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  1. I am going to warn everyone you contact people and flame them as scammers for no god damn reason. "Let them decide" as is.
  2. Come back claiming you are scammed when someone does actually scam you. Not to mention you have to do it any place other than the topic of sources who never dealt with you.
  3. Any proof? The only thing your screenshot is showing is that we never agreed on your terms. Time to move out of our topic:) It had already been stated we do not accept nonbulk orders. Yet you come and complain.
  4. As title says. WTS Any class lvl 56, upon demand. PM me or discord : Hellscreams#2801
  5. According to the title; selling 20B Core - 2 Euro per, 100B Naia - 2,8 Euro per. Stock is final and the prices are non negotiable. SEPA Bank transfer within EU region or PayPal. Discord : Hellscreams#2801 P.S. I am not selling small amounts, PM me for bulk (20+) B purchases only.