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  1. WTS Epic Logo

    Can You pm me on Skype, like a normal user would, instead of asking useles questiosn here?
  2. WTB [WTB]Client Developer

    For example - take price from Strain, add updater with custom skin + server logo and You have the same price. And no, If someone pays me for logo, I create a new layout for him. The Victory logo was made as editable PSD, just with one layer edit (even tho there are over 80 layers) , since server was dead and ppl were asking me for re-sell. If someone pays me 40 euro for logo, I don't make flat, one layer design with google font, drop shadow and some basic emboss. If someone want a simpler design, we can drop the price. Beside that, think what You like to examplain Yourself why You can't find ANYONE to make ANYTHING for You. Stop beeing a dickhead. I really don't need and want to work with every person who invite me on Skype (and btw, You invited me). I know there are ppl who like simple $5 works. It's cool. I understand that. But it doesn't mean I will be Your slave and I have to work for You for $5. You don't accept the pricing, You don't like my work - please, do Yourself a favour, and don't invite me on Skype. This is my way of work. Thx. Thats what I've thought. So pricing was just fine.
  3. WTB [WTB]Client Developer

    Don't waste Your time on this guy - Skype: alex_oltyan 1. This is what he wanted: "- NPC Button - Loading Screen - Fresh screen - Updater - Signature" After 40 min of ME sending screens, 100 questions I found out what he actualy wanted: - NPC logo (not button) - Loading Screen - SPLASH Screen (idk why he was calling it "Fresh", but never mind) - Updater - Signature for forum, after few min for hopzone, but still he couldn't tell the banner size in px and should it be static or animated. Once I gave him a price of 67 euro (npc logo, loading screen, splash screen, updater + batch builder + rebuilder with my custom skin), he droped the idea of signature, he told me he dont need it but he was raging on me that he doesn't have a server logo and he want to force me to make the logo for his server in price range of updater. I'm creating logos as a separated orders, YET, he - (HE, not me) droped me message "ok, 100 euro for all", lol, idiot, and after all he told me it's too much, and Strain didn't want to speak with him and once he did he told him he need to wait 2 weeks, bla, bla, bla. Oh, and Strain wanted 25 euro (but I guess without updater), i don't know the details. OVERALL: 1. KIND OF KIDDO WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT HE WANT, 2. HE CAN'T DESCRIBE WHAT HE WANT, 3. HE PAYS AND ONCE YOU MAKE EVERYTHING FROM HE ORDER, HE TELLS YOU "THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED!" AND MAKE A PAYPAL REFOUND DISPUTE :D Don't even waste Your time...Or waste it, I don't care Ave
  4. WTS Epic Logo

    Huh, do You have a website? I'm asking, to see the layout so I can match with the logo. No problem with making new skin.
  5. WTS Epic Logo

    So far I know, You have changed the server name...There was nothing to send once You change the server name... BTW: Cool black Skype, I need to install it :]
  6. WTS Epic Logo

  7. Latest VIRUS SCAN:https://www.virustotal.com/pl/file/9a6da4cc76c68c2649cb5de485fd1335517b603d6c91b047fffb7544832197e9/analysis/1518648366/
  8. BEST UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/    

  9. BEST UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/   

  10. Latest VIRUS : https://www.virustotal.com/pl/file/9a6da4cc76c68c2649cb5de485fd1335517b603d6c91b047fffb7544832197e9/analysis/1518648366/
  11. BEST UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/  

  12. BEST UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/  

  13. BEST UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/ 

  14. BEST UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/  

  15. Discussion Beyond.lt Threats against iPlay project

    What a piece of shit...He faild by his own fault, and now he's trying to...idk...blame everyone else? Well, GG.