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  1. I used many times MDM.... And after that he started to scam people... So now I don't know what else is better to use... But yes in future I will pm to one of MDM before transaction
  2. hi get scammed by member UNLEASHTHEBEAST - MaxCheaters.com | Lineage 2 Development Marketplace Bots and Cheats unde rim posting screens i hide my name etc . if needed can send to the admin https://imageupload.io/g/MBzBl1yLgj
  3. Is depends... Sometimes his soon /today/in 15 min is one week long sometimes one day.... A man is not able to send money back, you have to wait or report here maybe will be faster, all what I can say is looong... All is rly looong with him.
  4. Is going good after report it went little a bit faster. Now waiting for last part of money.
  5. hallo. i have one loong transaction with "trusted" member. @eatmydust i ordered bunch of adena on one of the server, and it was ok at beginning now we cant dont the transaction . in short at 12.06 i ordered first adena than after succesfully transaction i orderen much more hedelivered only some part than started to be in trouble (lose supplier -) and since 15.06 -16.06 i hear only that he will do the refund today afternoon or tomorrow since 3 weeks . he still owe me adena or euro all time is changing mind . i understand the bad time in servers bcs of summer but it should be too long . i post here some screens of chat if need more i can give acces to my discord account https://ibb.co/3pXnN1b https://ibb.co/8DSMs9h https://ibb.co/BcYftFw https://ibb.co/hRm3xc6 https://ibb.co/yfbHXN2 https://ibb.co/PTpdR4w https://ibb.co/QKHBzv7 https://ibb.co/ftjP0S0 https://ibb.co/xSPqX9w https://ibb.co/94Vxm1B https://ibb.co/GQptgZ1 https://ibb.co/Y3gXhjH https://ibb.co/2Y2bK6L https://ibb.co/GPTB8mz https://ibb.co/KGpZFNM https://ibb.co/9252pFT https://ibb.co/7YNMfs0 https://ibb.co/pWS3vY2 https://ibb.co/2g8sM7F https://ibb.co/HVd1zzD
  6. Hi. Looking for someone who can make for me files for l2 classic which will show em time and debuffy which are currently at enemy. Down u have screen what I mean it would be nice if I wi be able to see it also out of oly. Can pay for that. (only if working on my server)
  7. Hey. I'm looking for a hwid and bot which work at l2reborn and l2classic. Com someone have some info?
  8. Done. All prices are tradeable. All char can be sell in pack for 70 euro
  9. Hi have to sell some chars at classic. Club 64 tyr no mail - 10 euro destro 61 cake 5 100 % death cert 80 % toi orfen 30 days 30 % exp 7 days premium brac 1 - 15 euro ol 59 cake 100 % event toi orfen 30 days 3 days 30 % 7 days premium - 20euro 69 spoil all skill cake 5 30 days orfen toi ( event ) exp scrolls 7 days free premum exp 30 % - 20 euro 76tyr all skill toi 4 bracelet 2 595 daily coin cake 100 % exp 6 rune 30 % daily mission almpost all- 40euro 66 ps all skill 2 lv bracelet cake 5 orfen toi 30 days event exp 30 % - 25 Euro Some of chars I can sell with mail some needed transfer about price etc pm me at discord or here (miscrogreen#8031) All prices are tradeable.
  10. Hi. Is someone here who use adrenaline at l2classic. Club? Or someone who used? I need help with some stuffs.
  11. Hi I'm looking for some interface which will put a info about debuff on target that one which will show me all debufs on my target. Is something like that what can I use on l2.classic?or someone have a tutorial how can I do it?
  12. hi im looking for some adena for me and some friends if someone have to sell pm me
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