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Found 24 results

  1. [En] Hello everyone, I want to discuss with you for aCis and Frozen. Ace 360 can be downloaded through eclipse for free as much as I've seen. But does eclipse give me only aCis 320? Where can the problem be? I've tried Frozen All Variants, but all the variables of the passion show eclipse or does the eclipse itself not use the eclipse-java-oxygen? The osller's eclipse works normally, but the svn truncated file does not work. What's the problem? The last observation of what eclipse to use? aCis and Frozen? And I wanted to find out what platform to use for l2j server creation i want to create a custum but pvp server, i can work with java. I look forward to hearing.
  2. WTS adena l2evoke Also can sell pp 65+ , created on fake mail, you can create this mail so youll be 1st owner without problems Since im new here rdy to use guarantor of transactions PM :) here or add me in skype by clickin this icon Or directly in skype: gimpogimpo (without live, dots etc, zimbabwe)
  3. Why You Should Buy From Us ? 1. Best Prices Available 2. Many Stocks On Many Servers 3. Fast Delivery / Instant 4. Online Most Time On Skype For Taking Demands Talk Me On Skype To Ask About Prices & Stocks Available & What Payment Methods We Accept At The Moment ADD MY SKYPE BY CLICKING HERE live:LargeSells
  4. Hello all, I am selling adena in Innova core official server. Price per bil: 9 eu Stock: Medium I accept only paypal friends & family option, please don't ask for adena first. In case you live in Greece I also accept bank transfer. Please send me a private message in forum, I normally respond very fast. In the past I made successful trades with the following people: aydeeli, SuperSale2015, Sobieski, luki133, marek29, ioakeimtar, LangGrenis ​looking for more successful trades O0
  5. Website: www.L2Ryan.eu Forum: www.L2Ryan.eu/forum Grand Opening 10/12/2016 dont miss! Server Features Experience: x1000 Sxperience: x1000 Adena: x1000 Starting level 80 Main Town Giran 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Change without Quest No Subclass Quest Items Olympiads "Retail" Hero have all Subclass Sieges "Retail" Offline Shop Respawn Protection (30s) Enchant Rates Safe +4 | Max +16 Normal Enchant Scroll: 65% [ Max +12 ] Blessed Enchant Scroll 100% [ Max +12 ] Crystal Enchant Scroll: 75% [Max +16] Custom Items Ryan Tattoo Farm Coin Vote Stone Clan Item Systems Vote System [ Vote for us and get Vote Stone] Augment System [skills are 1+1] Quake PvP system PvP Reward System Offline shop PvP Reward Custom PvP Item From PvP you can get many special items from special shop RaidBoss Valakas Antharas Baium Zaken Queen Ant AND MORE CUSTOM BOSSES! Events Engine [ Events every 1h ] TvT Event Capture Flag Event Deathmatch Website: www.L2Ryan.eu Forum: www.L2Ryan.eu/forum
  6. As title says I'm selling adena on Innova Core official server. Currently I have 100b+ adena to sell. (10€/1b) Also if you like to buy any in-game item just let me know which item you are interested in. Payment only thru paypal as gift, when i see payment, you get adena right away. For more info or questions, pm me here or write me for skype/viber.
  7. HELLO! I'm selling Adena on L2Evoke server! Cheapest price always!(i'm opened for negotiations =)) DISCOUNTS FOR BIGGER AMOUNTS if u found cheaper i'll make better offer O0 More info on Skype: ivstavrev (j0NZEE) Accept ONLY Here you can see my feedback: =====
  8. WTS Adena 1 bil =3,8eur (Current Stock: 22b) WTS Saga Coins 1saga coin=0,8 Eur (150 Sagga coins for sell right now) New Items Added!! Vorpal Light/Heavy/Robe +6 set full attrilvl7 WTS Duelist +22 skills+ olf+6 + Noblesse WTS Bishop +18skills Noblesse clean olf WTS Dominator +20 Skills Noblesse Services Price can be negotiated. Instant Services. 1) Noblesse char =5euro (fast delivery ,in less than 10mins u got it) 2)Full attribute any armor set 3)Foundation any armor set 4) LvL Up Main/Subs 5)Enchant at skills (price is big and not negotiable) Payment Method: Paypal,Paysafe Cards Skype:delux.13
  9. L2 IMMORTALS Pay via PayPal. Contact by forum, skype. VESPER NOBLE ROBE SET (FOUNDATION) +20 FULL ATR 10 € (euro) ELEGIA ROBE SET +16 FULL ATR 5 € (euro) MARDIAL FAN+17 300 wind 5 € (euro) Baium +16 3 € (euro) Blessed Freya +16 3 € (euro) Valakas +16 3 € (euro) Beleth +16 3 € (euro) Antharas +16 3 € (euro) Blessed Zaken +16 3 € (euro) price is negotiable
  10. what im need! 1. Make oly every week 2. Need working augment npc(donate) 10 active 10 passive 3. add Hero Coins to server, code i haw butt for me not works i don't know why 4. Castle siege every 3 days and only giran! Contact Skype crytek1 Who don't know haw to make this don't waist my time if you dont know hawe to make all butt hawe for example working augument npc you can add me
  11. Wts l2 damage and extreme acc. L2 Damage: all classes items +20, donate tattoo +20, active dm/pdef/hp and pasive heal power. L2 Extreme: dyn r set +35, d sword +35, d juwe +35, shock wings, ava h, mask, active huricane. SKYPE: paulius.hybrid
  12. Im selling Adena from Averia.ws x15 started 13.09 100kk = 2.2eur Accept paypal skype: yangersss current stock 1kkk Also selling mw sirra blade
  13. Hi, everyone! I've been playing LoL since season 1 and have achieved high Diamond this season. I'm looking for people to boost and some vouches if possible. Currently boosting from Bronze - Platinum (Boosts to Diamond are possible too but only if the account has a solid MMR) Prices are as following: Bronze - 4 Euro per Division (6 Euro to Silver V) Silver - 6 Euro per Division (10 Euro to Gold V) Gold - 10 Euro per Division (15 Euro to Platinum V) Also possible in some cases: Platinum - 15 Euro per Division (20 Euro to Diamond V) Feel Free to contact me on Skype: wnhweather Any Vouches are welcome!
  14. Hello and welcome to my accounts shop! :poker face: I would like to sell few of my league of legends accounts here. All of the accounts are with email adress and never been banned! 1st Account: EU West Gold 5 114 Champions 56 Skins - some of them are very rare definitly not blitzcrank, eternum nocturn, aether wing kayle,[/size] zombie ryze, noxus poppy, leopard nidalee and much more![/size] 6 Rune pages , Full runes[/size] 2nd Account: EU West lvl 30 Silver 3 96 Champions 4 Rune pages , alot of runes 50+ Skin , Many Rare, Legendaries and Ultimate Pulsefire ezreal - i will show more if u ask CHAMPIONSHIT THRESH EPIC RARE 3rd Account: EUNE lvl30 Gold 5 70 champions 18 Cool and rare skins Prom Queen Annie, Woad Ashe, Riot Blitzcrank, Sheriff Caitlyn, Shadow Evelynn, Superfan Gragas, Traditional Karma, Pool Party Lee Sin ,Spellthief Lux, Ghost Bride Morgana, Snow Bunny Nidalee, Headhunter Nidalee, Gothic Orianna, Full Metal Pantheon, Pool Party Renekton, Ice Drake Shyvana, Hextech Singed, Vindicator Vayne 3 rune pages Supp,AD,AP full runes + others nice icons ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th account: EUNE lvl 30 Gold 2 after only 10 placements with score 9/1 (one guy didnt join this loose) !!! very high mmr, matching with plat/diamonds 16 champs, Nightblade irelia skin 434 rp , 6000+ IP, Nightblade Irelia Good AD runes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th Account: EU West lvl 30 Unranked accound was platinum 2 in season 3 but dropped to gold 1 due to inactivity at the end of season very high mmr u will be plat for sure with good placements Golden border, Victorious elise skin 18 champs, some 6300 ones 108 rp, 1755 IP , IP boost on account Full AD runes + some AP mix ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th account: EU West lvl 30 11K IP !!!! Gold 5 50 Champions many expensive Full AD and AP runes Skins: Heartseeker Ashe, Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Forsaken Olaf, Emerald Taric, Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate, Shockblade Zed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th account: EUNE lvl30 Silver 2 35 Champions Skins: Unchained Alistar, Nightmare Chogath, Primetime Draven, Sanguine Garen, Striker Lucian, Outback Renekton, Gangster Twitch, Aristocrat Vayne, Snow Day Ziggs - Rare ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8th account: EUNE lvl 30 Bronze 2 Olny 11 rankeds played 3 rune pages, alot of runes full ap,ad forum recruiter title , 115 riot points 32 champions, some are expensive + new Braum Some cool icons If you need more information feel free to contact me via pm or my skype lolaccshop Offer your own price! I am accepting payments only via paypal and only as a gift ! :dat: skype: lolaccshop
  15. Hi, I'm a Diamond 2 Spanish player and I offer to you my services at cheaper price than professional boosters, I've aready done many boostings before but I got only feedback in another spanish forums so if you are not from there I cant give you any feedback from now untill I dont start boosting here. Given the fact that i'm not a professional booster or something like that my prices are flexible and we can discuss it via Skype, but for sure it will be cheaper than mostly boosters you'll find(they will be faster and more eficient, for sure, but i'm also fast, I'm your personal shopper while they are your supermarket). Also can give you tips and coaching while I'm playing with your account, I like to keep in touch with my buyers so dont be afraid to ask. I wont answer any message of your friends or buy anything with your account without your permission. I boost any account from Bronce V to Gold V, I can also boost from Gold V to Platinum V without any problems but i'll be require a bit more time, so it will be a bit more expensive, but we can negotiate. My win ratio with silver accs use to be 80-90% average time for game 25-30 mins. My bundle prices are: Full Bronze to Silver-> 25e Full Silver to Gold -> 35e Full Gold to Platinum -> 75e You can add me in Skype to talk and negotiate payment and price-> Lol Rush For faster response please SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE HERE and then add me Skype.
  16. Hi! I have an issue. When L2jServer is running the system clock run faster then real time. After 1 hour the different between the real time and system clock is 2-3 minutes. Sometimes is faster... But this issue only when java server runing. When the server syncronize the clock the players freeze and lags. Someone know what is the solution? Dell PowerEdge Intel 8 Core 8 GB Windows 2003 server Java 7 (jdk1.7.0_60)
  17. WTS Адена, очень дешево Только WebMoney Skype: nikefutbool1
  18. Hello guys, I am diamond player currently offering elo boosts for really affordable prices. Few things to say first, i am not part of some team or group that's doing jobs, its just me, and thats the reason for low prices, i dont have to share payment with anyone. If you are not finding me trustworthy enough i will accept payment in two parts, 50% amount before and 50% of it after the job, i think thats the fair way to do it for both you and me. That being said, here are the prices: BRONZE BRONZE V - BRONZE IV 8 EU BRONZE IV - BRONZE III 8 EU BRONZE III - BRONZE II 8 EU BRONZE II - BRONZE I 8 EU BRONZE I - SILVER V 10 EU SILVER SILVER V - SILVER IV 10 EU SILVER IV - SILVER III 10 EU SILVER III - SILVER II 10 EU SILVER I - GOLD V 15 EU As i said prices are really affordable and i doubt you'll find cheaper boost, so if you guys are interested you can contact me via skype > milorad2301 This is my friend's elo boost topic, I assume that you ll not get scammed from him and i can absolutely reccomend him on that job. Since payments via paypal will come to MY paypal account,you have to pay full ammoun as a gift and with MY RULES.
  19. Έχει γίνει confirm και απο την official σελίδα του, απο το imdb και απο τον Vin Diesel. Επίσης και ο "Roman" και η σελίδα του "Han" το επιβεβαίωσαν. RIP.
  21. 10 Placement games = 45€/62$ Want to be prepared for season 4? Order coaching today at 20€/hour, with experienced and professional coaches Sorry my img is so slim, click on it so it becomes larger! Will fix ^.^ My boosters accounts: Contact: Skype: divisiondreamers To add me securely follow instructions: Vouches: Y never go first mate. So, he did 2 vouchgames dont need to say anything more. Just watch and be :o He did a good job : ) Nice guy and a very good player :) I truly recommend this service. This guy is really really good. He's friendly and he can carry games easily, I just had to laugh when he makes his first tripple after 2:05 on botlane :) I really recommand his service! Hello, I've just received a boost from this guy, it was overall a pleasant experience. My mmr was crushed & didn't think there was any chance of me getting to Gold before S4, however this guy proved me wrong. He offered me a few games before the boost, so he could prove his worth. I accepted the boost, and he carried it out smoothly. Silver I (7LP) - Gold V (0LP) As I stated above, my mmr was very low & did only receive 4 points a game. He managed to complete the boost, despite my low mmr, incredible that is. Anyways, I'd gladly vouch for this guy. I can supply with chat logs from the entire boost, and screenshots. Thanks for the boost mate! Note: 92% win rate & 3 Penta kills I really recommend this guy, helpful and a great player! If you want to get to gold V before end of season and not spend a whole lot of money, this is the booster for you. I only needed Silver1-GoldV and he got that in less than 2 nights. Grinded it out in those two sessions almost nonstop and carried most games, even with feeders and questionable decision making team mates. He has some of the best prices out there and I would use again if need be. He also kept great communication and even took time to reply on skype and have actual conversations during games that I got to spectate. As annoying as that probably could have been at times he stayed friendly throughout and had a good sense of humor. A++ service and probably the best value out there. My account was silver 4 with 65 lp and in no longer than 24 hours boosted stig rex my account on gold 5. Perfect and fast booster! Very friendly and sympathetic guy! Best regards, ericsoni. This guy is great. He's extremely friendly, and will answer all of your questions about his service. He found me a great NA booster who won almost every game, his service is unbeatable for the price. I would definitely recommend him Finished jobs:
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