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  1. https://lucera2.ru/threads/novyj-produkt-interlude-na-baze-igrovogo-klienta-classic-secret-of-empire.1649 Dear customers and guests of the lucera2 project! A huge number of project have already appreciated the high level of our product and the scrupulous approach to the implementation of all systems as well as the overall support and we do not want to rest on our laurels and want to announce the implementation of the new Interlude project, a logical continuation based on the new Classic: Secret of Empire game client. These are not fake "Remasterd" and chronicles "higher" implementations based on the outdated Gracia Final client, but really a complete content implementation based on the latest game client! Overview and implementation process: At the moment, the development process is coming close to the final. Everything that is needed in the Interlude content is implemented - a common world, locations, skills and their correspondence, locations let's like Rune which removed from the classic client. At this stage, work remained with the transfer of components of the game client - quests, NPCs, some items, skills, their description and conditions of use, and will be resolved in the coming days. The distribution model remains completely unchanged from the Interlude branch and in detail: * The cost of the product is 120 USD and is lifetime. Monthly payment implies access to updates and those. support and is optional - 20 usd. * Detailed information will be supplemented from the launch of the test server EN Section * Minimum requirements from the server, software and from the administrator EN Section Answers on questions: Q. When will the test be? A. When we finish work to the point that it can be opened in public. Within a month, we think so. Q. Will content be mixed with Classic? A. In general native Interlude content but all Classic chips will be optional Q. Do you have a super VIP subscription? A. No we have one repository and the development process is absolutely common for all customers, we don’t separate them in any way on a financial basis. Our task is to maximize the implementation of content and fully support projects when implementing a game server
  2. Java 12 support. Add New libraries. Add new clan restricted zone - https://bitly.su/m05eRdx Fixed command functionality in game chat /run /walk Fixed command functionality in game chat /sit /stand Fixed a problem with the disappearance of the corpses of mobs. A rare problem, but not very nice Fix visual bug with RunSpd calc #888 Rewrite quest Kamael a Window to the Future. who does not display the video, do not forget to add files to game client \textures\ 2 files https://yadi.sk/d/1A50iYcfrWSc4 Add removeEffects zone https://lucera2.ru/threads/how-to-create-remove-buff-zone.1636/ Improved Balanced AI Move manor list from PTS #896 Correct collision for RB Tirak lil correct manor parser Scar can equip only male Cosmetic for manor parser Fix npe with OlyRestrictedSkillIds params Move from PTS quest Black Lion Hunt quest Updates libs for auth config for the ability to disable heroic skills for Custom Hero. DO NOT FORGET ADD AltAllowCustomHeroSkills CONFIG AND ENABLE IF NEED! BY DEFAULT TURN OFF HERO SKILLS FOR CUSTOM HERO! #897 Fixed a problem with hero skills. Now correctly added and deleted at the end or beginning of the period of hero The ability to prohibit and remove toggle skills at the Olymp for config OlyRestrictedSkillIds. Fixed bug in walking NPCs when they sent text to chat twice Limits for the maximum number of slots ExpandCWH for the service are added. DO NOT SET MORE THAN 100 Correction of the number of slots for clan warehouse. Do not forget to execute the file sql/updates/21.08.2019_clan_data.sql #861 Config for disable Feather_of_Blessing rune #895 Move from PTS quest Subjugation of Lizardmen Add RU localization for quests Magnificent Feast and Bring Out The Flavor Of Ingredients Remove non-use htmls Move form PTS quest Whisper Of Dreams 2 Ups, lil correct for quest The Clans Prestige Remove non used quest dialogs Add RU localization for A Grand Plan For Taming Wild Beasts Move from PTS The Clans Prestige Minion count for Daimon the White-Eyed Remove non-used quest dialogs Add RU localization for quests Slay TheEnemy Commander, Magical Power of Fire 1, Magical Power of Fire 2, Gather The Flames, Clean Up The Swamp Of Screams, In The Forgotten Village, In Search of Dimensional Fragments Remove old quest dialog Add more phrases for phantons More messages for zones Added messages for zones that restrict entry to them with certain parameters Lil correct admin command //escape_party Cosmetic for chat commands Code clean and some corrections for quests Cosmetic for Grade Penalty Rework and ability to disable the Grade Penalty Move from PTS quest Legacy Of Insolence Localization for Slay The Enemy Commander, Magical Power of Water 1, Magical Power of Water 2, Alliance With Varka Silenos Localization for quest Prove Your Courage Move SQL from player to Hennas DAO Lil rework start/Stop all tasks The normal implementation of a series of prohibitions for multisells Add display id for Passive Nobless One more correction for 31079_gnosis.htm Move from PTS full quest Dig Up The Sea Of Spores lil correct SSQ Teleport cost #893 Correct collision for Red Flag #891 Move from PTS quest Enhance Your Weapon Correct some admin teleports #890 Add drop for raids Carnamakos and Gigantic Chaos Golem #889 Added logging for quests. Added config for the ability to disable all kinds of logs. Move from PTS quest Black Swan. Remove old data for quest Summon skills now summon to the summoning point without a spread of coordinates #886 Added the ability to get top clan statistics via bypass "bypass -h scripts_services.TopClanService:topClans" #864 Correct quest Possessor Of a Precious Soul 1. Added forgotten part in the quest with Blacksmith Noel Correct spawn points for Fafurion's Envoy Pingolpin #884 Correct minions count for Ghost Knight Kabed Correct Provoke skill Lil correction for Adventure Bosses Correct admin teleport to Raid Apepi #881 Add drop for Nellis' Vengeful Spirit and for Rayito the Looter #882 Correct minion count for Tiger Hornet #880 Rework Venomous Poison skill #879 Correct radius and collision for id="20966" name="Black Shadow" Cosmetic for Raid statistic https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-5988-dev-svn.1647
  3. Quests for the third profession is party. You can drop items in the party without a quest for players who have quest Added No Party zone. Example: https://lucera2.ru/threads/how-to-enable-party-restricted-zone.1623/ Added additional .rb .raid command to additionally display statistics on raids from configs Config for Antharas and Valakas announce the entrance, waking up and falling asleep Add new command //escape_party Correct radius and collision for id="20966" name="Black Shadow" Fixed command functionality in game chat /run /walk Fixed command functionality in game chat /sit /stand Cosmetic for Raid statistic Add the item of giving the status of a nobles Kamael Window to Future can be rated Quest Possessor Of a Precious Soul 3 is party Clean non-used params for Hex and Power Break Rework quest Aiding the Floran Village Move AI from PTS for Hot Springs mobs Correct check on the number of slots and the weight of items when buying through multisell Remove non-use HTMLs Add localization for Trial Of Challenger additional condition for Custom Dispel system on oly Localization for Warwith Varka Silenos Cosmetic for PvP Event Move from PTS quests PossessorOfaPreciousSoul1,PossessorOfaPreciousSoul2,PossessorOfaPreciousSoul3,PossessorOfaPreciousSoul4 Move from PTS Secret Buried In The Swamp Add custom.properties Add custom dispel buff system. Soon will add guide on forum Reowrk Resurrection Of An Old Manager quest Up chance for pain fabric Arrogant Search Move quest Hidden Truth from PTS and fix Ghost of von Hellmann's Page Rework quest Shards Of Golem Rework Red Eyed Invaders quest One more correction for store clan points https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-5682-dev-svn.1634/
  4. Custom clan statistics and accrual of awards. DO NOT FORGET RUN SQL FILE! Path: /sql/updates/clan_data.sql Implement Top clan statistic Rework MCrit Chance formula Add ability to block "cheat" PvP counter if the IP/HWID of the killer and the victim are the same Add config for display learning/enchant skills regardless of class teacher Fully implemented Territory Manager subsystem Fix parser and holder for stat modifer Correct agro range for Gigantic Chaos Golem Added additional check for the quest Arrogant Search Make apply half of time on servitor from herb CRP awards for the siege move to configs Added the ability to sell hero in several ways Add more params for zones cosmetic for baium Move new get items metod Rework quest Electrifying Recharge Rework quest Devil's Legacy Correct Sprigant's Fruit item and buff Correct Crystal of Elements Rework quest The Coming Darkness Add utils for quests One more rework for Manor Cosmetic for PvPEvents Add GMSpeed limit config Redesign of the Colosseum pvp zone Correction of return to the combat zone at PvPEvent One more correction for Repent Your Sins One more fix for Crop Buy Fix crop sell Quest Repent Your Sins is not available to players on 80 lvl Add lost Rune Territory Manager Correct reward for Kamael - A Window To the Future GM can watch drop on any level One more correction for Herb apply Correct minions count for some Raids one more cosmetic for mod stats Correction of validation installation for sale for manor Add clan params for AnnounceRaidKill https://lucera2.ru/threads/update-rev-5682-dev-svn.1621/
  5. The list will be constantly updated in process of receipts Direct link: https://lucera2.ru/forums/en-update-list.37/ Update Rev. 1748-1704 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1684-1611 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1584-1422 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1224-1008 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 1224-1008 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 733-688 (Dev SVN) Update Rev. 573-380 (Dev SVN) Achievements system Update Rev. 340-270 (Dev SVN)