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  1. Server Web Site: HERE Server Forum: HERE SERVER RATES # Exp x1000 # Sp x1000 # Adena x1000 # Party Exp x1.5 # Party Sp x1.5 # VIP Char Have x2 Drop Rate ENCHANT RATES # Safe Weapon/Armor = 4 # Max With Bless = 18 # Max with crystal = 21 # Normal Enchant Scroll = 75% # Bless Enchant Scroll = 100% # Crystal Enchant Scroll = 50% AUGMENT RATES # Life Stone = 3% # Mid Life Stone = 7% # High Life Stone = 11% # Top Life Stone = 15% # Glow Rates = 1%/20%/50%/70% # You can use 1 Active & 1 Passive Skill # VIP Char have +5% more Rates for Skill SERVER FEATURES # Geoda
  2. We are glad to announce open the gate to our magical world. We promise to create a fair world not break the gameplay. Bring to back soul of L2! Website: http://www.l2tulga.com GRAND OPENING ON 3 JUNE !! Rates 40x Experience 40x Party experience 40x Adena 40x Skill point 10x spoil Game Features Main Town Hunters Village No donation for items Max enchant is +12 for weapons Max enchant is +6 for armors Gm shop is up to S grade Armor ( S grade weapon drop only ) , however you need to farm Special materials to be
  3. http://l2-battle.net join us!! ...::::::::::: INTERLUDE CHRONICLE :::::::::::... ...::::::::::: RATES :::::::::::... � Xp 2000x. � Sp 2000x. � Aden 1x. � Drop 1x. � PartyXp 1x. � PartySp 1x. � Starting level - 76. ...::::::::::: ENCHANT RATES :::::::::::... � Safe enchant (+5). � Enchant Level (+5). � Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+30). � Crystal scrolls max enchant (+35). � Simple enchant scrolls chance - 60%. � Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 90%. � Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100%. ...::::::::::: LIFE STONES :::::::::::... � High Grade LS Chance = 15% � Top Grad
  4. Dear Lineagers, we present new L2-Battle Server. WIPE: 2017-04-09 18:00 GMT+2 http://l2-battle.net ...::::::::::: INTERLUDE CHRONICLE :::::::::::... ...::::::::::: RATES :::::::::::... � Xp 2000x. � Sp 2000x. � Aden 1x. � Drop 1x. � PartyXp 1x. � PartySp 1x. � Starting level - 76. ...::::::::::: ENCHANT RATES :::::::::::... � Safe enchant (+5). � Enchant Level (+5). � Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+30). � Crystal scrolls max enchant (+35). � Simple enchant scrolls chance - 60%. � Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 90%. � Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100
  5. Lineage II Criminal CUSTOM PVP SERVER Rates: •Experience: x5000 •Spexperience: x5000 •Party Experience: x5000 •Party Spexperience: x5000 •Adena: x5000 •Drop Item Karma: x1 Enchant Rates: •Safe 5 Max 20 Normal :70% •Safe 5 Max 20 Blessed: 100% •Safe 5 Max 25 Crystall: 70% Basic Features: •Version:Interlude Custom-PVP •Farm system Easy to medium •NPC Buffer (3H Buffs) & (Unlimited slots) •Captcha Anti Farm System •Anti Heavy System Custom Items: •L2Criminal Armor (Intact Armor) •L2Criminal Weapons (Hero Weapons) •L2Criminal Shield (Intact Shield) •L2Criminal Mask (Intact Mask) Npc:
  7. ❖GRAND OPENING 9/9/2016 18:00 GMT+2❖ ❖ MAIN FEATURES Why you should join? No lag No rolback Easy farm Maley auto and gm events Helpful Staff Maley unique custom features 99% of skills balanced 90% of classes balanced... (daily updates for perfect balance) ❖ General Informations Server Rates Xp Rate x5000 Sp Rate x5000 Adena Drop x5000 Party XP x1 Party SP x1 Drop Rate Item,Weap,Equip - 30%,30%,30% Augmentation Top LS Skill Chance = 20% Enchanting Safe Enchant: +5 for Normal +20 for Blessed Max Enchant: +20 with Crystal +25 Normal: 70%
  8. public Collection<L2PcInstance> getAllgoodPlayers() { return _allgoodPlayers.values(); } public Collection<L2PcInstance> getAllevilPlayers() { return _allevilPlayers.values(); } How can I turn this into an IF statement that checks how many players are on each faction? This is what I have now: if ((goods - evils) >= 2) { player.sendMessage("There are too many players fighting for Blue. Try joining Red."); } This means that if for example there are 10 people on Good and 5 people on Evil: 10 - 5 = 5, which is greater than 2, so force the player to join Evil instea
  9. Dear players, Grand Opening: 2016-07-02 18:00 GMT+2 Chronicle: Interlude (C6) website: http://l2-battle.eu 2016-07-02 18:00 GMT+2!! First I would like to say, that l2-battle.eu project wont leave You easy. No, that wont happen! Server is designed and maintain to ensure, that unexpected wipes wouldn ot occur, but we cant promise 100% online, because of the electricity or ISP problems. It is not rapid though. We allways wanted and still want to be different from other servers, thats why our community is always growing. Rates: » Xp 2000x. » Sp 2000x. » Aden 1x. » Drop 1x. » PartyXp 1x. » Pa
  10. Lineage II Neda ® -= Rates =- Exp: x15 Sp: x15 Drop Rate: x7 Adena Drop Rate: x70% ADENA : x10 SEALSTONE : x5 Spoil: x10 Quest drop x2 Quest reward x2 RB drop: chance x5; quantity x1 // Epic Boss x1 -= Features =- Interlude Server 2h Buffs Spawn Protection - 15 seconds Login Protection -15 seconds Geodata and Pathnode Cursed Weapons Auto Learn Skills Raid boss spawn Retail Olympiad 2 WEEKS Subclass without quest Noblesse full quest or Donatable -= Enchant =- Enchant Rate Retail Maximum: +16 Safe: +3 1 Piece armor + 4 2 Piece's +3 -= NPC's =- GM Shop (UP TO B GRADE)
  11. This server is "Lineage 2 Gracia Final" . Server Features: Rates: 600x Exp, 600x SP, 1x adena ( low adena farming system ) * Custom All-in-One item including Global Gatekeeper / Misc shop / Subclass manager / Class changer etc. in players inventories. * Custom AIO buff item (No more separate aio buffer chars) / 2.5 hours buffs. * No level gap, power leveling is possible. * Auto Pick up. * Soulsystem working. * S84 Vesper Armors. * S84 Vesper Weapons. * Dynasty weapons drop. * Dynasty armors and icarus weapons on craft. * Dynasty weapon dual SA. * New Are
  12. Welcome to the Lineage 2 iFeel: High Rate Custom PvP Server A very well built Interlude java server based on l2jserver last & much more reworked Stable economy, constantly working on achieving the highest level of balance. We plan to launch a server that alot of players asked us since years to do and now we are ready to go for it. L2iFeeL has been created by players for players.We are here to provide a unique gameplayer as most of us wanted to see,please take care of us! We are back,after a long time we are here to announce you the grand opening date 8/1/2016 18:00 GMT +2 Si
  13. Hello members of maxcheaters! The L2Network project, will offer you a pleasant stay! We came to stay, and this project will be near you for a lot of time! We promise that, you will not disappointed about this server. We will do everything possible, for a different gameplay and not like all the other same features. GRAND OPENING: 17/12/2015 18:00 GMT: +2 Website: la2network.eu Forum: la2network.eu/forum # Server rates: RateXp = 8000x. Starting Level 40 [Full A-Grade Equip Items] # Enchant Info: Enchant Safe = +4 Enc
  14. GRAND OPENING TODAY! 19:00 GMT+2 Server Features L2Inspect Interlude features: Rates * Exp - You must kill 1 Exp Mob in order to get level 80. Enchant Rates * Max Enchant +15 * Crystal Enchant +16 * Safe Enchant +5 * Normall Enchant: 75% * Blessed Enchant: 100% * Crystal Enchant: 70%, +16 Life Stone Rate * High Grade Life Stone 11% rate * Top Grade Life Stone 20% rate Custom NPC * Custom Gatekeeper. Teleports you to special areas in the game. * Full Shop with custom buylists too * Full Buffer (70 Buff Slots) * Clan Manager (raise your clan up to level 8 + rep points) * Event NPC
  15. Good morning, I want to transfer my paypal balance into a bank account. I didn't manage to do it with the "withdraw" so I am lokking for someone to transfer the funds and he will send it to me by bank. Thank you in advance
  16. Website: http://www.lineage2prestige.com/ (GIVE US A LIKE) Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2official?ref=hl Forum: http://lineage2prestige.betaboard.net/ ADVERTISE EVENT - http://www.lineage2prestige.com/#!event/c1j7z full features here: http://lineage2com.wix.com/kain#!features/c1x9v A new journey awaits you Join us on 3th of June 2015 New adventures New features New Zones New storyline SERVER BASIC INFORMATIONS All newbies start with level 1 and top no grade items All newbies will experience Premium Rune untill relog Max level 85 XP
  17. The Grand Opening will be on - 05.08.15 at 19:00 GMT+3. Website: http://l2gilsa.com Community: http://l2gilsa.com/forum General Information » Interlude Private Files, additionally developed for increased stability - private extender. Server Rates » EXP/SP/Adena : x250 » Safe Enchant : +3 » Max. Enchant : +16 for Weapons / Armor / Jewels. » Normal Enchant: 40% and Blessed enchant scrolls: 65%. Important Information » Custom teleport around Epics. » Special raid boss summoner & Event Raid. » S grade SA exchanger. » S-Grade weapons / armors / jewels can be bought with Special Materi
  18. The Grand Opening will be at - 18.07.15 at 19:00 GMT+2. Website: http://l2lancer.us Forum: http://l2lancer.us/forum Server Rates: » Xp 2000x. » Sp 2000x. » Aden 2000x. » Drop 1x. » Starting level - 80 With 500kk Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4. » Max enchant +16. » Normal Scrolls Rate(Max Enchant +12): 60% » Blessed Scrolls Rate(Max Enchant +12): 100%. » Crystal Scrolls Rate(Max Enchant +16): 70% Unique features: » No custom items ! » Main town - Giran. » All castles Siegable. » Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants. » More then 7 active raid bosses. »
  19. [Website]: http://l2fabulous.eu [Forum]: http://L2Fabulous.eu/forum/index.php REBORN: 1/8/15 Basic Info Exp : x2000 SP: x2000 Adena: x2000 Drop: 10 Enchant Safe Enchant +4 Maximum Enchant +16 Normal Scrolls Rate(Maximum Enchant +12) : 60% Blessed Scrolls Rate(Maximum Enchant +12) : 100% Crystal Scrolls Rate(Maximum Enchant +16) : 70% Augment Top Life Stone Rate : 20% High Life Stone Rate : 15% Mid Life Stone Rate : 10% Passive Augment Skill 1 -1 Gameplay Interlude No Custom Vote System Easy Farm Start Level 80 Sub Class Level 80 Max Buff Slot 60 B
  20. Hello , first of all I ask apologize for my English . It is not my main language. I played on a server where I was friend of the admin . He once sent me images of a mod to balance the class. Mod Balance Class (Class x Class) I would buy this MOD for Freya (L2J servers last source) Anyone know about this MOD? Does anyone know how create ? Here the pictures http://prntscr.com/3k1m7q http://prntscr.com/3kd2j2 *i cannot post pictures, only links* Payment via PayPal Thanks in advance
  21. WWW.L2Perseus.COM SERVER INFORMATION Chronicle: Interlude Type: Custom Pvp Server Reopened on: 20.02.2015 Global and Auto Events Balanced Classes Professional server DDos protection, no lag Special Features #Unique start up System # New commands that you can use in-game. # DressMe system (read on forum about it) # Pvp zone with auto-flag and nobless. # Special npc's ( see above). # Custom farm zones. # Custom droplist on Raid Bosses. # Main town: Giran. # Special items ( see them in-game). Unique items, give a check in-game. Other & Custom Systems # New character start with 500kk
  22. pack acis hawe to change archer crt dmg now is 6x i wish 3x
  23. L2 Sanctus designed for easy farm and pvp LESS FARM MORE PVP RATES 5000X NON CUSTOM INTERLUDE PVP SERVER 100+ real online players active 24/24 :) Imperial tomb drop: Blessed Scrolls chance to get blessed weapon scrolls 10% chance to get armor blessed scrolls 50% Antharas Lair drop: Lifestones BOGs and Glitterng Medals chance to get Lifestone 10% chance to get BOG 10% chance to get Glittering Medal 1% safe+4 max+16 normal scrolls 66% max+10 blessed scrolls 95% max+10 crystal scrolls 100% max+16 for get crystal scrolls collect L2Day - LINEAGE II Letters or
  24. After 2 MONTHS Online New Season of Lineage 2 Orin is starting now 17/1 12:00am GTM +2, Be There! Our main goal is to build a trusted project, based on class balance. Hello dear reader, in the next couple minutes I will be describing to you Lineage ][ Orin, an Interlude PvP Server if you continue to read this thread. If this is too long for you to read it, i challenge you to join and try the server. The Lineage ][ Orin has some core changes including rates, economy and a lot of inside systems! Now there is more PvP and raiding required to get geared up! XP: x1000 SP :