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  1. That's what the private server community lacks these days, keep the creativity up. No matter what you do, you will have haters - regardless. Looking forward to this being released.
  2. Looks promising, with actual work put in and not a copy-paste server, gonna try it out.
  3. The listed details are not 100% complete and more details will be added soon. www.Lineage2Idle.com Idle is a diehard Lineage 2 community, mainly focused around bot game-play, but you are free to play however you see fit and enjoy most. Good luck and most of all enjoy your stay! Rates and Gameplay: - Experience/SP Rates are retail x1. - Drop/Spoils/Adena rates are retail x1, excluding: *Element stone drop rates reduced 50% *Enchant scrolls drop rates reduced 50% *Adena is nerfed 50% on some solo 80+ monsters. - Gear
  4. Amazing, thanks for sharing such a functional piece of work.
  5. Good prices, small team(so kinda slow deving) but the community is helpful on sunrise forums and activity is rising in developments, glad too see. Recommended especially for 'pvp type servers' but even a 'low rate retail style' can work well.
  6. Are you still around bud? I want more work done by you.
  7. if you can find l2net working, thats you best best or if you are good enough try http://lineage2idle.com/community/topic/212-l2project-out-of-game-bot-for-high-five/
  8. Are you able to make automatic donation system as well? I'm looking for a fair priced website with an account/donation panel.
  9. buy the logitech G710+ and it comes with macro software
  10. Here is a server that allows bots so you can test you bot settings and scripts - http://lineage2idle.com/forums/index.php