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  1. would this work with gracia final?
  2. boosted the drops and added new farm zone
  3. i will check it thank you, server is online!
  4. its not as hard as pride ofc, we ve boosted the drops
  5. with a little boosted drops + free starter items Everyone is searching for the same pride server, although we are using some custom mods + custom maps :)
  6. Server Website: www.l2rave.com Server's Preview: Grand Opening: 14/10/2017 - 18:00 GMT+3 Server Features Gracia Final ANTI BOT – DDOS PROTECTION Rates: EXP: 9300x. Party XP: 2x. SP: 9300x. Drop: 1x. Max enchant +25. Max Level 95. Basic: GM SHOP Cat Prophet - Buffer Wondrous Cubic - AIO Item Global Teleporter Communityboard Coloured enchants Automatic Events Raidbosses Instances Olympiad Advanced PvP Colour Titles/Names Stats on accessories PvP Skill Master Forbidden Skills Working Epic/PvP Shop Ite