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  1. Custom clan statistics and accrual of awards. DO NOT FORGET RUN SQL FILE! Path: /sql/updates/clan_data.sql Implement Top clan statistic Rework MCrit Chance formula Add ability to block "cheat" PvP counter if the IP/HWID of the killer and the victim are the same Add config for display learning/enchant skills regardless of class teacher Fully implemented Territory Manager subsystem Fix parser and holder for stat modifer Correct agro range for Gigantic Chaos Golem Added additional check for the quest Arrogant Search Make apply half of time on servitor from herb CRP awards for the siege move to configs Added the ability to sell hero in several ways Add more params for zones cosmetic for baium Move new get items metod Rework quest Electrifying Recharge Rework quest Devil's Legacy Correct Sprigant's Fruit item and buff Correct Crystal of Elements Rework quest The Coming Darkness Add utils for quests One more rework for Manor Cosmetic for PvPEvents Add GMSpeed limit config Redesign of the Colosseum pvp zone Correction of return to the combat zone at PvPEvent One more correction for Repent Your Sins One more fix for Crop Buy Fix crop sell Quest Repent Your Sins is not available to players on 80 lvl Add lost Rune Territory Manager Correct reward for Kamael - A Window To the Future GM can watch drop on any level One more correction for Herb apply Correct minions count for some Raids one more cosmetic for mod stats Correction of validation installation for sale for manor Add clan params for AnnounceRaidKill https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-5682-dev-svn.1621/
  2. Fully fixed issue with Four Sepulchers. Now with the passage of the chests appear normally Added raid boss kill announcement system Add Pvp/Pk reward zone https://bit.ly/2MbcyWO Added protection for disconnected players in NoCarrier mode. In the period NoCarrier becomes invulnerable to attacks and debuffs. Added conditions under which invlnerability will not be imposed in the mode NoCarrier. Reworked formula for evas and accuracy and related edits for AI. (full off-like) Add new skill target - TARGET_ALLY_AND_PARTY Added a custom NPC for the convenience of working with Multiprof. Soon I will write a guide on multipof. Correct quest items for group Arrogant Search of passage Move from PTS quest The Harvest Grounds Safe Move from PTS quest The Other Side Of Truth Move quest A Game of Cards from PTS Move quest form PTS Seductive Whispers Move from PTS quest Defeat The Elrokian Raiders Added config for the ability to disable multisell debug Full rewrite quest The Clans Reputation by PTS Interlude Add Multiprof NPC and guide https://bit.ly/2EERPV8 Add parameter transformDespawnTime for transformOnDead. Correct multisell bypass to SA Remove from Weapon Add more parameters for PvPZoneReward New parser for zones Added the ability to send when a player dies in the desired city or coordinate Add Rune of Feather of Blessing https://l2wiki.com/Feather_of_Blessing Additional reuse delay parameter for ResetLevel service #802 Refinement of the NPC for MultiJob #804 Correct bypass for newbiehelper Correction for Phantoms and one more rework for Baium quest Add audit for Achievement #803 Return the old method of spawn chests after killing the RB on the quest Fates Whisper. Now it is not necessary to have a quest that the chests appear. Not according to the office, but it will be easier for the players. New method removed https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-5562-dev-svn.1605/
  3. Full rework quest Arrogant Search moved from PTS server Add lost dialogs Correct quest items for group Arrogant Search of passage Add utils for quest Full rewrite quest Fates Whisper from PTS and add localization Remove old AI for Fates Whisper NPC. DO NOT FORGET UPDATE id 25035,25054,25126,25220 Fixed a bug when a boss was killed before the restart and no respawn was added to it The code was cleared from the raid bosses, moved to a logical system and reworked Reworked quest FatesWhisper Individualize prices for color and title color change. DO NOT FORGET CHANGE CONFIG! Fixed bug in PvPEvent with setting value kill count check Change Range for Four Sepulcher Grave NPC Remove old config AltMaxAllySize Option for DropEvent, items will be distributed to the whole party, and not just to the one who killed the mob. Config for Limit the number of alliances in the clan moved to clan.properties Do not forget to move and indicate your value if it was less than or greater than 3. Add mul parameter for Rune items - EnchantBonusMultiplier and add new Rune for example one more correction for Item Auctioner Item Auctionre: forbidden to put up for sale quest items/currency (if set PawnShopMinGrade=NONE and any type) Display the number of items on sale if it is more than one Add Players inside limit zone. How to work https://bit.ly/2YYG0l3 Cosmetic for Item Auctioner lil correction for appearing Add Forbidden config for ItemAppearance service Add parameter for lock appearence item service (second window choice) if set <set name="augmentable" value="false"/> For other items removed by uselessness. Added a separator between level and title for ServerSideMonsterTitleLvl Implemented detailed statistics on the players in the admin panel (//admin > Chars > Online Stats) PvP Event: Remove negative effects on revive Rework listeners Add audit for Appearance Stone Add lost HTML for Festival Guide Correction of saving data in database for the seven_signs_festival Correction of dialogs for Festival Guide (off-like) and some fixes Lil rework statistic for SSQ https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-5431-dev-svn.1596/
  4. The list will be constantly updated in process of receipts Direct link: https://lucera2.ru/forums/en-update-list.37/ Update Rev. 1748-1704 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1684-1611 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1584-1422 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1224-1008 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1224-1008 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 733-688 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 573-380 (Dev SVN) Achievements system Update Rev. 340-270 (Dev SVN)