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  1. Ok, I came back here to say that Reborn12 took me on skype for a talk, regarding the website fixing. So from October of ~12 until now, no message have been received from him anymore not even that I need to wait more or that he(or his "progammer") is doing any progresses in fixing anything. So my belief behind this is that he only wanted the files maybe to have for sale for future projects. As my proper experience with him with all my respect, he is not reliable.. I'm not looking anymore for anyone to fix my project as I see people are looking for websi
  2. My "luck" then, the team was on freelancer but I hope with Reborn will sort it out to be working properly. Really appreciate your help and advices. I'll get back if it doesn't get sorted. Cheers.
  3. I don't have too much knowledge about php (is lavarel not drupal - to be honest I don't know the differences between these two), the point is that I've already paid a team to build it, they have done it and I paid but I couldn't simulate connections. The only thing that is causing too many connections is poor written requests made by ACP to list raidbosses + top pvp players + castles + heroes.... as I believe that every check is made by the user and not by the website so for example 100 users = 100 * all asked statuses it throws 10000 like. Instead of that I believe that the website sho
  4. I need 2 in 1 developer that will debug an already made website and re-design it to the newest trend. It is a Lineage 2 website with connections to server database and a payment system. * One of the problems is that the hosting of L2 server is getting flooded by too many connections to database made by the website and then it is blocking any incoming requests. * The other ones are related to design. PS: I don't need just a designer I need someone who can handle both coding and designing. (If this is not the right place to post I apologize in advanc
  5. STOP LYING PEOPLE ! With that huge number of online players =)))
  6. I've been in the server and played, russians took over the server they had from day 1 Noblesse and all necessary items to go for epics. I haven't seen more corruption until now at Dex servers. They are in hunger for MONEY but the server is a shame, complete shame for all these years of being on market with the name. Shame to you and your developers that you couldn't open a perfect server after all these years... Casting speed bugged Healling skills are using buffing slots Catacombs mobs are canceling all your buffs Dawn & Dusk validation period has been changed wit
  7. Thank you very much. What about .tga and .pcx files from Textures from where should I get those ?
  8. Hello everyone Who knows from where does he get the Engine files from(Classes and Textures) on the 1:14 minute. Thank you in advance for any answers.
  9. Lineage II Echo ! We have many many things that we want to tell you but before we start we want to tell you that we are looking to provide you best fun you ever got in private servers and best working project with no bugs you ever saw. Please respect our work and don't bother try to DAMAGE our work because we give fun not bad moods. DDoS Protection Firewall Protection GameGuard Protection Auto creating accounts Aprilon Dinasty x35 Rates : Experience : x35 Skill points : x35 Adena drop rate : x100 Quest rate : x1 Enchant scroll rate : We have a custom enchant rate
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. Tell me if it's ok now ? Don't worry about shops / don't worry about lags. And who told you that npc's in town produces lags that one had pc made 10 years ago. With single core Amd Sempron. P.S: Please talk about that when you're not already closed an server. Mr Pro !
  11. Contest Wish to Owner - Happy Birthday Hello Adventurers and hello L2Echo Community. We want to start an event that is named "Owners Happy Birthday" this Event Start Today 6 March 2015 Time : 22:00 +02 GMT. EVENT INFO :We have summoned in the *Marked Monsters Inventory Event Medals. *Marked Monsters : Elven Fortress Zone Primeval Island Zone Monastery of Silence Deep Zone In these 3 Zones all mobs will have at drop Event Medals We have created an Top to Event Medals Contest to the main website. First 3 Winners
  12. Join us ! New event in progress "Welcome Clan leaders" ! Have fun !
  13. It's not a failed copy it's just a copy and that doesn't mean if someone had it 6 years ago players cannot have the same server now. You are envious on providers that give to players same old school server. I didn't said that is my project but i said that this server it will be the best. My opinion is that you're 15 years old brain . That's my opinion ! Have fun ! For example if you want to open a computers factory in your town, you don't open because are another 2-3 existent ones ? Then you should know you're not a business man and you're the one who fails everytime. P.S
  14. Look for Lineage 2 Echo server. You could see best server ! www.lineage2echo.com
  15. Like old l2forever or like pride is our server www.lineage2echo.com . JOIN US !