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  1. Underworld is the low rate and it is already online. Blackpearl is the high rate and will launch on 01. May 2020.
  2. Launch: 01 May 2020 Website: Dicord: About Lineage 2 Blackpearl Free Private Server is a FREE High Rate Lineage 2 Professional Private Server running latest Prelude of War game mechanics. With retail NPC, Item, Skill and game mechanics, that offers to our players a unique gaming environmnet, access to all in game content without exception, exceptionally good working class skills, class mechanics, game mechanics overall and NO Pay2Win Donations. Everything in game can be obtained without donations. The team is constantly working on development, constant updates, updated geodata, offering our players the Best Lineage 2 Experience. There is No Wipe Ever, - everything in game can be aquired, with no exceptions, by simply playing. Server Version: Prelude of War Rates: XP: x2000 SP: x1000 Drop: x250 Spoil: x500 Adena: x1000 Enchant: Max Enchant: +30 Safe Enchant: +6 Instances: Dimensional Warp Krofin's Nest Command Post Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries Altar of Shilen Messiah's Castle Mystic Tavern and many more... Grand Bosses: Anakim (Lv. 118) Antharas (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.) Baium (Lv. 118) Core Beleth (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.) Fafurion Helios (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.) Kelbim (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.) Lilith (Lv. 118) Lindvior (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.) Queen Ant Ramona (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.) Trasken (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.) Valakas Features: Global Trade and Shout Channel Full Prelude of War Geodata Offline Trade Community Board with: Drop/NPC Search, Forum, Museum, Vote, Quests, Server Rules, Grand Boss status, Event info pages, GM Shop.
  3. Nice engine with many config options. trustfull and skilled.
  4. , Grand Crusade with Lindvior, Helios and more.
  5. 1. Don't work with l2scripts, l2junity or any other new server versions. 2. Website offline 3. No response on skype.
  6. Trusted, skilled, great support, fast and friendly seller. Everytime again :) Recommended 100%
  7. I search a client modder to import same custom items,skills from ertheia client to helios client. pm please :)
  8. Hi, anybody have the Ertheia EU Client? Or anybody know where i can download it?