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  1. Hello guys! need some info/help :) how to edit community board? program? pack side files? client side files?
  2. -Mystic Muse 84lvl *Unsealed DC Robe Set (+Sealed +6 Armor, +6 Gloves) *Daimon Staff +8 *Earth Dragon Belt *Water Dragon Pedant +10 *Brooch 3lvl (Sapphire 5lvl, Blue Cat Eye 4lvl, Garnet 3lvl) *Braclet 6lvl (Blessed Talisman of Boarder, Baium Talisman 6, Attack, Deffence Talsimans) *Agathion Braclet 5lvl (Singer & Dancer, Nebula) *Cloak of Darkness *Accsesory STR+1 INT +1 *RB Jewels For 2 More Weeks. *All Dolls lvl 1 *1kkk *126 COL *1,6 GC U can change to any class - 120 COL Almost full boosted account discord: deneba#7603
  3. WTS>ADENA / BOP +9 / TRICKSTER 80 / BD 79 / PRP 79 / SWS 65 / CAT 65 / WC 65 DISCORD deneba#7603
  4. Fully functional I mean not only psd... need be coded too. Forum need will be themed like website.
  5. Hello, I looking for fully functional lineage2 website, forum. I want to know prices and how long it will take to create it. skype: live:.cid.41febea6a849372d Or pm here.