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  1. 10 post minimum required in order to post in Marketplace section.
  2. If you sit down and study the code for several minutes you will understand how it work and you won't need any help or copy paste the exact code. This code: public boolean useVoicedCommand(String command, L2PcInstance activeChar, String target) { if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("autolooton")) { activeChar.setAutoLootEnabled(true); activeChar.sendMessage("Auto loot is now enabled."); } else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("autolootoff")) { activeChar.setAutoLootEnabled(false); activeChar.sendMessage("Auto loot is now disabled."); } return true; } can turn into this: @Override public boolean useVoicedCommand(String command, L2PcInstance activeChar, String target) { activeChar.setIsAutoLoot(!activeChar.isAutoLoot()); activeChar.sendMessage("Auto loot is now " + (isAutoLoot(null) ? "enabled." : "disabled")); return true; } You don't need the if statement since there are only 2 cases and the useVoicedCommand will only executed when 1 of these handler that are in String[] are called. And this code: private boolean _autoLootEnabled = false; public void setAutoLootEnabled(final boolean autoLootEnabled) { _autoLootEnabled = autoLootEnabled; } /** * @param reference * @return Returns the autoLootEnabled. */ public boolean isAutoLootEnabled(final L2Object reference) { return _autoLootEnabled && !(reference instanceof L2GrandBossInstance) && !(reference instanceof L2RaidBossInstance) && !(reference instanceof L2MinionInstance); } Should be better: private boolean _isAutoLoot; public void setIsAutoLoot(final boolean val) { _isAutoLoot = val; } public boolean isAutoLoot(final L2Character target) { return Objects.nonNull(target) && target.isRaid() ? false : _isAutoLoot; }
  3. In L2Party.java find the method: public void removePartyMember and under getMembers().remove(player); Add an example of code: if (player.isInsideZone(ZoneId.PVP)) { if (getMemberCount() < 5) { getMembers().forEach(s -> s.teleToLocation(TeleportWhereType.TOWN)); } }
  4. Your code is unnecessary. @arm4729 if (party.getMembers().stream().filter(k -> k.getClassId() == ClassId.bishop).count() > 2) { // Failed to add }
  5. This is the code that does the check regarding party: if ((party != null) && party.isLeader(player)) Remove the check and instead of a for to all party simply enterInstance with just the player
  6. final Map<String, AtomicInteger> IP = new HashMap<>(); for (final L2PcInstance activeChar : L2World.getInstance().getPlayers()) { if (IP.computeIfAbsent(activeChar.getIPAddress(), k -> new AtomicInteger()).incrementAndGet() > MAX_REWARD_PER_IP) // MAX_REWARD_PER_IP represent a static var or a config of yours. { // Skip player since there are more IP's in map than allowed continue; } // Your code for reward }
  7. Recycling the same conversation over and over for several years, by members who grew up, have real job and no time to play.
  8. if (MIN_MEMBER.isValidValue(getMemberCount())) { getMembers().stream().filter(k -> k.isInsideZone(ZoneId.PVP)).forEach(k -> k.teleToLocation(TeleportWhereType.TOWN)); } in L2Party.java in method removePartyMember bellow getMembers().remove() and also add as static private static final ValueRange MIN_MEMBER = ValueRange.of(1, 4)