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  1. Hello fellow botters and hard-corers alike! Can you believe it our server has been live for 2 months? We thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate with not one, but two events! Brave New World for new Master Accounts and Gift of Vitality for everyone. Starting today, July 16th, these two events went live. If you wanted to try bot friendly server this is a great time to do so! We would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone who gave their precious (summer) time to the project. 2 months and still going strong - that's a great achievement for a new, very niche server. And we know it wouldn't have happened without you! Thank you for your feedback, thank you for your reports, thank you for helping by answering questions and helping new-comers. It warms my ice cold heart to see how much our community has grown! Brave New World All Master Accounts created starting July 1st will receive Master Premium Account until July 31st to help catch up! We are looking forward seeing you in-game :) Gift of Vitality Steve the Vitality wizard you learned to love (or hate) is coming to L2Toggle starting July 16th! Steve is a busy wizard and have to visit many servers, but he promised to stay with us until July 31st. Every char will be able to receive his Vitality Restoring Blessing twice a day (12 hours cooldown).
  2. Doesn't make it any better though :) Wouldn't it be nice if the owners of vote sites (I know he owns some) and popular l2 forums (wink wink) would choose to not advertise scammy servers like that.
  3. I know, You know, they know, but rules are rules ;)
  4. Good luck with the project! P.S. You're missing
  5. Good luck with the server!
  6. Nice work as always! I would have to disagree. I like it. I would add few final touches with spacing and colors, but other than that - great work :)
  7. I might be bias, but I like it so far :)
  8. L2Toggle launches in less than an hour! Join us and receive two weeks of Premium for free!
  9. A growing trend, I'm afraid. My theory is that with growing quantity and quality of shared code, people adjusted their expectations on what should be free.
  10. It's always nice to see content being developed on the forum. Good luck in your endeavour
  11. Lineage 2 Toggle is going live Saturday, May 16th! Together with Alpha Wolves, clan leaders, and experienced players the team behind L2Toggle has been working long and hard to bring you the player experience that you deserve! Come and see for yourself how easy botting can be! We want to thank you for considering our project and as a token of appreciation, all Master Accounts will be Premium for two weeks starting from launch! All characters under Premium Master Account have Premium Account status so you'll be able to enjoy all the bonuses it provides. Meanwhile, the OBT server is open and waiting for testers.