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Found 17 results

  1. VOID BOOSTING.COM High Quality Verified Challenger Boosters Click the image to add me directly on skype! ELO BOOSTING PRICE LIST Duo Queue Boosting Starting at $6 Per Game Per Win Boosts: You are purchasing wins over losses, you get +1 win for every game we lose. Example: You purchase 10 wins and we lose the first game, you get 11 wins. PLACEMENTS=$60 Depending on your preseason rank, price may change We Guarantee 7/10 Wins If, for any reason, we lose more than 3 games, you will be rewarded with a free Division Boost. Season 5 Placements Completed Per Win $3 Bronze V-IV = $20 Bronze IV-III = $20 Bronze III-II = $20 Bronze II-I = $20 Bronze I-Silver V = $25 Per Win $5 Silver V-IV = $25 Silver IV-III = $25 Silver III-II = $25 Silver II-I = $25 Silver I - Gold V = $30 Starting at Per Win $7 Gold V-IV = $30 Gold IV-III = $35 Gold III-II = $40 Gold II-I = $40 Gold I - Platinum V = $50 Starting at Per Win $10 Platinum V-IV = $45 Platinum IV-III = $45 Platinum III-II = $50 Platinum II-I = $50 Platinum I - Diamond V = 75$ Starting at Per Win $12 Diamond V-IV = $100 Diamond IV-III = $100 Diamond III-II = $130 Diamond II-I = $130 Diamond I-Master = Starting at $200 Master-Challenger = Ranges from $1000-$1600 Payment method: Paypal Contact Details: Skype: voidboosting Private message Reply to thread with skype VOUCHES/PREVIOUS ORDERS Terms of Service + Additional Info - By making a purchase with us, the customer agrees to all the following terms: - We are not responsible for any disciplinary actions taken against the customer for ordering a boost, unless there is proof that we caused it. - Refunds will not be given for boosting-related bans right after 2 days of the boost. - Division prices have a minimum LP Gain of +10. If your account falls below, your balance will be converted to net wins. - Division prices must have a minimum LP gain of +14, If your account falls below, the price will increase. - At no time during the boost may the customer sign on to play without our express permission. - Any chargebacks made through PayPal will be reported to the proper authorities, filing a chargeback is prohibited, doing so will force me to take the required actions and you will be subject to scamming. - Failure to follow any of our terms may result in a cancellation of your service or additional charges. Notes: - Upon availability you may request the use of our Appear Offline service for an additional fee. - Our boosters will not speak to anyone on your friends list during the boost. - Rush orders may be purchased at 30% extra of the order price to ensure 10+ games played per day. - Customers may request a specific champion pool for 20% more of the order price. - Per win Pricing changes during tier promotion, example gold promotion series wins count as gold wins. More Info: ~Price Matching (Found a cheaper boost out there? If they're legit and a well established booster, show us! We'll try to match the price or even give you a better deal!) ~We will have full responsibily for your boost ~100% confidential ~We will not buy anything with your IP/RP ~We have 100% positive feedback, and none of our customers have had issues with Tribunal/Riot ~Available to Chat At All Times ~Great speed ~Great quality ~Good prices (Negotiable) ~Lots of personal attention (Ask Questions on skype about anything) ~A great deal of experience (Our boosters have been boosting for years so we know what we are doing) ~For Every 4 buyers you refer to this service you get a free division boost![/center]
  2. Hello guys, i have friend who just started league of legends... im offering free boost until platinum v, couse this guy wants platinum boarder for the new seasion ;) i m doing this couse i will play solo, so i can give free boost with duo (im good guy) :D pm me ;) ;)
  3. I'm selling this account. You can change the e-mail and the password as soon as you buy it. 23~25 LP per win. Price: 20 euro ADD ME ON SKYPE: ant_dls46, DO NOT REPLY HERE or PM.
  4. Hey guys! I'm a master tier player that has been giving lessons for several months, and now that I have some more free time, I'm looking to take in some new students! Generally, the student uses OBS to record 1-2 games per session, then they are uploaded to youtube as a private link so that only we can view them. Then we review the vod togther via skype screenshare, then have a short session afterwards to do a quick recap, and talk about major weaknesses that should take priority. You will be able to ask me questions at any time reguarding general LoL information such as matchup tactics, mid game movements, etc. I will also give you my personal phone number so if I'm not online when you have questions, we can still communicate. I generally recommend the coaching, but If that's not your style, then I also offer boosting as well! I promise to match the price of the cheapest boosting site you can find, then take of 20%!! Have already boosted over 50 accounts, so If you're on the fence about my validity, I can drag some people who I've helped into a skype call or give you their League IDs so you can ask them for yourself! If you're interested in coaching or boosts, please add my skype: wesley.nooner1 , add my smurf(NA): Entropyxlol , or send me an email at: wesley.nooner@gmail.com Thanks, and have a great day!
  5. Hello! Bronze 6€ per division Bronze1->Silver 5 10€ Silver 11€ per division Slver1->gold5 13€ Gold 13€ Per division Gold1->Plat5 18€ Plat 20€ per division Plat 1 - >Diamond5 26€ Diamond 30€ per division Price for Master tier is negotiable - If I won't fulfil request I do refund. - Can do boosting on convenient hours for you. - I only accept Paypal as payment option. Skype: loolnes
  6. How To run on you'r computer . So , since i'm using BoL , i would like to grow community as our developers want's . I would like to help new users , so that's why i created that [Guide] Since people are getting money on that you can do it for free for your self , how dose it work ? Scripts are using skill's for you mostly you can kill someone with just holding a [space bar] 1. Register on forum 2. Download bot from Here or 3. Unpack files in folder ( by program .rar ) and run BoL Studio . 3a. if u are using windows 7/8 make sure you run bol studio as administrator . 4. Fill up your login and password in program by those on forum . You should have this : 5. Run league of legends and have fun . FAQ : How do i know if my bol is on ? To see if our bol works properly we need to see chat on begin with loaded scripts on chat . How do i change configuration of script ? In-game press left shift and the BoL configuration menu should appear. How to use scripts ? Under the "Search Scripts" tab we can choose some recommended scripts and downloading them, which we can activate later using the BoL Mods tab. How to find scripts in program BoL from forum ? Under the "Custom Scripts" We have to create script and paste script from forum , after that save script and [tick] it . Can i change key's on the modes ? After you hold your left shfit and press on "keyboard combine" (depends on script ) press on skill on what u want to change and press key which you would like to change . Why my BoL is not working after league of legends update ? If you are using VIP member will never happen to you since VIP members have acces to better scripts and dosent have to wait for boL update as you are FREE user you would have to wait until admin update bot . (around 1 day) BoL is updated. Bot of Legends is now updated for 4.18 Note to moderators: I would like to keep this guide updated by ( new FAQ ) questions etc. so please dont lock it thanks . Ps. You'r "Thanks" would be grateful ;)
  7. We provide our services for all of the servers and we can also be paid with USD.. Skype: accountboostingteam Prices: For each Bronze Division is: 10€ For each Silver Division is: 15€ For each Gold Division is: 20€ *DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE Examples: Bronze 3 account boosted to Silver 5. ---> 10(b2)+10(b1)+15(tier bo5 series*)= 35€ total cost Silver 2 account requests boosted to Gold 5. ---> 15(s1)+20(tier bo5 series*)=35€ total cost Gold 2 account requests boosted to Platinum V ---> 20(g1)+25(tier bo5 series)=45€ total cost Tier series= When from Division 1 with 0 points you get boosted to 100+the promo games. Question: Why aren't there boosts above Gold Answer: We could make this offer too.It would be good money for us. But think it over for a second.How could you possibly stand in that elo if you re silver,bronze or low ranked Gold?Do you really want your account to be reported and get banned for being a feeder, or unskilled player who obviously got boosted up there?Do you really think you can stand and play at that level?Be honest with yourselves.The answer is NO you cant play up there.We have invited countless summoners who are into these ranks to play vs plat-diamonds.They ALL lost their lanes so hard it would be mathematically guaranteed that they would do so in ranked games too.So why bothering to pay that much and prolly lose your account for that whilst your main goal is to get the season awards? RULES 1)You WONT be allowed to enter ranked games as long as i/we play with it. breaking the rule even once i/we automatically stop the boost.Normals or ranked teams are allowed of course. 2)I/we might buy any champion we think we need. 3)you re forced to change your passwords after finished so you will never accuse the booster for scam. 4)No refunds in any case. 5)I dont need your accounts since i already possess high ranking accounts,so your accounts are worthless for me.plus i hate scammers 6)Spectate if you want.you might learn something new.constructive critisism-feedback is always good 7)Payments first.ID/Pass & Boosts afterwards. 8)I acknowledge that you may wish to play some games with your friends or for fun.Inform us when you wish to login 9)PAYMENTS ARE VIA PAYPAL VOUCHES AND JOBS http://www.mpgh.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=199936&d=1380661820"]http://www.mpgh.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=199936&d=1380661820 http://imageshack.com/a/img580/2352/vrs3.png"]http://imageshack.com/a/img580/2352/vrs3.png http://www.mpgh.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=200947&d=1381184167"]http://www.mpgh.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=200947&d=1381184167 http://www.mpgh.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=256228&d=1410519351"]http://www.mpgh.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=256228&d=1410519351
  8. Greetings Maxcheaters Community! I present to you one of the cheapest elo boosting services out there right now! League of Legends Advanced Elo Boosting _____________________ Prices & Availability Contact them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/League-of-Legends-Advanced-Elo-Boosting/682578741800626 Payment Methods: Paypal,Paysafecard,ΕΛΤΑ Promotion Code : MasectBoosting (15 % Off) HowTo : when you make the deal tell them about the promotion code.
  9. Hi, everyone! I've been playing LoL since season 1 and have achieved high Diamond this season. I'm looking for people to boost and some vouches if possible. Currently boosting from Bronze - Platinum (Boosts to Diamond are possible too but only if the account has a solid MMR) Prices are as following: Bronze - 4 Euro per Division (6 Euro to Silver V) Silver - 6 Euro per Division (10 Euro to Gold V) Gold - 10 Euro per Division (15 Euro to Platinum V) Also possible in some cases: Platinum - 15 Euro per Division (20 Euro to Diamond V) Feel Free to contact me on Skype: wnhweather Any Vouches are welcome!
  10. Introduction I play League since it's beta I never ended in lower than platina, even in seasson 1. I have several experiences with ingame trading, such as power leveling and item selling in AoC, EvE, Diablo III, Guild wars 2 or WoW. I never joined any group of ppl who are selling ingame stuff, to lower prices as much as possible for better results of my customers. When you will contact me about Elo-boost I will contact you in 24h and I will start to work on your account as soon as possible, that means imediately if I wont be boosting someone else at that moment. Payment Iam accepting payments only trough paypal, skrill and paysafe cards Paypal: You will have to pay half before I will even start and second half after I finish my job Paysafe: Since Iam still working on partnership with them you will have to put lil bit more trust to me and provide full price at the beging Skrill: I recently added skrill as one of mine payment options, and it has same conditions as payment trough paypal Why me? Long years experiences with ingame stuff bussines Very reliable prices, they will remain the same for very long time Several satisfied customers 100% anonymity (that includes, chaning IP while I will boost you, not ansvering any messages coming to your account) Profesionality: No flame or any other breaking rules which might demage your account And ofc speed, Iam working on those almost 24/7 and Iam online for most of the day Prices Each division: 10€ and promotion to Platinum is 15€ Each division: 7€ and promotion to Gold is 10€ Each division: 5€ and promotion to Silver is 7€ Contact Contact me here on forum or on skype: Giboost
  11. ​We are professionals and veteran boosters, also we are a group of platinum and diamond players. MORE DETAILS
  12. Hello am offering some very cheap bol scripts. The prices are tiny compared to the other sites / sellers. Pm me for more info ( prices, which champions are included what these scripts do, how u can climb up to challenger with them).
  13. Hello maxcheaters, I am mostly looking for a need for speed boost, I repeat, boost hacking software. Been looking for one for few days but all I found was surveys and crap, got an archieve but took me 3 days to find the rar password and didn't work, it was outdated. Please try to give a hand. Regards, highbb.
  14. Hi all. My friend is selling Elo-boost services. Main Lane : ADC. S3 Tier : Diamond 2 EUW Pm me for proofs. Prices Per Tier: Bronze Divisions: 7euro each Silver Divisions: 12euro each Gold division: 22 euro each Division boosting means: Gain 100LP + 3 Promotion games ->For example From Bronze V To Bronze IV You can also get boosted only in promotion games. Prices Per Promotion: Division Promotion (3 Games): Bronze: 2 euro Silver: 4 Euro Gold : 8 euro Tier Promotion (5 Games): Bronze to Silver Promotion Series: 6 Euro Silver To Gold Promotion Series: 10 Euro (IF WE LOSE PROMOTION SERIES WE WILL TRY AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL WE SUCCESS IT) Rules: No refunds. You have to change your account after boosting. You are not allowed to play ranked games while we are boosting. If you dont want to give us your account,we can boost you with duo games. (It will cost more) If you want to play a game (Not Ranked) you have to inform us. You need to have at least 5 adc champions. If you have IP we may spend some to buy some champions which will help our boosting. You need to have at least 2-3 run pages. We may not sell boost to members that we judge that they are not trusted. You have to pay the half before we start boosting. Cotact Us: You can pm me here in MxC. My Skype: Dimitris.Stalone Main Booster Skype : l0lokop Payment Via: Paypal/PayS@face Card PS:I am not the person who will boost...
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