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  1. lol im 33 bro but cant have credit card in my country
  2. In my country its impossible to buy something from internet so thats why im using cracked one PS: im living in africa ;)
  3. we wil try it whene he wil be ON the reason i want to update is to be able to use new scripts like auto farmer , hunter etc ... cuz im not rly expert with scripts writing Thx a lot anyway
  4. Dude i have a friend who did the update and the bot is still working with him but in other server not same as mine
  5. Hello everyone as the title said i need your help with adr Bot im using adr bot cracked version 1.71 and it was working fine on the interlude server i play util i did the this 16/05 update Now the bot dont detect L2 Any Solution plz Thx in advance for your answers
  6. Full of Bots sever lol and GM wont ban theme cuz they are donaters ... King of Mid Rate theu said ....
  7. Many old players loving DN and its substack system are comming back, thats what the goal was mainly. Players who never played in a substack server will (mostly) never like it, but for those who started l2 in DN they will always love it more than retail.
  8. Exactly what am looking for, never thought they would even re open xD. Thanks alot man ;).