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  1. Nice engine with many config options. trustfull and skilled.
  2. , Grand Crusade with Lindvior, Helios and more.
  3. 1. Don't work with l2scripts, l2junity or any other new server versions. 2. Website offline 3. No response on skype.
  4. Trusted, skilled, great support, fast and friendly seller. Everytime again :) Recommended 100%
  5. I search a client modder to import same custom items,skills from ertheia client to helios client. pm please :)
  6. Hi, anybody have the Ertheia EU Client? Or anybody know where i can download it?
  7. i need some one who can make a unichat for Ertheia client.
  8. hi _dev_ do u know where i can download ertheia korea client? offi server have now IO but i only need ertheia.