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  1. Sorry for disturbance, can some one send me tutorial link please !
  2. Hello GFX designers, i wanna know how you guys can create movie banners how i can make words moving that that,what programs you guys using?? thanks !
  3. your truth which i'm GM right, that's your truth ?
  4. @lolisre Hey bro can you please stop spamming and leave this topic clean you have posted your comment about server and you have no prove at all but let it clean please if you can, thanks bro !
  5. Searched for member to help me in topzone lol what are you talking about ? same skype and photos profile what are you talking about dude ? i have toke the profile pictuer from Strain wow, you who have to stfu and stop spamming !, go rename and open again later dude just grow up you can contact with them and telling them that what a fucking kids !
  6. wow dude you are blind or smth server has been faild because them was having a lot of customs thats why peoples left just give them chance and try it you can join the beta and them you can say what you want ;) , i'm GM ? Thanks a lot :D@MrPro* hahaha you again dude if them failed or them ill fail again but them have Clean patch not like yours just a stupid thife whats a kid are you please stop spamming !
  7. Hello you can check this server its really great one its no-custom www.l2dasparion.net www.l2dasparion.net/forum
  8. lool he is the owner and he was selling items on FB wow, Same to Koza he have +30 rb jewels and he was selling them too as well gj guys !, anyway good luck guys with your server i'm in ;)
  9. Hello bro, server failed because there was a lot of customs them have removed all customs and them have done a lot of things them gived me patch and i have tested it its really good server you should give it a try !
  10. its awesome but i think you need to work on font colors anyway well done ;)
  11. there is server called L2Sintine will open soon its like L2Pirde :)
  12. nice features waiting for grand open, good luck guys !
  13. you think i don't ?! :D lol i'm just getting Posts count ! 3:)