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  1. Try downloading and extracting again. If that doesn't help, You can download that file straight from repository. H5. And most likely detected on 99% of the servers because it is so old :)
  2. Most of "L2 websites" shared here has a ranking page to some extent. If I were You (especially if You want to implement it into current portal) I would look into shares and start playing with their code. Otherwise be ready to pay a web dev.
  3. {RU] lol [ENG] Well it's possible to understand most of it, if You really try :D
  4. Working download as of June 27th 2018
  5. I know this was discussed before, but I still strongly believe it should be skill-shots only, because You can't improve much in this game other then Your pickup and hiding skills. With skill-shots You'd need to aim a bit :) Tried it yesterday, works fast and without hiccups - looks like a promising project
  6. He mentioned that with more people there will be more modes/maps.
  7. Top is either lake under Parnassus, or entrance Eva's. Can't check right now. Left is Wall of Argos
  8. \L2Net\L2NET.exe -gameserverport:9988 -overidegameserver
  9. From commands.txt file: -overidegameserver enables the gameserver overide -gameserverip ip address of gameserver -gameserverport port of gameserver
  10. Hey, create a shortcut to l2net.exe and in target field You can write arguments from commands.txt file. In Your case You should use arguments -d: data login port or if You need change listening port -x: data IG local listen port So target might look like this "C:\PATH TO\L2Net\L2Net.exe -d:7777" To find more useful arguments see commands.txt file.