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  1. Hello mate, We just fought 4 people with 2 active augments each while there is no mob type in all farm zones that is droping lifestones. Balancing is so well done as you would say, that 3 out of those 4 people were archers. Also, did you just say that in 2 days you managed to fuck up a class and revert it (after someone who played it already left)? Now onto the population. On whole server there were 8-10 people in all custom zones, farm and pvp - I am not counting shops and I am counting 4 before mentioned players and me and my brother. This is what is known as gm-and-his-friends-weekend-server. Have a nice day. p.s. How do I know mobs are not droping lifestones? Killed 4k mobs with adrenaline without getting a single one (all mobs have same id). Also, while being illiterate, my grandma would come up with better captcha (bypassed with 1 line of code in a loop).
  2. boting is the thing I enjoy the most after more than a decade game is old, outdated and too familiar watching 5 dwarves executing my orders is what amuses me these days that and getting huge advantage in terms of gear unfortunatelly, adrenaline didn't work out of box here when I checked yesterday so I might just skip this one and hope something similar would open that would require no effort to get started
  3. sht srvr gladiator nerfed with -25% pattack ahahahahah balancing well done
  4. you are wrong not antibot will stop all botters active gm's are required
  5. you have 10 people online you are the sad one here don't make me post screenshots of your fail project
  6. active gm's are getting rid of bots manually (when antibot fails) and it's very annoying even for seasonal botters (I've lost at least 50 spoilers several months ago before getting tired) in other words all you retard server owners who think that some ShitGuard 5.0 will do all the job are dreaming for people that like to stay somewhere for several months this is a great option opening new server and merging it to old one once population on original drops bellow some treschold is something that only few administrators tried to do and I wonder how others are not clever enough to implement this concept just imagine even this shitty axe, blaze, live, alive and w/e (even with all corruption) didn't wipe every month but they actually were merged every month well I guess they would not fail like this
  7. your words are out of sync
  8. if bot works I might give it a chance
  9. Yeah, empty servers with auto HWID bans. Epic strategy :D This guy actually set limit of 5 for number of times you can log in with bot before getting ban ahahaha @LA2AXE What is the point of banning people after 5 times if there is actually no visible warning when counter increases so people that would actually stop after you detect it are not notified. Better save few bytes of memory and CPU cycles by configuring HWID ban after first time you detect it lol. Your server has 2 afk players in giran at gk and 15 shops 2 weeks after opening. Don't fool yourself brother, your server is not worth playing with or without bots.
  10. I am using blaze now to improve my universal farming scripts. It's very bot friendly server. There is just one problem.. fking login server is failing even with 10 ppl online. account already in use blah blah blah Dude can you at least get files that can support up to 100 ppl or 1 guy spamming log in button? Also, all bots crashed in less than 10mins running.. these criticals are annoying mangue and I am sure it's not that you paid for advanced antibot.
  11. will my adrenaline work here?