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  1. Well we are growing slowly again, server is running almost 3 months now... today started new season.
  2. Join us, new updates and cool features 100+ online Waiting for you :)
  3. Server is back online! With fresh new pack! Join guys! :)
  4. Thank you, give a feedback about the features if its easy :)
  5. We do not have many players online at this time.. around 60-70 but players love the server, we are unique and with nice balance, just need more players Join guys :)
  6. http://l2shady.com just opened today i think its everything you need :) take a look
  7. http://l2shady.com i think its everything you need :) take a look
  8. http://l2shady.com i think its everything you need :) take a look
  9. http://l2shady.com i think its everything you need :) take a look
  10. After 2 MONTHS Online New Season of Lineage 2 Orin is starting now 17/1 12:00am GTM +2, Be There! Our main goal is to build a trusted project, based on class balance. Hello dear reader, in the next couple minutes I will be describing to you Lineage ][ Orin, an Interlude PvP Server if you continue to read this thread. If this is too long for you to read it, i challenge you to join and try the server. The Lineage ][ Orin has some core changes including rates, economy and a lot of inside systems! Now there is more PvP and raiding required to get geared up! XP: x1000 SP :
  11. Hello Maxcheaters community i want to announce you that this amazing server is finally online. SPECIAL GRAND OPENING EVENTS: #‎PVP_POINTS_EVENT‬! Players which will be in 1st and 2nd places in PVP list at November 10th 23:59 (GMT+3) will be awarded by Armor/Weapon +16! Do not miss your chance! All players who will try to box their PVP points will be kicked from event and jailed for 12hours! ‪#‎Clan_Event‬ Event for CLANS, which have 15 or more players ONLINE! Conntact with administrator and your Clan will receive clan hall and 15 CRP !! ‪ #‎Big_Clan_EVENT‬ Clans wh