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  1. I'm all for a seasonal/pvp wipe, but no-ones gonna wanna donate/play for a few weeks and lose their toon, might wanna look into updating that asap.
  2. Decent amount of people to pvp with, always seems to be some action going on. Would enjoy a few more farm zones or mid-high tier ways to do it. Not sure if others had an issue, but my client crashed a lot on this server.
  3. Games pretty empty... Using a false 1200+ in game counter is a bit useless too,clearly you added a 1 in front of everything and bot accounts, you can't find 100+ players *even with shops* let alone 1200+ Xp seems faster than what it's rated at *not really a problem*. Shop prices and gm shop prices don't match...Some items in regular shops being cheaper and some in gm cheaper. There is a few people shouting for parties, mostly 7rb, but this is just another low/mid rate with nothing to offer. Fun fact, the twitch stream banner isn't even accurate to what the server rates are.
  4. As title states, looking for/buying chronos items/adena. Currently in search of end game items, boss jewels, light set/dark/bloody, blessed/dark/bloody weapon*bow*. Mail me with serious inquiries or post here.