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  1. Do you guys know about any unprotected Interlude servers out there? Just for testing stuff, hehe.
  2. Great guide! Did anyone manage to adapt a skill for H5 following this guide? If so, can u tell me what steps to do different from the guide?
  3. Thank you @Celestine I don't play Interlude, but adapted some of the scripts and succesfully made it work in H5. It looks amazing. Video PS: for the ones saying that Critical does not show on the screen, yeah, the textures are there but it is not coded.
  4. No, nothing wrong with me. I got it working and was just telling what to do. To fix the big letters problem, put the "dooztr_0" font file in the system folder (exact file name is needed)
  5. You have to download the source code and compile the interface yourself. After that, you use all the files deadz provided but the interface.u you just compiled. You'll notice some errors ingame (like debug messages in the chat, or your character talking numbers) but those are easily fixeable.
  6. I have tried this interface myself and i'm pretty sure that the mini farm bot uses "/targetnext" to find a target, so... it uses the range of the "next target" action. I guess you cannot increase the range unless you can edit nwindow.dll or some other file...
  7. Hello everybody. I have made a custom patch for my guildies in the server i play, with a very custom interface with a lot of added functions. As i wanted to prohibe enemies from using it, i've put protections in several scripts, that detect the clan name of the character, and trigger some "mechanisms" :P if an enemy is spotted using the patch. I want to upload it for public download, but the thing is... although most of the people in the server are newbies in lineage editing, some dudes know to open interface.u, read the scripts, and recompile the interface.u file using
  8. Class in the target status... how did you do it?