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  1. patch contains a trojan bye bye
  2. We are Casual/Chill International English speaking clan now playing on https://l2etina.com/ We are TestedPositive. https://testedpositive.net/apply
  3. L2mad was fun for 2 weeks but population declined as it was expected. Few of us will make a fresh start on https://en.genesis.ms/ opening this Friday. It is a x100 Interlude craft/pvp server with almost same features as L2mad (possibly same admin). On L2mad only 2 of us started at the opening together and then we started recruiting. This time we have 4 members who confirmed their presence at the opening which will give us more opportunities. Contact me if you are interested in joining us. If I don't respond to your messages here, find us in the game. Clan name: gmpmmewtf Clan
  4. We are two casual players from Serbia looking for mature English speakers to team up for different, mostly mid-rate interlude servers. Our prime time is somewhere between 18:00 and 00:00 GMT+1 No pressure, no drama, no big/unrealistic goals. Requirements: 1. Ability to speak English 2. Being mature Today we will start on l2mad x100 https://l2mad.ws/ Lets be serious, this server might be interesting only this weekend or maybe a week or two and then we will most likely find something else. For communication, we will rely on discord. https:/
  5. this will be one-week server for fast donation
  6. naaaaaaah, nobody would ask for that wow xdd I mean, how is that supposed to work? You get the money but you still own the account by having access through email. I hope you are not serious. There is no "if necessary" but it's mandatory.
  7. and you, can YOU get into your server? or it's a home server and you want to show your friends how cool you are by being able to give everyone weapons+65535 and then you and your friends take turns in soloing epic bosses?
  8. You have bigger balls that most admins to do something like this. There is something else we miss in L2, that being debuffs that land 100%. I propose every admin with balls to make all active debuffs land 100% irrelevant of resists (special immunities such as celestial could still work) and then modify cooldown and duration (can be affected by resists) to balance the classes. What is annoying is having 5 debuff skills on a class and having 10% chance to land it meaning game is a huge gamble. Someone with bull balls should make this for lineage 2 to become a game of skill. Imagine pla
  9. Yes, most likely. Got bored of la2dream tbh. I would like to try something harder and without OE augmented weapons sold by admins.
  10. New heroes will granted with hero status. xDDDD
  11. multiboxing not allowed, even by using multiple machines as confirmed by staff in chat, but it sounded as ad hoc rule pulled out from ass when someone asked about it and yeah, this is not stated in the official rules sounds like a server where you get banned too easily even if not breaking official rules there could be dozens of such hidden rules and this is low rate server when price of getting banned is too big if you are more capable than average player you will suffer not worth my time probably 100ppl max online due to this rule p.s. I didn't even download the patch so thi
  12. Positive: tvt and ctf events I've seen first time, constant development, easy server, casual, a lot of players for this kind of server Negative: 80% are russians so unless you are speaking russian your options when it comes to clans are quite limited administration selling augmented and overenchanted weapons through auction previously, they were selling +15 weapons and epics and most likely they will do it again
  13. you will be playing it 20 years from now because your neuroplasticity sucks so you are failing to learn new games can't teach old horse new tricks
  14. We are group of 3 active players still on la2dream. In the evenings we log in and go to main farm zones such as FoG, IT and farm/pvp. Right now we have standard gear, farming for noblesse, augmentations, and we can help to gear up new blood (1-2 players). If you are a casual player looking for pvp/farm group on la2dream and other servers after we are done with la2dream, you can contact me through discord. bistabil#5984 Preferably, on la2dream, you would play dagger/warlord/bishop/necromancer/spoiler. We share the accounts so rotations are possible if you get bored
  15. Hello, Is it possible to target skillbar row other than first one when modifying shortcut key (interface.xdat)? Could this be as simple as passing an additional parameter, I am not aware of, to action or it's more complicated? Client is C6. Yes, I could circle through different rows by shortcuts but that's an overhead I would like to avoid.