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  1. Mother of god :D You do not treat the product to make it better. Don't make people laugh. And your list its total sh1t - any one can check it at test server https://lucera2.ru/threads/testovyj-server-test-server.1074/
  2. you make something incorrect like here: LastVoteDB.java private static final String CREATE_TABLE_QUERY = "" + "CREATE TABLE `l2nw_vote_log` (" + " `account` varchar(30) NOT NULL ," + " `last_vote` int NOT NULL ," + " PRIMARY KEY (`char_id`)" + ");"; How it possible :D PRIMARY KEY (`char_id`)" and anyway i add that
  3. Not a full, but anyway https://yadi.sk/d/Aff__xnxuUrr8A and https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2668-legacy-website/ maybe they up it soon
  4. Heya, the link is no longer available. Can you upload it again or throw me in private, I will place on hosting backup. Thx
  5. I do not see any reason for this, at obfuscation lost about 10 % of productivity + lost the opportunity to work with API. But I'm not afraid of such decompilations, it's usually garbage for those who do not understand what a decompiler is. And by the way, this decompilation was done not by the author of the trid, but by the person froummaxi - MeRDox: link on decomile sell ORIGINAL thread https://forummaxi.ru/topic/81494-продам-исходник-interlude/ Author of therad has bought or received from this source and assures that this is his decompile "work"
  6. Lol what ? Any proofs ? lies like what lol :D if you said abot me probably you had no more than 100 people online
  7. that is decompile, any one can make it - that is not work. Work it when you write this code and understand how it works and also you can edit and expand these subsystems/systems
  8. 1. You either can not verify that everything is working correctly. 2. Byte Code can not be physically the same after decompilation.
  9. You probably do not understand that the code that, after decompilation, will very much differ from the original one both by the overall structure and by the performance itself for obvious reasons. If you do not know , you can use Google To work with the code it is possible and without curve decompile - https://lucera2.ru/threads/how-to-add-your-quests-or-subsystems-to-an-assembly.1406/
  10. Source code was no leak and it was not being sold. And the fact that the archive is a banal decompile Proof: Original code > Archive "code"
  11. La2dream based on lucera1.7 but with a lot of reworks like AI/GeoEngine/Network
  12. Maybe you have any proof ? You log not even on the test server. Btw we have Brazilian and from Netherlands. its firs your Bla bla. Second - All who passed from the acis became happy as children from happiness. You can check it too - Test server and all info The third - All versions of the Lucera (1, 1.7, 2) founded by the Russians and we are Original Lucera 2 - not a fork, most forks based on Lucera 1.7 ! Shit, you are a racist. And believe me, our specialists are much bigger and better than in France.