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  1. Trusted guy, adenas delivered right after payment :happyforever:
  2. We are clan members :) I purchased them alrdy yetsreday . But he asked me to leave him feedback here .
  3. Hi i would like to sell some of my time here which i spent on Lineage 2 :) Adenas Core Innova: 1kkk = 38 eur stock 3,5 kkk Marriage x30: 1kkk = 2,5 eur Stock 29 kkk i can also offer 98kkk on lineage 2 tales - sovereign server 1kkk 0,5 eur if you are interested please contact me on skype lolaccshop (challenger icon ) payments only via paypal
  4. 1kkk = 2,5 eur 19kkk stock right now skype lolaccshop only paypal
  5. Hello , i would like to offer you one of my accouts that i wont use anymore. Its lvl 30 EU WEST 100 Champions http://i59.tinypic.com/1zz2y6e.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/2ug1mhw.jpg 20+ Skins Daemonblade Tryndamere, Mecha Khazix and much more Also there are coo icons like mecha icon and more Full AP AD Runes RANKEDS NEVER BEEN PLAYED ON THIS ACC! ONLY NORMALS http://i60.tinypic.com/xbwrqp.jpg Price is only 15 euros ! If u are trusted i go first! skype lolaccshop (challenger icon)
  6. Hello and welcome to my accounts shop! :poker face: I would like to sell few of my league of legends accounts here. All of the accounts are with email adress and never been banned! 1st Account: EU West Gold 5 114 Champions 56 Skins - some of them are very rare definitly not blitzcrank, eternum nocturn, aether wing kayle,[/size] zombie ryze, noxus poppy, leopard nidalee and much more![/size] 6 Rune pages , Full runes[/size] 2nd Account: EU West lvl 30 Silver 3 96 Champions 4 Rune pages , alot of runes 50+ Skin , Many Rare, Legendaries and Ultimate Pulsefire ezreal