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  1. Μια χαρα τα λεει, οταν οι mod σας δεν γνωριζουν τα ιδια σας τα rules ειναι τραγικο, σε εκανα report Dragic για το warning που μου εκανες, γιατι ενω υπαρχει κι αλλο spam-flame Εκανες μονο εμενα, που στη τελικη δεν ηταν καν spam. Ο τροπος που ενεργειτε ειναι αθλιος, προσπαθηστε να βελτιωθειτε. Δεν θα σταματησω να σας κανω reports και expose οσο υπαρχω στο forum και οσο δεν συμορφωνεστε. Σταματηστε να κανετε abuse το power σας
  2. It really is a big problem that moderators act this way. I will not stop reporting what is not right. Today I got this warning because I "spammed-flamed" in server advertisement section. Well not really, this warning was because I pointed out that I corrected Vision's ignorance and that had as a result to instandly make you guys to put a new nonsense rule that a server has to have a website to post his advertisement. So nonsense, l2 server website 2k21 like really now? Strop acting like this, it won't take you anywhere, it will only degrade this forum. Anyway, lets just say that it is consid
  3. To begin, I want to report the fact that he is a spammer, I've seen several posts of his, with no context just an empty cheer, e.g "Thanks for share", I can refer to more but I won't because even though I could report him just for his spamming behaviour, I want to report him for something more than being a spammer. His spamming conduct led him to write this in a server's post: Me seen him spamming to several posts and getting disturbed watching him in almost every post I read, I wrote: and here the insanity begins. He states this: At this point I am mad, b
  4. I want to change their bypass, I want for example, if the memo takes you to your notes to take you somewhere else
  5. Anyone knows how to edit the handlers of the buttons on top of the community board?
  6. Ψάξε online courses και ξεκίνα, γενικά υπάρχουν courses που ξεκινούν από πολύ απλά πράγματα και πηγαίνουν σε πολύ προχωρημένα. Από stackoverflow και από google δύσκολα θα μάθεις, θέλει να έχεις κάποιες αρχικές γνώσεις για να ξέρεις τι θα ψάξεις και τι θα επιλέξεις.
  7. μπορεις ανετα να δουλεψεις με αυτο, pride packs υπαρχουν αμετρητα shared μπορεις απλα να κανεις implement οτι εχει μεσα αυτο το jar πανευκολα, που κολλας?
  8. κανε decompile αγορι μου, εχει source ναι
  9. δεν μπορεις δλδ να ανοιξεις το jar να δεις το source
  10. @InTheEndॐ"Αυτό πρέπει να γίνει junk απαγορεύονται τα Project που δεν έχουν source στα Shares και δεν έχει ούτε backup άχρηστο ειναι " τι εννοείς ότι δεν έχει source? Τυφλός είσαι?
  11. Who told you that i got it from a share?