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  1. Correct query for new mysql version, update please if you use last revision of mysql server Full rework Priest of Down/Dusk teleportation list and locations (offlike) Added parameters, which for some reason was lost. items like Apprentice Adventurer's Staff and etc can't be used with PK 1 or more Rework Festival Teleporter Escape for all SQL querys Move to config limit stats for hennas Correct quest Into The Flame Random ResawpnRnd for Epic Bosses moved to minutes ! BE ATTENTIVE AND MULTIPLE AN OLD VALUE BY * 60 Correct custom hero remove Weapon #767 Correction for syntax parser for stats_custom_mod.xml Opportunity to charge for participation in the Olympiad #782 Audit for Manor Seeds Added the ability to display the level of mobs from the server side Added the ability to give a lot of items and chance to the winner the oly match When add to trade list augmented item, we also write the skill level Correct reuse for skill id 3156, 3157 Drop and Trade for Augmented items is separated! DO NOT FORGET TURN ON IT IF YOU ARE BEFORE USE AlowDropAugmented True Correct Chimera Piece collisions Change example for item_fake_appearance.xml Correction count of Minions and Agro range for some Mobs Correct agro range for npc id 21352 21356 21359 Cosmetic for hopzone/topzone/l2top Add lost minions for Enmity Ghost Ramdal https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-5092-dev-svn.1582/
  2. The formula for calculating summons stats has been completely reworked, verified and fully corresponds to the official server. After processing the formula for calculating stats for Summonos, I forgot to move the stats from PTS data. So data moved Buff Immunity block self buff use too Corrections for HopZone TopZone Added multireward and chance for HopZone/TopZone Add custom Mana drug Correction of over load items Clean non used parameters for BBS and Custom BBS Correct for item_fake_appearance Correct of spawn treasure boxs and correct respawn time, Goddard area One more correction for Test Of Champion Correct RunSpd for some Raids Correct collision height and radius for some Raids Config Add clan reputation on hero status gain Correct add skill Seal of Ruler if change config MinClanLevelForSiegeRegistration Correct Test of the Maestro, now spawn King Bugbear Config for limites and lil rework Command Channel Rework .repair, remove hardcode, move to SQL procedure. DO NOT FORGET EXECUTE SQL FILE repair_lip.sql Charges and Toggle on Olympiad stadium teleport not removed Add config for remove Force Charge Buffs on oly statium Write at Auction Broker the level of augmentation skill remove non used parameters for skill Lil correct quests Miners Favor, Secret Meeting With Ketra Orcs Config on the division of the drop blue and red Сhampions Ups, return function pAtkSpd multiplayers for Characters Fix NPE for Champion Drop Add logging for services Impl removeItem from services logging Ups, correct Command Chennel partyes limit Correction for quest Ominous News https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-4966-dev-svn.1578/
  3. Added class balance system for manual editing of power and protection of certain classes Added service when using a single item, you can change the view of the entire set. Soon will add Guide Config Add clan reputation on hero status gain Correct add skill Seal of Ruler if change config MinClanLevelForSiegeRegistration Config party count limit in Command Channel for entry to Frintezza Correct collision height and radius for some Raids Correct RunSpd for some Raids One more correction for Test Of Champion Correct of spawn treasure boxs and correct respawn time, Goddard area Add config DropOnlyTheseItemsId Correct DropEvent, added tenths and hundredths in percent chance drop Correct reward for Path of the Elven Oracle Correct MoveSpeed display for mobs Correction of incorrect displayed speed of movement, if your basic stat began to increase Correction for Hunt of the Black Lion Add possibility disable SSQ Validation message send Correct mAtk for items ID 197, 198, 199, 200, 7716, 7717, 7718, 4876, 4877, 4878, 4882, 4883, 4884, 4879, 4880, 4881 Added mining locations of Aura Flash Config for skill reuse remove for Oly Invulnerability skill correction, buffs do not pass as well as debuffs Shield formula move Remove useless CofferOfShadowsRewardRate Correct reward for quest Testimony Of Prosperity BBS Memo Manage correct Add config for minimal level clan for siege registration Correct quest Path To Orc Raider Correct quest Chains of Slavery drop chance Unhardcode Epic Bosses from BossStatusService Correct ForbiddenCharName config, now ignore case Rework L2Top delivery items to player Added the config to disable Baium raid Taking part of the oly points if the player has ceased to be suitable for the conditions Add price modificator for NPC Shop Add config for show effect result every next success Added the ability to add many rewards and chance for PvP/Pk reward services Fix bug with restore MP after craft in duel Add lost minions for Archangel Iconoclasis https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-4783-dev-svn.1571/
  4. The list will be constantly updated in process of receipts Direct link: https://lucera2.ru/forums/en-update-list.37/ Update Rev. 1748-1704 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1684-1611 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1584-1422 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1224-1008 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1224-1008 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 733-688 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 573-380 (Dev SVN) Achievements system Update Rev. 340-270 (Dev SVN)