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  1. You could try different remote services, like VNC or CRD, but chances are slim here. Clickers and macro software like AHK use the same mouse click emulation method, which is blocked by client protection. I'm not experienced enough in this field to expand on that, just speaking from my experience trying to do it myself :) Let me know if You find something that works! GL
  2. Most client protections block these kind of emulated events.
  3. @Loftheim Calling something "shit" is not constructive criticism. Say You're sorry, that You didn't express Yourself right and move on. @V-Ray I just figured out what do You remind me of... Trump! Kara's "I'm studying quantum physics and medicine and You're too stupid to even comprehend what I'm talking about" (too lazy to look for direct quote) vs. Trump's "<...>OK, very smart, the Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart<...>" Kara's "People messaged me on skype saying how well I did on a forum topic" vs. Trump's "<...>He really wrote a beautiful three-page — I mean right from top to bottom — a really beautiful letter.<...>" I know You'll just start flaming me, but please, consider what multiple people are saying, maybe they are at least a little right? Sometimes? Maybe?
  4. Very interesting concept, thanks for sharing! The HTML needs some work, yes, but it's definitely not "shit"... Great job overall! Upvote from me :)
  5. Chronicle 5 is not ol .... d ... 13 YEARS?!
  6. Someone with some spare money, purchase source from him, and sell "his" source half price. I'm not saying l2-scripts source is good or not overpriced - I'm no expert, but what You're doing is at least a little bit douchey.