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  1. I love the interface of the second video. How it's possible to obtain?
  2. Yes i know it but it's the only interface what i can use because my PC it's so low ... Im so poor ... Thanks for link
  3. @Celestine Thanks dear. I remember u give me a link but i check today and are death ... :/
  4. I lost my archive of that interface and link all are death's ... if someone can re up i'll so gratefull !! This interface i mean
  5. Hello i have the next Elfen Interface but i want to recover the buff slot original whit buff + songs / dances together and with normal size I tried modifying AbnormalStatusWnd on interface.utx whit xdat editor but i can't get any results as i want ... If someone could help me i'll be so grateful
  6. Thanks @Celestine for all ... And to close topic, do u have spec's about this interface do u give me ? any video to see info. Thanks again and if u have the power close topic, regards !
  7. Thanks to both. Yes from Iordanov 3.6.9 | 3.6.10 | Vincent cracked | Ona all of those can't use ... And i like just for auto macro and skills ... And about Elfen all link's i saw are death ... Thanks again to both regards !
  8. Hi to everyone who read this topic I looking for help to know something about interface's on Interlude client. The problem it's because from some months back i had problems between my FPS and new Interfaces ... I do not know why when i use new interface from iordanov, vincent or whatever my fps on client decrease a lot ... So i want to know why that's happening and if thats have solution My pc it's a not gamer but for interlude client it's okey ... Thanks to who can help me. Regards ! PS: Sorry my english i'm from ARG
  9. Hello everyone im looking for this macro color's to Interlude Client. Please i need the archive that change it. If someone can share it i'll be so grateful Regards for all and thanks if u can help me (: