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  1. Hello everybody. I have made a custom patch for my guildies in the server i play, with a very custom interface with a lot of added functions. As i wanted to prohibe enemies from using it, i've put protections in several scripts, that detect the clan name of the character, and trigger some "mechanisms" :P if an enemy is spotted using the patch. I want to upload it for public download, but the thing is... although most of the people in the server are newbies in lineage editing, some dudes know to open interface.u, read the scripts, and recompile the interface.u file using the method that Savo shows in a video. And if they do, then likely will bypass my protections. What i need is, to encrypt the interface.u file, and make it unreadable by WOTGrealExporter. I've been searching a lot and the only program that seemed to do the thing, is a paid one. (which is unreachable for me, for many reasons) Do you know any alternative method to do this? Or can anyone encrypt the file for me? Thanks!