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  1. Cardinal 82 Divine Beam Ring of Core Lv.2 Flaming Tunic Flaming Stockings Sealed Wind 4 Star lv2 Fire 2 Star lv9 Water 2 Star lv7 Earth 1 Star lv10 Agathion Bracelet Lv.4 +6 Agathion Nebula +6 Agathion Procella +7 Agathion Ignis +6 Agathion Joy +6 Cloak of Protection +5 Dragon Belt +4 Gloves of Silence +4 Dark Crystal Helmet - Robe +4 Majestic Boots - Robe Sealed +4 Augmented Daimon Crystal Sealed, Passive Wild Magic, SA: +12% HP, Casting Spd. +10% Einhasad's Pendant Lv.2 Augmented Elven Sigil: Item skill Received P./M. Critical Damage -7%, M. Def +50 Phoenix Earring +5 Dragon Valley Earring +5 Ring of Insolence +5 Valakas' Necklace Event Brooch Lv.4 Opal Lv.4 Coral Lv.3 Onyx Lv.3 Zircon Lv.3 Spinel Lv.3 Talisman Bracelet lv.5 +4 Talisman of Speed +7 Talisman of Aden +4 Talisman Eva +4 Talisman of Authority Lv.4 Venir's Talisman Dragon Pet 3k+ Sayha's Blessings 1.5k+ Sayha's Cookies Phoenix Knight 81 Hair accessory: CON+1 MEN+1 Fear/Silence Resistance +20% Helmet: +4 Majestic Heavy Gloves: +4 Tallum Heavy Boots: +4 Majestic Heavy Upper Armor: +4 Ice Crystal Lower Armor: +4 Ice Crystal Belt: +5 Dragon Belt +5 Cloak of Protection Shield: Augmented Nightmare Shield +2000 HP, +50 P.Def Weapon: +4 Barakiel's Axe Iss' Wind Walk (+7.5 speed) Jewels: Phoenix Earring +4 Phoenix Ring +4 ROI +5 DV +5 Event Valakas Pendant: Lv2 Einhasad's Pets: Dragon (not evolved), Tiger (not evolved), Wolf (not evolved) Jewels: Coral lv3, Opal lv3, Spinel lv3, Zircon lv3 Talismans: Bracelet lv4 Aden 6, Eva 5, Speed 2, Authority 4 Agathion bracelet lv4 (no agathions) Adena: 75m PRICE: Cardinal: 850e + 10% middleman fee = 935e Phoenix Knight: 250e + 10% middleman fee = 275e Cardinal + Phoenix Knight COMBO: 1000e + middleman fee 10% = 1100e Middleman is Pufa. Price is not negotiable Don't ask me for price without item XYZ or waste my time in other ways.
  2. I will start playing on la2dream. If someone without group is going there and is speaking english we could form a group/cp to gear up faster. My prime time is from 20:00 to 00:00 GMT+1 but I will be playing a lot more during first week of the server. I am casual player and not interested in joining a zerg to farm epics to some blyat. My goal is to get A/S asap and pvp smaller groups in farm areas, normal bosses etc, nothing too serious. When adrenaline starts working again, I will run 20+ bots to farm for epics. If you share same interests, pm me. We will use discord to communicate. edit: Actually, it's quite unlikely that adrenaline will be working there. Also, they have active gm's so even paying adrenaline customers such as myself will most likely be forced to play manually. I got one more player joining me and we have came up with a plan how to gear up relatively quickly by playing together only few hours actively daily. Unfortunately, we won't be playing our mains until second/third week because we will focus on farming plan. Although 2 players can do it, in order to be 100% effective, we will need 2 more. If you are willing to commit playing a mage or a bishop during first few weeks and then reroll to your main if you don't play these classes, let me know.
  3. updatet? granded? avra? and what exactly means "fixed all debuffs"?
  4. Hello, Adrenaline's API doesn't expose function for reading private store items and prices data. As I understood this can be achieved by reading and decoding certain packets. I don't know which packets have to be checked and altough I could play with it for few weeks I think it will cost me more than if I pay someone to write this for me instead. I will need this functionality to be open source and it should work at least on EU Essence (don't know if packets are different between versions). Send me your price and expected delivery time in private.
  5. Greetings, I am considering to start own project based on aCis. There are few things I would like experienced admins to enlighten me with. 1. How doable is running the server while having a fulltime job and while being in team of two people were other staff member won't have access to machine server is hosted on, nor will be able to provide any hot fix if it's necessary? Other staff member will be just a simple gm with maybe elevated privileges to restart/shut down the server. 2. I would like to introduce a lot of modifications to aCis but taking that aside, how stable aCis server is without any crap code added to it? Should I restart it time to time or it can run long time without interruptions? 3. Could you provide me with some data on system requirements for stable server considering 100, 500 or 1000 active players? Here I am interested in CPU, system memory, network bandwidth, storage type and capacity, requirements. Of course, even with nonmodified aCis if you play with configuration this may vary a lot (e.g. enabling item/chat loging) but I would appreciate your concrete experience with setups that just worked. 4. Which hosting provider would you recommend? I've seen good reviews about OVH. 5. Does anyone have experience/tips on actively developing server while in production? Is it doable or it's just too risky? How would you set your workflow for such scenarios? I am thinking about running test and live server side to side and automating deployment with Jenkins. 6. How complicated would it be to merge data from two servers assuming they are running on same files? I will have more questions later. edit: damn I've posted in wrong forum, could someone please move this to nongreek specific l2j development forum
  6. After a lot of convincing by a friend I've joined this server. And yea it is decent. There is a lot of pvp. Raids that are respawning all the time was great idea. Paid adrenaline is working here ,you just have to solve captcha which is easy. Lifestones have lower rate of getting the skill than it's indicated. I've ended up donating to stack bishop and a mage. Today I will pay duel might's on archer. If any Serbian is reading this and is willing to drive my mage with wild magic active + passive and do pvp in the evenings, let me know here or pm in game "Wh1te/"Bl4ck/"Purp1e. Highly recommended.
  7. Repeatable macros are not 3rd party tools. I've got banned 2 times on main though they removed bans and since then I am clean. I was using adrenaline, nothing hardcore and I was banned while not using it (shop in town) so I am sure they have ways to detect. Talking about eu core server. They even prohibited mouse/keyboard macros while being afk.
  8. If augment donations are public then I can only imagine what you can privately donate here. I will skip this one.
  9. What is currently working there? Adrenaline? Tower?
  10. Hello mate, We just fought 4 people with 2 active augments each while there is no mob type in all farm zones that is droping lifestones. Balancing is so well done as you would say, that 3 out of those 4 people were archers. Also, did you just say that in 2 days you managed to fuck up a class and revert it (after someone who played it already left)? Now onto the population. On whole server there were 8-10 people in all custom zones, farm and pvp - I am not counting shops and I am counting 4 before mentioned players and me and my brother. This is what is known as gm-and-his-friends-weekend-server. Have a nice day. p.s. How do I know mobs are not droping lifestones? Killed 4k mobs with adrenaline without getting a single one (all mobs have same id). Also, while being illiterate, my grandma would come up with better captcha (bypassed with 1 line of code in a loop).
  11. boting is the thing I enjoy the most after more than a decade game is old, outdated and too familiar watching 5 dwarves executing my orders is what amuses me these days that and getting huge advantage in terms of gear unfortunatelly, adrenaline didn't work out of box here when I checked yesterday so I might just skip this one and hope something similar would open that would require no effort to get started
  12. sht srvr gladiator nerfed with -25% pattack ahahahahah balancing well done
  13. you are wrong not antibot will stop all botters active gm's are required