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  1. i doubt if you searched the forum and how old the posts/topics are...and the explanation why the old forum is up (use translate) anyway i dont care if you laugh or not... some people have memory about this forum.
  2. Wake up people just stop play l2tales aka avoukatos aka fail java server, the funny think is you just took the domain name and you destroyed on of biggest legendary Server name in lineage history . You can ban members in your forum when we posting the real proves but you cant here . For the old players and new ones here the old forum of l2elixir : http://world-of-l2.com/fora/index.php And here the real MR Jack who talks about this fake shit : http://world-of-l2.com/fora/index.php/topic,27128.0.html (you can translate it from Greek to English) . Many kisse
  3. WTB Adena on Core 7,5euro per bil. send me message (only with this price)
  4. Awesome support to complete and receive the order ! Fast and Instant ! I recommending for sure !!
  5. Hello, I am Selling Feoh Archmage Male ,more Info : Char Info ---------------------------- Main Class : Feoh Arch 99 lvl 11% Dual Class : Aeore Cardinal 96 lvl 35% 1st Sub : WarCryer 80 lvl 2nd Sub : SPH 80 lvl ---------------------------- Noble Status ---------------------------- Equipment Premium Account : 8 Days remain Talisman - Anihilation Agathion Anakim : 15 Days remain x3 Dyes LVL 5 INT 10 AP points x4 +6 Skills Brooch x5 slot : Emerald lvl 1 , Cats lvl 1, Diamond lvl 1 Paulinas Twilight R grade Set + weapon + Jewels for 22 days remain Paulina
  6. Trusted Seller +1 , Fast services !!
  7. First means: the olympiad will be open for 6 hours the second: used to add nobless points to the player the third: validation period: when the olympiad points will be added to the player, and the ranking
  8. You should change the stucksub option at the gameserver configuration, there may be an option that allows stucksub, it says something like: KeepSkillsOnSub try to search something Like that(not the same) on the gameserver options.
  9. xD Sorry :p uhm i have that file, how can i send it to you?
  10. Thanks! :) Can you tell me the path to locate that pls? :/
  11. Hi, does anyone know how to remove the pack name while entering the server? It is automatic and I don't remember how to disable it
  12. This is the weapongrp: 0 9800 1 1 7 10 0 MrFreedom_Rapier.MrFreedom_Rapier Avengers_Dynasty_wpTEX.dynasty_rapier_t00 Avengers_Dynasty_wpTEX.weapon_dynasty_rapier_i00 -1 1300 51 1 0 14 1 1 MrFreedom_Rapier.MrFreedom_Rapier 1 Avengers_Dynasty_wpTEX.dynasty_rapier_t00 4 ItemSound.sword_mid_1 ItemSound.sword_big_3 ItemSound.sword_great_3 ItemSound.public_sword_shing_4 ItemSound.itemdrop_sword ItemSound.itemequip_sword 10 278 140 1 5 12 0 0 0 0 433 0 1 1 1000 0 -1 0 LineageEffect.c_u004 0.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 1.00000000 1.29999995 LineageWeapons.rangesample 2.20000005 1.70000005 1.700
  13. Hi, I was searching for Dynasty Weapons, I downloaded some, but the systexures are wrong or I don't know, they don't work The weapons are correctly installed in the database and all files in the gameserver, but they look white and with no texture.. If anybody has some complete Dynasty Weapons with all the files, I would like to have it, thanks! (My pack is L2jFrozen (Interlude))