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  1. Try now https://fex.net/784736657108?fileId=1329690677 fix target windows
  2. Something wrong with you. P.S. Check gays. https://fex.net/784736657108?fileId=1329690677
  3. Something wrong. No text in interface patch. Have some solution ? Have fix for this https://mega.nz/#!BRYjnbYZ!-E4jko3Bq6w80jEUcpN2bjKiIPPyiCFjQhABHqEWGLI
  4. Its beta version of new bot by wSpirit. I don't know have it English interface or not but it works on smartguard interlude servers. l2epic. It is only for Interlude.
  5. I am not a farmer. I just want to have some possibility some times spoil something for me. AchYlek that they have done with you, you always had some ideas how to bot for free. ;)
  6. I am poor man i don't have money to pay for adr.
  7. Looking for working free bot on l2tales. I tried l2net, protection does not detect it but I think that the protocol have some changes and l2net work not properly. Cracked adrenalin and x2 are detected and don't work. Need any help.
  8. Share the bot for L2MID (and maby for the lot of IL servers) How to use: 1. Delete original L2MID system folder 2. Unpack my system folder 3. Run l2.exe P.s.s. upload on rghost P.s.s.s add zippshare link2
  9. For me adr work a litle bit bugy. Some times dont atack mobs, wrong items names and some times moves like an idiot :)
  10. AchYlek, choose your side Ruby or Azure :)