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REBORN: 1/8/15
  Basic Info
Exp : x2000
SP: x2000
Adena: x2000
Drop: 10
Safe Enchant +4
Maximum Enchant +16
282kh3o.pngNormal Scrolls Rate(Maximum Enchant +12) : 60%
3136ute.jpgBlessed Scrolls Rate(Maximum Enchant +12) : 100%
vh5hyw.pngCrystal Scrolls Rate(Maximum Enchant +16) : 70%
2ilm3gz.png Top Life Stone Rate : 20%
fp9mpw.png High Life Stone Rate : 15%
1zoi6tk.png Mid Life Stone Rate : 10%
 Passive Augment Skill  1 -1
Interlude No Custom
 Vote System 
Easy Farm
Start Level 80
Sub Class Level 80
Max Buff Slot 60
Buff Time 2h
Fully working skills 
Working Clan Halls
Max Subclasses 5 
Max Clans on Alliance 3
Balanced Classes 
Auto Learn Skills 
Auto loot
No grade penalty
No death penalty.
Full Working Wedding 
Paid Geodata + Pathnodes
You need 50 pvps for you can play olympiad matches
Olympiad List updated after every match
Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match
Olympiad Period 1 week [ Every Sunday ] [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 ]
Advanced NPC Buffer with full buffs and counting buff slots
Gm Shop 
Top Manager
Castle Manager
Casino Manager (Only With Vote Items)
Npc Report Manager
 Npc Vote Reward
Clan Manager [ Instantly clan lvl 8  and +1000000 clan rep each time ]
Advanced Server Information NPC with everything inside
PvP Title Colors [ 300 | 500 | 1000 | 1500 | 2000 | 2500 | 3000 ]
Stuckable Lifestones on Inventory
Stuckable Bogs on Inventory
Stuckable Scrolls on Inventory
Farm Zones [safe Zone x1 (Drop : 8 Fabulous Coins & Adena) 
[ Farm Zones x2 (Drops : 10 Fabulous Coins & Adena)
Mass PvP Zone [ x3 Spawns ]
 Raid boss
Party Boss : 30 Minute Respawn
Baium : 2 Hours Respawn
Zaken : 2 Hours Respawn
Antharas : 2 Hours Respawn
Ant Queen : 2 Hours Respawn
Valakas : 2 Hours Respawn
Uruka : 3 Hours Respawn
Skylancer : 3 Hours Respawn
Plague: 3 Hours Respawn
FlameStone: 3 Hours Respawn
[ Drops : Crystal Scrolls, Top Lifestones, Fabulous  Coins, Bogs, ]
  Special & Currency
24q26hi.png Farm Coins
311ujc6.pngEvent Medals
2qtv8g6.pngVote Stones
o9q1om.pngNoblesse Item [ Noblesse with double click ]
302uo8i.pngRec Item [ full recommendations with double click ]
5px6c.png Fabulous Clan Item [ double click give reputation 500 Points]
2cgncp0.pngFabulous Tattoo [ Gives 10% CP/HP/MP ]
    Capture Flag  [.ctfjoin or .ctfleave[ Special event commands]
  Dethmatch [.dmjoin or .dmleave [ Special event commands]
      Team vs team  [.tvtjoin or .tvtleave[ Special event commands]
 Low International ping
     CPU : Intel Xeon E5-1620v2
2x 160GB SSD
1Gbps Connection
Edited by L2Fabulous!
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Hello guys,many of you know L2Fabulous,our old server had 700~ online but due to ddos attacks we had to close it.

Now the one and only L2Fabulous comes back improved and full DDos Protected!

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