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  1. I am not the dev or owner of server mate so i dont give a damn.The pride like players know the server's tactics.Thanks anyways.
  2. WEBSITE: l2prophecy.com Interlude Custom PvP MAX LEVEL:80 EXP: x5000 SP: x5000 Adena: x6000 Enchants: Enchant +6/7 safe, max +25 after +16 rate decreases Accesories: Accesories with diferent stats Epic GrandBoss! Respawn min 24 Hours Maximum 48 (Random) Custom Armors: Tier1: Titanium Armor - Dread Armor Tier2: Prophecy Armor - Gives Inner fire Skill Tier3: Ryckros Custom Weapons: Tier1: Unique Monster weapons (Halishe and etc) Tier2: Prophecy Weapon - Semi Relic Tier3: Legendery Tier4: Relic Weapons Custom Jewls: Relic Jewls Custom Skills on classes/PvPable classes are also: Sword Muse Hierophant Blade Dancer Bishop And More Olympiad: is 1 weeks, start at 18:00 GMT +3. Only s grades could be accessable at olympiad games! Trade Chat relased Global with 1000 Secret pvp skills at 500,1000,2000,2500,3000,5000,10000,20000 pvps
  3. http://l2prophecy.com/ L2 PRIDE INTERLUDE JOIN US
  4. Server is a bad copy of pride/wargate...Enjoy your server.GL
  5. Dont even try to open this server...You dont even have the proper buffs on aio hahahaha.
  6. http://l2averia.com/ New pride like server with more easy farm and tons of updates join here ;)
  7. I found l2averia.com Is going online in 2 days seems okay... See ya around :D
  8. Looking for custom server gracia final or interlude.Prefered pride like ones.Thanks