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  1. https://youtu.be/Mg8cMS6PPOg http://l2sky.duckdns.org RATES: EXP: 1000x SP:1000x ADENA: 1000x ENCHANT INFO: Safe: +5 Maximo: +16+20 Enchant normal: 60% Blessed enchant: 100% Crystal enchant: 100% OTHERS INFO: Olympiadas: gmt+2 19:00 as 00:00 Easy Farm AIO SYSTEM Event automaticos: TvT, DM e CTF Sieges: NEW SYSTEM Guardian Nobles no NPC Chaotic zone Custom system/li> Pvp color: 100Pvps, 200Pvps, 400Pvps, 600Pvps, 1000Pvps, 1500Pvps, 2000Pvps, 2500Pvps, 5000Pvps Sub-class free Coin: FARM COIN - CLAN COIN - CLAN REC COIN - REC COIN - AIO COIN - EVENT COIN http://l2sky.duckdns.org
  2. Finally a Global server coming!!! We missed up old servers!! WELCOME BACK l2APPEAL!!
  3. xp : 3000x Sp : 3000x Adena : 3000x Drop : 10x Safe Enchant : +3 Maximum Enchant : +15 Crstall Maximum Enchant:+16 Normal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 70% Blessed Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 100% Crystal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +16) : 40%
  4. you skyp givemi add for Teamviwer show error .?
  5. men me have 2x compiters windows xp 32bit pack no problem windows 7 64bit have problem all item error why ?
  6. not me download you proje acis trons 300 ver download errorr.
  7. l2j acis datapack armor weapon error help me pls. errorr
  8. L2JFrozen Vote reward hopzone topzone GameSites200 l2jBrazil %100 reward system FlagZone Balance Apella armor Balance fixed Gold Weapon Balance fixed No custom Balance fixed Low rate Balance fixed Easy Balance fixed Pet all bug fixed Trader Bug Fixed Geodata-Pathone Fixed MultiArenaZone fixed https://www.facebook.com/pages/L2Troll/607288729331358 (here Me tell .)
  9. http://www.youtube.com/embed/OLJTKw3I8qQ safe +5 Max+12 Crstall max +16 N.scroll rate %70 Blessed Rate %100 Crstall scroll rate %100 interlude 5000x pvp server Gold Weapon Apella armor 2,Farm Zone 1Mass pvp zone 2 Epic boss Vote reward system Hopzone and Topzone. DDos V3 Server Firewall 1gbit Good game. HTTP://L2TROLL.TK
  10. Xp,Sp,Adena 5000x EnchantSafeMaxFull = 5 CrystalEnchantMax = 15 EnchantWeaponMax=12 EnchantArmorMax=12 EnchantJewelryMax=12 N.Scroll rate %70 B.Scroll rate %85 C.Scroll rate %100 L2Troll.tk Vote us