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  1. Do you have all required apps open? Verification emulator, process hook ("start"), and adrenaline?
  2. Same writing/formatting style, same images, "different" new accounts. How did you imagine getting away with this?
  3. It's alright, I got most of it 🙂
  4. 😘

  5. Gabriel offers top notch services. Good communication skills (and a friendly person) Good in-game knowledge Well structured and documented code Fast delivery I'm glad our paths crossed 🙂
  6. Not just SA, I'm afraid. I've been contacted multiple times by clan leaders looking to make money for joining the server.
  7. Greetings Botters! We are happy to announce that the Summer Melons event has started! Collect Nectar, grow watermelons and reap rewards like Enchant Scrolls, Giant's Codex, Forgotten Skill Books, PvP Belts and more! You'll be able to obtain Nectar for three weeks (May 13th - June 2nd). Rewards will be available for 4 weeks (May 16th - June 13th) How to Grow Watermelons Farm Nectars by killing mobs Once you have over 500 Nectars visit Employee of Magic Research Institute and purchase Honey Watermelon Seed Right-click on a seed to spawn a Young Watermelon Grow your Watermelon by targeting it and watering it with Nectar (right-click) Watermelons can only grow so fast, so do not rush it (It will try to tell you if you're doing it too fast) There's a chance that watering might fail, just try again Once a Watermelon was fed enough it will grow into one of three types of Grown Watermelons (rewards chance depends on the this type) Melee-attack the grown Watermelon with a Chrono Weapon (purchasable from a Employee of Magic Research) Once a Watermelon is harvested it will explode and distribute rewards
  8. Welcome to MXC 🙂
  9. Project Kain is launching in less than 4 hours!
  10. I think I've seen this before, I think it was missing license.