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  1. Fixed issue of giving Dimensional Diamond on 2n prof quests (Important update) Fix exploit with direct bypass from BBSMemo (Important update) Add config for additional reward on Hero Gain. NOT for custom! Optimization by sending information about char Hero story now works as it should Config for abort Auto attack on Weapon change No rate adena for quest Kamael A Window To TheFuture Correct AI for Acting range Rewritten bypass processor One more correct for Drop List preview Fix merge sql script More readable colors for drop Added ability to allow dispell Dance Songs fro
  2. Dear clients and guests of the project. The Classic server is absolutely completely ready for launch for players and has passed all the tests with the best results. Update list: Impl Daily Quests system Correct Dispell skills if it enchanted Correct OlympiadSpelledInfo Correct ACP html Impl New Second Auth password system Add EcnhantClose packets Fix code messages ID on fail login Fix system messages with enchanted skills Fix EU login report Correct Agit map Separate quest inventory and base inventory slots Merge from IT branch
  4. If you can explain some extra pure magic, you can come to test server and check it by self. You are Welcome.
  5. Greeting dear customers and guests of Lucera2! We present you a new product based on the Classic game client, a new branch - Lucera 2 Classic Connect to the server you need to download a game client. Login server setup on auto registration, admin rights in game by default . Or you can use a patch specifying the l2.ini Connect to address All major/minor subsystems operate in a proper view. Absolutely ready to combat the server. From what remains - to sharpen the skills, which will be ready within a week (on the classic client it is not at all) https://l
  6. Dear customers and guests of the lucera2 project! A huge number of project have already appreciated the high level of our product and the scrupulous approach to the implementation of all systems as well as the overall support and we do not want to rest on our laurels and want to announce the implementation of the new Interlude project, a logical continuation based on the new Classic: Secret of Empire game client. These are not fake "Remasterd" and chronicles "higher" impleme
  7. Java 12 support. Add New libraries. Add new clan restricted zone - Fixed command functionality in game chat /run /walk Fixed command functionality in game chat /sit /stand Fixed a problem with the disappearance of the corpses of mobs. A rare problem, but not very nice Fix visual bug with RunSpd calc #888 Rewrite quest Kamael a Window to the Future. who does not display the video, do not forget to add files to game client \textures\ 2 files Add removeEffects zone
  8. Quests for the third profession is party. You can drop items in the party without a quest for players who have quest Added No Party zone. Example: Added additional .rb .raid command to additionally display statistics on raids from configs Config for Antharas and Valakas announce the entrance, waking up and falling asleep Add new command //escape_party Correct radius and collision for id="20966" name="Black Shadow" Fixed command functionality in game chat /run /walk Fixed command functionalit
  9. Custom clan statistics and accrual of awards. DO NOT FORGET RUN SQL FILE! Path: /sql/updates/clan_data.sql Implement Top clan statistic Rework MCrit Chance formula Add ability to block "cheat" PvP counter if the IP/HWID of the killer and the victim are the same Add config for display learning/enchant skills regardless of class teacher Fully implemented Territory Manager subsystem Fix parser and holder for stat modifer Correct agro range for Gigantic Chaos Golem Added additional check for the quest Arrogant Search Make apply half of time on servitor from herb CRP awards for
  10. Fully fixed issue with Four Sepulchers. Now with the passage of the chests appear normally Added raid boss kill announcement system Add Pvp/Pk reward zone Added protection for disconnected players in NoCarrier mode. In the period NoCarrier becomes invulnerable to attacks and debuffs. Added conditions under which invlnerability will not be imposed in the mode NoCarrier. Reworked formula for evas and accuracy and related edits for AI. (full off-like) Add new skill target - TARGET_ALLY_AND_PARTY Added a custom NPC for the convenience of working with Multiprof
  11. Full rework quest Arrogant Search moved from PTS server Add lost dialogs Correct quest items for group Arrogant Search of passage Add utils for quest Full rewrite quest Fates Whisper from PTS and add localization Remove old AI for Fates Whisper NPC. DO NOT FORGET UPDATE id 25035,25054,25126,25220 Fixed a bug when a boss was killed before the restart and no respawn was added to it The code was cleared from the raid bosses, moved to a logical system and reworked Reworked quest FatesWhisper Individualize prices for color and title color change. DO NOT FORGET CHANGE CONFIG! Fix
  12. Correct query for new mysql version, update please if you use last revision of mysql server Full rework Priest of Down/Dusk teleportation list and locations (offlike) Added parameters, which for some reason was lost. items like Apprentice Adventurer's Staff and etc can't be used with PK 1 or more Rework Festival Teleporter Escape for all SQL querys Move to config limit stats for hennas Correct quest Into The Flame Random ResawpnRnd for Epic Bosses moved to minutes ! BE ATTENTIVE AND MULTIPLE AN OLD VALUE BY * 60 Correct custom hero remove Weapon #767 Correction for syntax par
  13. The formula for calculating summons stats has been completely reworked, verified and fully corresponds to the official server. After processing the formula for calculating stats for Summonos, I forgot to move the stats from PTS data. So data moved Buff Immunity block self buff use too Corrections for HopZone TopZone Added multireward and chance for HopZone/TopZone Add custom Mana drug Correction of over load items Clean non used parameters for BBS and Custom BBS Correct for item_fake_appearance Correct of spawn treasure boxs and correct respawn time, Goddard area One more c