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  1. Well your logic don't have errors.... but it's a old video, server are offline, and i don't know if that animation was release by the server staff ... i think it's a user creation ... btw thanks for u reply
  2. no way to recover all links if im not vip member? my hamster need it :/
  3. Hello to everyone i saw one old video and watch an animation skill what i need for my low pc gear, well hamster pc... This animation on the video replace hydro blast animation, check image... It's simple a blue ball animation if someone could bring it to me... i will be so gratefull ❤️ Thanks and regards for u
  4. No chance to get a link whitout being a vip member? my hamster pc need it 😞
  5. Hi all who read it... As tittle said, im looking for a Deadz interface for h5 but whitout "bug" of when u are attacking whatever and open inventory, u get fps loss a lot.... I have deadz interface posted here on mxc and get this problem... Thanks to who could help ! REGARDS
  6. Hello i need a interface working on a L2Damage now at dec 2020 my pc sucks and whit original skillgrp dat and those get low fps ... whit interface edited play a little bit better please share it ❤️
  7. Good thanks to reply so fast... And thanks so much for u work and share... i love all your works <3
  8. @Celestine Hi dear, sorry by my 0% knowedge .. this interface will work whit any server what accept interfaces?
  9. Hello i have a simple request... some time ago i played whit an interface for h5 what was so good but i lost a link and my backup... so im here to know if some user by cassuality have it i remember was Interface for h5 by Hulk or something this i wanna back because i remember whit this interface i could join in all servers whitout any problem so i will be so greateful if someone could help <3 regards my dears
  10. Link dead any updated link? i want for my group of friends, they want it .
  11. Love you so much my dear Celestine <3 thanks to think about who have a low pc ... Nice work and thanks so much for share it !
  12. I love the interface of the second video. How it's possible to obtain?
  13. Yes i know it but it's the only interface what i can use because my PC it's so low ... Im so poor ... Thanks for link
  14. @Celestine Thanks dear. I remember u give me a link but i check today and are death ... :/