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  1. Hey It's been a while since I was working with Lineage 2, but after I've moved to Windows 10, I have this annoying issue: - when I start the game, it shows Lineage 2 Splash Screen in 256 colors. I've searched for L2.exe settings, in L2.ini, in game - all is setuped as 32-bit. Few months ago I was creating custom splash screen for one client, and I've solved this - it was a small thingy, but I don't remember it now. If someone knows how to change the 256 setting, let me know, thank You. BTW: I don't remember if it wsa OS or L2 thingy, so I didn't crete this topic in Clent Dev Section. Take care Ave
  2. Please send me a msg when You are online - I just need info whats Your Skype. Thank You!
  3. I did work with Digital Arts and I didn't had any issues with him. He paid in a moment and there was no problems after all (at least for me). It is strange he suddenly started the dispute.
  4. Hello If You are looking for a graphic designer, then You are at right place. Basically, I'm focusing on creating: LOGO designs, ANIMATED BANNERS for advertisement, FACEBOOK BACKGROUNDS, LOADING SCREENS, but also.... ...if You are in need of ANY graphic design, feel free to send me a message or add me on Skype. CONTACT PM, Skype: mrave20 PAYMENT METHODS PayPal, Skill.
  5. This person bought updater from me in the begining of 2017 - which he recived. After over a year, he tried to call me a scamer to get second updater for free for his another project. Legit.
  6. Huh, this payment was made FOR: https://prnt.sc/izo7u8 Project which was made long time ago - even before 2017. I don't know how You actualy get this, but this is already MADE ORDER. See the screen. Project is so old it's dead now. So idk why You are trying to use some ppl work - to get a few files or just to troll me and make me a scamer, but can simply proof avery payment I got, and this payment was done for updater which was already done and used only. So try more.
  7. I've NEVER blocked anyone and You still didn't have me any proof of any kind. Again - if someone scammed You, You would make the PayPal refound imeditaly, which You didn't. I had no info about any kind of payment from You and all I can think about is You playing troll or this is the second account from one of my mxc haterz and I couldn't care less.
  8. I don't recall anything from what You are saying. If someone would scam You, why You wouldn't make the PayPal refound? ... This is all low as fuck.
  9. Wait, what? Who the hell are You and when I've blocked You at Skype? What kind of bullshit is that? First of all, if I would EVER scam someone, there is a refound option on Skype. Second of all, I've NEVER blocked anyone on Skype. If You are legit customer, give me Your PayPal transfer ID and lets check this. I've never blocked my customers. And why the fuck You would start this conversation here, after few months when You would do the payment refound imidetely and start the shit storm right away? Give me proofs, or even better - pm me via Skype: mrave20