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  1. You need to put back 963 for accessories and dyna parts.
  2. An another fail l2 pride like server. ! MAX ! 40 people on.
  3. Fail servers with fail Admins and GM's.This is all I have to say.Same mobs, same items, same everything.We have like 3 pride-like servers opening and the 2 of them are opening on the same day.Get over it.
  4. Extreme fail.A lot of people are geared with *almost* top items, admin is giving free hero, items etc to whoever asks for those.Server is offline ATM, earlier was online.
  5. First of all is a home server by Turks. Too much lag. Only 1 type of armor and weapons. No protection. Broken NPC's. Fake Online stats and players on website.You can check source code to see. The puzzle of failness. Gj
  6. Extreme fail.L2 Hayze patch is on the download
  7. AEpvp (But High Five Pride like version) and L2Finest (C6 probably) will come back
  8. Server closed, just to inform you :)
  9. This server is complete crap. I have seen people with rykros PKing at CoV and the Sentries are hitting them and they don't die ( There's No other place to farm since they removed cemetery (but the npc's are still there :'D)) Before L2 Prophecy they made a gracia final pride like server but it failed as I can see.So did the c6 server.
  10. yeah and admin/gm's give items to friends kkthxbb