have a NPC Function that allows you to directly enchant your items from +0 to +7 (our safe enchant), but 7 enchant scrolls are still required, this is a custom feature to save you time! - PK protection We have a buff that anyone can obtain at our buffer that makes it where a player cannot be attacked by another player that is 1 or more levels higher then them, and in vice versa. Additionally if you are the same level and you are PKed, if the player who got Pked is new, that person gets +2 Pks and x2 the Karma. On our server, you can not work off your karma in just 1 mob, it actually takes some effort. Also we have some safe zones for people ot farm as well if they want to do it in peace. - Other Features -- Bot Protection -- DDoS Protection -- Territory Wars -- Fortresses -- Subclass Certification System -- Subs may be leveled up to 84 -- Full Geodata -- Anonymouse Olympiad to help prevent feeding. -- Hero Weapons are Enchantable! -- Heroes every 2 weeks -- Special Rewards for Fishing -- and much more!